With modernisation and urbanisation, people have constructed huge structures to show the world their dominance on this planet. Civil engineering is the study that includes the building of structures and hence every year huge infrastructure are constructed like buildings or roads or other structures. So the urbanisation mainly depends on this civil engineering and they have an important role in making this country a developed one.

To build a structure you need to be very much efficient and there should be a workgroup who will make the construction plan. So to make various structures, in India, there are many civil engineering companies. So to make wonders you will need any of these top 10 best civil engineering companies 2019.


Best Civil Engineering Companies in India 2019

This company has grown very fast and is one of the leading civil engineering companies. They have a well-known name in making humongous huge structures. They have both excellent quality and a great service provider. IVRCL is expertise in many fields and hence they hold the 10th position.

9. Simplex Infrastructure Ltd

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

It is one of the most popular and highly regarded civil engineering company. This company set its foot in 1924 and from that time onwards they are making huge improvements. People refer this company because they have an excellent competitive edge and believes in paying attention to every minor detail of their clients and hence people trust this company. They have an experience of more than 90 years in this field of construction industry. They have completed 2600 mega construction projects from the years it came into this field.

8. Soma

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

From the year 2003, this company is not looking back. They have a business experience of 13 years and they are unique as they have excellent and talented skilled people working under them who believes in delivering high-quality work to their clients. They have an impressive portfolio and dedicated team which makes them top notch construction company.

7. SOBHA developers

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

Taking about top ten companies you cannot forget the name of this famous construction company. They have a high name in the sector of real estate and they have high business development, construction, sale, housing projects, and management. The main office of this company is located in Bangalore and they have also a good name in the field of interior material production, metal works like in the projects of Turkey and in concrete projects. They have an employee count of 3500 and they generate a revenue if 21.84 billion.

6. Punj Lloyd

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

When it comes to effectively managing the project of the company this name stands the first. They are very much well known. They have undertaken many energy projects, infrastructure projects, procurement services and integrated designs. They have earned a huge name in Africa, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. They are known for their serving of plethora and many other design services.

5. Afcons Infrastructure Limited

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

This name is very much well known when it comes to the civil engineering company. Their unique and biggest advantage is that they are the believer of delivering high-end projects. They initially came into existence in 1959 and they came with the joint cooperation of Rodeo foundation engineering ltd and Hazarat & Co. They have together formed this giant company. They are known for their high development and production of megastructures all around the globe.

4. Hindustan construction company

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

This is quite a popular name in the construction business. They began their journey in 1926 and have their headquarter in Mumbai. They have earned a great name in urban development, real estate, engineering, construction, building structures and management. From the inception, they have worked hard and have taken many projects including tunnel, expressway, highways, power plants, bridges, and hydropower projects. They are the first company who got certified by the ISO. They have an employee count of 3000 and they generate a revenue of $1.3 billion every year.

3. Gammon

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

This company is famous in India. They are renowned for their excellent construction of buildings, bridges and many other structures. The construction done by this company is known to be the best iconic one. They have their first big milestone in 1919 and from then, they are also indulged in many nuclear power stations and thermal power.

2. Tata projects

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

Tata group owns this company and is one of the rapidly growing company and they are best valued in this country. Tata is known for its stability, reliability, and quality. They have many real estates and various other construction companies under them. They have a great knowledge of the industrial projects which includes urban infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, utility service and quality. They have their stronghold in 32 different countries across the world and are also certified by the ISO. They have an employee count of 2700 and hence they rank among the top.

1. Larsen & Toubro limited

Best Civil Engineering Companies in India

This company stands the first on this list as they provide best service and quality. They have come into existence from 1938 and from that time onwards they have earned a huge amount of reputation. They have their headquarters in Mumbai and their main objective is to provide information technology, engineering, manufacturing good, financial and constructions. This is the biggest and the most reputed company. They have near about 90000 employees and you can easily explain how much large scale this company has. They generate a revenue of 15 billion US dollars. They are very much trusted.

These 10 companies are serving the Indian market and helping them to create man-made wonders and beauty. They are all well reputed and is serving the country for a long period of time. Civil engineering or say construction is something which cannot be done by ordinary people. You need to have a well-designed plan and experts to make the plan happen. So the construction companies play a major role in you don’t want your structure to fall apart within some years so it better to opt for professional help. These 10 companies have efficient manpower and technology to make the project a success.


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