With the beginning of the summer season or if you are an inhabitant of places with hot climate then you surely know how ceiling fan plays a major role in your life. In India, ceiling fans are in huge demand and the rank of the ceiling fans depends on the speed as well as its power consumption, size, air delivery, BEE, and appearance because it is going to stay on for the entire day. During summer months the sun will make your skin have burning sensation every time and the electricity bills will increase rapidly so it is very important to choose ceiling fans that can control this situation.

There are many brands who provide trendy ceiling fans that will give your house a new look. Not everyone can afford air conditioners so ceiling fans are always in demand. So here a list of top 10 best ceiling fan brands in India in 2019 has been discussed so that you can pick the right one. The ceiling fans have a great impact on the entire outlook of a room or house. Air conditioners were considered to be the most stylish but are now getting a strong competition from the latest innovative ceiling fans.

10. Relaxo-

Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2019

This is a ceiling fan brand that has been certified by the ISI. This company is said to produce energy efficient, affordable and technically advanced fans. This brand has gained immense popularity in the overseas. One of the famous fan of this brand is Relaxo Virat.

9. Ortem-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This is a famous brand of ceiling brands which are manufactured by the Metro Group of Industries. They sell ceiling fans which have are a great speed that will run on a very low energy and has a high performance. They have a limited number of models but each of them is very much durable and they all are regular and simple. Popular fan of this brand is Ortem Winner.

8. Bajaj-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This brand produces a large range of electrical products and households appliances. This brand has a good name in the Indian market and they have limited range of products. All the ceiling fans are energy efficient as well as specifically designed. The price of this brand is also affordable and they all look trendy and has good longevity. This brand can be found in every house and is serving Indian customers from a long period.

7. Havells-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This brand has been in the business from the year 2003. Havells has a good reputation in the Indian market and has unique designs with the seamless finish. They sell ceiling fans from regular to fancy type and they all look quite trendy. This is a brand which is certified by the ISI and has earned many awards for producing energy efficient models. Some of its popular models are ES-50. They have different types of fans like exhaust fans, table fans, ceiling fans and pedestal fans. They produce models which have groundbreaking as well as stylish design.

6. Khaitan-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This is a rising brand of ceiling fans in India. This brand has been rated by the EPRO that is Effective and Positive Rated Output. They give the maximum output of air at a very low speed. All the fans are priced reasonably and are quite energy efficient. The famous model of this brand is HS-50. The blades of this fan are designed specially. They also produce other electrical household products but is renowned for selling excelling ceiling fans.

5. Orbit-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This manufacturing unit named Orbit Green is famous for manufacturing and designing ceilings fans which are power efficient and has great performance. This brand has created a huge customer base in the past two decades. The models of this company are all star rated and have excellent durability and stability. Some of the best models of this company are Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn.

4. Superfan-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This company was established in the year 2009 and has gained a huge customer base within a short span. They design ceiling fans which are technologically advanced and the motor system used in the fans makes them more energy efficient and delivers high performance. The ceiling fans of his company are eco-friendly, trendy, have the sensor for remote controlling, cost effective and are quite easy to install. Some of the popular models of this brand are X7 and X1.

3. Orient-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

This brand produces fans with simple designs but with high performance. They also produce a range of designer ceiling fans. They are technologically advanced and have the remote controlling system in them. Apart from luxury fans they also produce ordinary ones that also ensures great performance. Some of the famous models of this brand are Summer Crown, Energy Star, and PSPO. This company was founded in the year 1954. They sell a huge range of luxury ceiling fans.

2. Usha-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

The fans of this brand are designed aerodynamically. They are designed by keeping in mind the needs of the individual like special finish, lifestyle, energy saving, regular and decoration. They produce a low noise and they provide great reliability and performance. Some of the famous models of this brand are Usha Vitra and Technix Flair. It is founded in the year 1889 and has secured good places among fan makers. This brand also produced other electrical products and you can always find at least one it’s product in an Indian house.

1. Crompton Greaves-

Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India

It is one of the famous and leading brands of ceiling fans in India. They are certified as the star rated company. They have a good range of ceiling fans and among them, there are 19 models which are quite energy efficient. The speciality of these fans includes decoration, safety, and comfort. They provide excellent models at a very affordable cost. Some of their popular models include Taurus, Breeze Plus, and Seagull. They also have another range specially designed for children. They also export fans to the places like USA, Sri Lanka, UAE etc. They create models by keeping in mind the need of Indian customers.

The Indian industry with the help of fan engineering produced innovative fans at an affordable cost. Each brand has their own uniqueness and companies like Usha and Crompton Greaves are producing products which have great performance and has a trendy look while the Superfan company mainly focuses on the technology. As a fan in average runs for 18 to 2 hours so the longevity as well durability is an important factor. All these top 10 brands have served the Indian market and they are all trusted brand.


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