No matter what part of the world it is, almost every home or workplace has a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can be considered as a cost-effective form of keeping a room cool during warm temperatures. Nowadays, there are also ceiling fans which can make a room become warmer during cool weather.

There are thousands of ceiling fan makers in the world generating these products in different models and embedding them with various features. Ceiling fans also add elegance and beauty to your rooms. Here is a list of the top ceiling fan brands in the world to make things easier for you to choose from the best.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in The World in 2019

10. Westinghouse

Westinghouse Top Famous Ceiling Fan Brands in World 2019

Westinghouse is a very popular brand known for offering many types of home appliances. They are regarded as one among the best when it comes to ceiling fans due to the high quality and energy efficient features. In order to meet the changing trends and the consumer requirements, Westinghouse offers one of the most diverse ranges of ceiling fans that any company has ever done. It presents fans that contain the latest lighting technology and also those with DC motors. The fans manufactured by the brand have a wide range of blade length variations to accommodate the air flow requirement for the rooms of different sizes.

9. Emerson


Emerson is a renowned ceiling fan manufacturer, known for creating extremely powerful ceiling fans. In the entire ceiling fan industry, it is the leader of producing very robust fans with heavy duty motors. Based on various tests conducted on ceiling fans, the fans from Emerson have won an average of 99 CFM per Watt and this is considered among the best outcomes in the industry. The company uses a K55 motor for almost all of its models to make them very dynamic and give out the best cooling results. The fans from Emerson are known for providing consistent airflow and a commendable durability.

8. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

The specialty of Monte Carlo is that it offers different kinds of ceiling fans for various locations, let it be either indoors or outdoors. The brand provides ceiling fans which are aesthetically pleasing. There are fans that suit the modern interiors and also those which are exclusively made for contemporary buildings. The fans from the Monte Carlo are bound to decorate the rooms with their exquisite blade shapes and styles. Whether it is classic ceiling fans with sleek blades or ceiling fans with chandeliers to provide grandeur; Monte Carlo has it all. These fans are not known only for their looks but they are also energy efficient and provide a superb airflow.

7. Casablanca


Casablanca ceiling fans are very much sought after around the globe because they are made with high-quality components. High standards of workmanship are put into the making of these ceiling fans which is what makes them very special. They provide a touch of class and grace to the rooms with spectacular colors and designs. There are also fans which have lights and can be remote controlled. The fans from Casablanca are among the best sellers because they are long-lasting and easy to maintain. They are made with excellent blades which have the capability to offer ample airflow even in large spaces.

6. Hunter


Hunter offers versatile ceiling fans which are incorporated with various benefits to the customers. The most striking feature of this brand is affordability. It offers a wide range of fans with an outstanding performance at a reasonable price. The brand constantly releases new collections in order to meet the current trends and provide the most attractive and impressive designs to elevate the looks of a room. The fans have energy star certification to denote the fact that they do not consume much electricity. Overall, the brand scores good marks in looks, price, performance, and durability.

5. NuTone


NuTone offers fans with an all-around performance. They are available in alluring designs to beautify any room. In order to provide the users with the greatest comfort, these fans are suitable for both warm and cold temperatures. With the regular rotation, warm rooms can be cooled down and just by flipping a switch, reverse rotation can be activated so as to warm the cool rooms. These fans can be installed easily and conveniently. Each fan from the brand contains the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) mark to signify that it has been tested and determined that it meets the UL requirements.

4. Kichler


Fans made by the Kichler brand are known for their unique and elegant designs crafted with the state of the art technology. Both indoor fans and outdoor ceiling fans are manufactured by the brand to meet the requirements of the users and most of these fans are equipped with a CoolTouch control system and coordination lighting. They also provide a resplendent appeal to every room with their unique blend of traditional and modern day styles and are also available in multiple sizes. Kichler fans are built with sturdy materials to provide durability. They operate very smoothly without making any noise.

3. Fanimation


Fanimation fans are known around the world for their enticing designs. These fans are so popular that they can be found in many palatial places like palaces, resorts, and personal spaces in many countries. Most of the fans offered by the brand have varied number or size of the blades that can be operated in different speed levels to provide the accurate airflow for any temperature. These fans are created by incorporating the latest technology in order to embrace energy efficiency and give complete control of operations to the user. Fans from Fanimation are truly extraordinary and are bound to impress everyone with their upscale looks.

2. Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are crafted with perfect finishing and carry a plethora of features. These fans are very good-looking and possess the ability to brighten up the tones of any kind of rooms. Most of the fans have the capability to be used with a remote control that has a manual reverse function. They also contain the Accu-arm technology which enables easy installation and supports a wobble-free operation. They are known for functioning quietly and providing an accurate amount of breeze. Hampton Bay fans are built with strong hardware and therefore they are long-lasting.

1. Minka Aire

Minka Aire Top Popular Ceiling Fan Brands in World 2019

Minka Aire is known for building fans that are beautiful and perform brilliantly. These fans look so stunning that they become the center of attraction in any room. They are specifically designed in innovative ways to look fantabulous and offer grandeur. Minka Aire creates all of its ceiling fans with cutting-edge technology that can offer an impactful performance. These fans also produce expansive airflow by consuming very less amount of energy. The reason why they are most sought-after is that all of these exemplary features can be obtained at an affordable price by the customers.

There are so many factors that determine which manufacturers can be considered as the best when it comes to ceiling fans. Elements like the ease of usage, energy efficiency, durability, price, attractive appearance, temperature control, blade speed, and engineering etc. form a vital role in determining the overall performance of a fan. Almost all of these brands are equipped with a lot of these aspects and hence they have stood out as the best in the world.


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