Indian fashion apparels are becoming popular all over the world. There are many fashion brands in India who have enhanced their sales by up to 50 % in the last 5 years.

The reason is very simple and i.e. everyone wants to look stylish and beautiful. For this reason, many Indians don’t mind spending a lot of money on clothing. It is because of this reasons even some of the most expensive clothing brands of the world have their outlets in all major cities in the country. Following latest fashion trends, copying Bollywood celebrities and getting unique looks are some of the factors because of which clothing brands are blooming in the country.

‘Presently, there is hardly any clothing brand which is not present in India. Continuously increasing interest of the people in improving their life styles and grabbing the attention of others is exactly what that makes them invest in top class clothing. Most of the brands in India are known to offer comfort as well as high-end fabrics which are helping them in attracting the attention of new customers every year. India is actually one of the largest clothing markets in the world which are growing rapidly since last few years.

Following are the top 10 clothing brands in India for 2019 to help you choose your outfits simply.

10. Van Heusen

Van Heusen Top Popular Clothing Brands in India 2019

This is the brand which is largely appreciated by a very large number of youngsters in India. The brand has provided some of the best apparels based on latest styles and the good thing is they are continuously growing because of their quality products and most elegant designs that are popular in all the regions of India. In fact, they have changed the definition of urban clothing and are one of the trusted brands in India when it comes to clothing.

9. Provogue


Provogue is a popular Indian clothing brand which also deals with fashion accessories. It was launched in the year 1997 and high-quality clothing provided by this brand attracted the attention of a lot of people. Some of the clothes they manufacturer are trousers, jeans, shirts, T-shirts as well as suits for men. One of the best thing about Provogue is it is available on all major shopping apps and websites that deals with clothing in India.

8. Numero UNO

Numero UNO

Numero secured a lot of reputation just after its launch in the year 1987. Numero Jeans are widely popular and a very large number of people buy them. In addition to this, they sell a record number of shirts every year in India. Some other products they deal with are shorts, T-shirts, footwear, bags, sweaters, as well as fashion accessories. Numero has always helped young Indian people to follow latest fashion trends and styles. Almost all their outlets in the country are running successfully.

7. Lee


Well, this is the brand that is known for its unique style clothes and accessories. They gained popularity mainly because of manufacturing high-quality jeans and in the present scenario, Lee has made a very strong market presence in India. They provide a very large number of fashion clothes and products. Since last 4 years, Lee has been recognized as one of the pioneer clothing brands in India with excellent urban clothing.

6. Octave


One of the most common sayings about octave is their products have no comparison with any other brand when it comes to styles. They provide apparels for both men and women and their winter clothes are always very unique in terms of designs and trends. Octave got publicity as a T-shirt manufacturer in the initial stage which is still their number one product in India. Octave T-shirts are widely appreciated and a lot of people can be seen wearing them.

5. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

More and more people in India are becoming familiar with latest trends in fashion and clothing. Allen Solly has a significant role in this matter. They have millions of fans and customers in India. One of the best thing about Allen Solly is they don’t just provide men and women wear, but almost all their stores can also be visited for kids wear. Women can always make sure of quality dress material at Alley Solly stores. It is a good brand for every age group and in addition to clothing, they also provide fashion accessories.

4. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is basically an Italian name but it’s a 100 percent Indian company which is popular for manufacturing sweaters and jackets. They have their manufacturing unit in Ludhiana which is a popular city of Punjab. Monte Carlo is one of those brands which got publicity due to their fabric quality and unique styles they provided.

3. Raymond


Raymond is an extremely popular brand in India for professional clothing. They have always provided a ton of choices for men’s suits and have helped professionals in enhancing their style and looks. Today, there is hardly any Indian who doesn’t know Raymond. Being one of the oldest brands for fabric and fashion, Raymond is known widely for suiting fabric. They have around 700 stores in India and around 190 outside the country. Raymond also offers ready-made garments and owns popular brands like Park Avenue. In 2014, Raymond was recognised as one of the largely trusted brands in India.

2. Peter England

Peter England

Most people think that Peter England is a non-Indian brand but this is not true. Actually, it is owned by the Aditya Birla group and is one of the very famous clothing brands in India which have outlets in almost every popular city. Peter England deals with shirts, trousers, Suits, Ties and a lot of other clothes.

1. Levis

Levis Top Famous Clothing Brands in India 2019

Levis is one of the best Indian cloth brands with a very large number of highly satisfied customers not just in India, but all over the world. Presently, they have a huge share in the Indian fashion and cloth market. Levis begins its journey as a jeans manufacturer and in the current scenario, the company has attracted a very large number of people for providing quality clothes.

These clothing brands have a huge customer base who is highly satisfied. The fact is these brands have grown frequently in the shortest time period in India. Presently, almost every age people who believe in style and fashion are familiar with them. Also, the unique designs and styles they have provided in the markets have transformed the urban fashion to a novel height. The good thing is all these brands have multi-specialization and thus they provide all type of fashion clothes including accessories that can add more to your style.


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