Security is now a very big issue anywhere in the world you stay, be it in your home, office, five star hotel, one has to be very careful not to face any sort of hassles. The vital comes when today we are not safe at all in our own homes, where we know everybody, especially when people are going out to work leaving their children or aged parents at home.

Be it in any country or India itself as more and more crime rate is now increasing in the nation. Keeping this is mind the introduction of CCTV cameras was launched in the country. Now most of the houses and offices have the CCTV cameras for protection and security as it records every moment inside and outside of the room it is fit in. there are many different brands and companies in India who are manufacturing the CCTV cameras, let us explore ten top CCTV camera companies in 2019 trending with their unique product now.

10. Godrej

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India 2019

The name itself is a brand and now with the new advanced security system of the CCTV cameras, Godrej is known to the best in the market. The general security cameras manufactured by Godrej are the CU V1, the HD, the Eye trace and the Dome. For special home security cameras there are the Solas Octa HD camera, the See thru Octa HD camera and the Solas Quadra HD camera. All these are enhance and technologically up to the new age systems giving a clear and focused picture of your home and office while you are not present.

9. Vantage

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

Launched way back in 1990 this Noida based security camera manufacturing company is now quite famous for its new age CCTV cameras. With an expert and strong experienced team the company is now manufacturing the best cameras and video recorders, surveillance system cameras. The growing popularity of this company has vouched them the distribution to other fourteen countries. Few of the names under this brand are IR PTZ, the IP cameras of Megapixel, VDP’s for multi-apartment recording, and also metal detectors.

8. LG

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

One name which now reigning the electronic market of the nation, are also now famous for their security cameras, although being manufactured outside India, they are widely used in the whole country. few of their CCTV camera system covers the wide range of products under the names of the bullet, the dome, the PTZ, the IP, cameras with Analog system and few more advanced security cameras in sale.

7. Bosch

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

The Bangalore based Bosch is an enhanced manufacturers of CCTV cameras for the best and advanced security systems in the whole nation. With their wide range of various products like the social alarm systems, the security cameras for the home and office, the fire alarm etc. you name it and they have it for you to secure your home and office behind your back. The recent survey says that the company is now exporting its security products to around 140 countries outside India.

6. Panasonic

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

Panasonic is one of the oldest and heritage electronic brand of the nation and being one you can easily trust their products. With the new enhanced technology now the company is manufacturing new age high quality CCTV cameras for home and office, even they distribute it for airports and other important public places. This new avatar of the company is making it more popular among the buyers with a fast growth rate of this security cameras.

5. AV Tech

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

Although being an international brand from Taiwan the company products like the CCTV and the other security products are making it quite known in the Indian market too. The unique quality of their security camera’s is that they can record both voice and video with clarity. Their CCTV cameras are now being used in most of the schools, colleges, homes and even multinational companies for enhanced security system.

4. Samsung

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

The name itself is a brand in the whole nation, having its headquarters in Delhi and although being an international brand the security cameras manufactured by the company are known to be one of the best in the whole nation. Few of the best security cameras provided by the company are the doom and box, the Thermal, the IR, the Zoom, the PTZ. They are also into manufacturing analog security cameras too.

3. Zicom

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

Being an old and iconic security camera manufacturing company Zicom is now a brand which is trusted by many in the market. It started its manufacturing from way back in 1994, and till date has produced best security systems in the whole nation. Their CCTV cameras have the enhanced feature of examination and clarity check which makes the checking of the home or office it is fit in to be more clear and better. Their vandal proofing and dome cameras for the security system are known to be the best.

2. CP Plus

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

This Noida based German CCTV and other security product manufacturing company is now a known name in the market. They produce the best quality spy cameras, wireless outdoor and indoor cameras, night vision and hidden cameras, fine technologically enhanced spy cameras, HD and DVRs cameras. All these can be chosen with the screens according to the need between the LCD and the HD monitor systems.

1. Hikvision

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

Today it is the number one brand manufacturing the best CCTV and other security products in the whole nation. It is basically a Chinese company but today it runs better and stronger in the Indian security market. It produces the best and enhanced security cameras with the unique features like the zooming, analogue system, PTZ network system, the hi-tech dome system and many more features. it also comes with a one year warranty which helps in gaining the public trusts, as they also provide camera services to their clients.

Today security is the main issue which is lacking in the nation, be it in our own homes. So this list would help you for sure to choose the best CCTV cameras and other security products for your home or even your office. Now you can easily become stress free while you are out of home, as you know that the CCTV cameras would be recording any foul play in your absence and which would help you to further tighten the security system of your home.


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