A total of forty four states in the United States embrace the Second Amendment rights in their state constitution with regards to the right of owning a gun. While the federal government’s laws on gun ownership are inclusive, local law enforcement does not have the right to enforce federal law; they are limited to state laws.

There are expensive guns and cheap guns. An expensive gun can be either rare, made of expensive material or can do a far better job than a cheap one. All the same, guns when used the right way can offer the protection, not even a 911 emergency call can. The gun market has its fair share of illegal and underground trade, with most countries not having open and walk-in gun shops. Whether it is for protection, hunting or just a second layer of safety for you and your loved ones, there exist very cheap guns, some even under the $200 mark.

Here are the top 10 of the cheapest guns in the world in 2019

10. Desert Eagle Pistol- $1793.00

Desert Eagle Pistol Top Most Popular Cheapest Guns In The World 2019Being manufactured in both Israel and the United States of America the gun weighs 1766g. Though its light-weight up to 14oz, it is small in size having a smooth use and comfortable held in ones hand. Cartridge of .50 action express with barrel length of 152.4mm allows the pistol to fire at muzzle velocity of 470 m/s. it has blowback system which then the pistol fires a bullet to a maximum range of 200 meters with self-loading capability. With it comes a sight choice of iron sights and option optics. It is by far most the most elegant hand gun pistol for personal protection.

9. M&P- $889.00

M&P Top Famous Cheapest Guns In The World 2019The semi- automatic plastic framed pistol M&P was manufactured in the year 2005 in the United States of America. Having short scroll operation and a cartridge capacity of 9×19 parabellum has locking systems from the browning type. It has a variety of iron sights as its action of fire is short recoil, locked bench. It is equipped with a detachable box of magazine rounds. The M&P pistol is famous among the military and police.

8. Ruger P Series- $699.99

Ruger P Series Top 10 Cheapest Guns In The WorldBeing manufactured the United States of America the ruger p series hand gun pistol has gained its popularity over 25 years now. Having a barrel size of 114 mm and a cartridge of 7.65×21 parabellum the pistol weighs lightly with up to 910g.the ruger p is durable and reliable having an action point of short recoil not forgetting its 3 dot sight making it simple t use. The gun is strong and has a detachable box magazine of about 10 to 15 rounds. The ruger p series pistol is commonly used in the armed forces.

7. Springfield XD Pistol- $549.99

Springfield XD PistolCroatia make of the Springfield XD pistol in 1999 is semi-automatic having a polymer coating all round it. It weighs at 700g having cartridge capacity of 9×19 parabellum. The pistol design has a smooth trigger not forgetting it is also sticker fired. The hand gun pistol has sights of illuminated night sights as well as fixed sights. Firing a shot would have a maximum accurate range of about 50 meters. The Springfield XD is used in the armed forces.

6. Ruger SR Series SR9- $525.00

Ruger SR Series SR9The United States of America manufactured this pistol in 2007. Having the perfect size for ease of holding, the pistol weighs750g and has a barrel of about 105.2mm. Its grip is of top notch as it’s slim and ergonomic too. Its cartridge capacity of 9×19 parabellum and action short recoil not forgetting its adjustable 3 dot iron sights gives the pistol fire power accuracy. Throughout the wide range of Ruger SR Series’ the SR9 has 12 or 12 round detachable round box of magazines the user would choose from which makes the pistol more outstanding.

5. Bersa Thunder Series- $500.00

Bersa Thunder Series Top Most Cheapest Guns In The World 2019Being an eminent hand gun pistol in the industry, the Bersa Thunder series was manufactured in Argentina. Weighing at 572g the pistol has high strength of barrel of 89mm not forgetting its cartridge capacity of .32ACP and an adjustable trigger too. The Bersa Thunder Series pistol uses the action blowback DA/SA. Its blowback design makes it difficult to rack in the slides hence the magazine has an extra section of grip to fit in all the firing fingers. The pistol was manufactured for general civilian use and hence it has reduced weight.

4. Taurus PT92- $479.99

Taurus PT92The semi-automatic pistol manufactured in Rio in 1983 weighs 960g. The pistol has stood out being with one of the safest firearms one would use. It has a single and double action fire power with its barrel of 127mm and a caliber cartridge of 9×19 parabellum. It fires at an action recoil operated system having a 17 round detachable box magazine. The gun also has a double track magazine box. The Taurus PT92 pistol is mostly used among the military.

3. Bersa BPCC- $429.00

Bersa BPCC Top 10 Cheapest Guns In The World 2019Modern time nylon product from Argentina is suitably used for self-protection. It is immensely light and easy to handle. It has a capacity of eight rounds with a barrel of 3.3 inches. Made of black steel poymer, it is safety guaranteed but you will need to clean the chamber periodically. It has fixed grip allowing one to optimize accurate fire power alongside its double action trigger action. It is the most popular gun used by many people in world day to day activities.

2. Ruger LCP- $249.99

Ruger LCP Top Popular Cheapest Guns In The World 2019Polymer make from the United States of America in the year 2008 Ruger LCP hand gun pistol is a modern weapon weighing in at 270g making it light to carry around. With barrels of about 70mm and cartridge capacity of about .380ACP is one of the most suitable guns for personal protection. The hand gun has a facility of 0.380 autos in its cartridges. It is comfortable to use with action power of Single Strike Double Action Mechanism and allows its accuracy with fixed sight.

1. Caracal CP660- $110

Caracal CP660 Top Most Popular Cheapest Guns In The World 2019

Famous modern firearm made in the United Arab Emirates was manufactured in 2005. It is an advanced short gun having 18 rounds weighing in at 700g. Barrel power of 90mm and cartridge of 9x21mm enables the gun to fire at high rates. It has a polymer coating frame with an ergonomic design. The stylish hand gun uses fixed iron sights with action power of short recoil, locked bench capability. It has a mounting bracket on its lower ledge allowing an extended magazine to be fitted into it.

The most popular guns are easy to assemble, with full proof safety features and also easy to conceal. If you own multiple weapons you might want to consider buying safes. Safes work best with hiding spots, example under the bed, behind that closet or behind that precious painting. Contrary to popular belief there are actually cheap guns that will last a lifetime, it all depends on how you look after it. There still exists a lot of gaping holes to be filled when it comes to gun legislation. With over 33,000 recorded deaths annually from gun related incidents, there has never been a better need to make the laws stricter.


  1. This article was written by someone whose first language is not English and knows NOTHING about guns. What a waste of time. Unsubscribing from this website for that reason.

  2. ruger lcp 380 great gun for someone who wants his trigger finger ripped off by razor sharp opening at bottom of frame trigger too shoryt and mal formed///have been shooting since 1963 and have never had a worse experiance,took a 75 dollar and traded after shooting 1 time//shame on you ruger


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