Contact lenses are a thin and curved film of lens placed, which covers the surface of our eye. Very often nowadays, it is given a slightest tinge of color to make them easier for wearers to handle. This also gives the user an aesthetic makeup.

Contact lenses have a long and memorable history, which was initiated by Leonardo da Vinci & Rene Descartes. Late 19th century, a German glassblower created a lens that could be seen through & tolerated, which gave the German ophthalmologists with an idea for contact lens. Following are some of the most reputed and reliable contact lenses brands in India in 2019.

10. Sparkle

Best Contact Lenses Brands in India 2019

Offers colored contact lenses over online stores in all the e-commerce platforms. It is marketed by Visions India and is manufactured by a Korean firm. Disposability of Sparkle depends on whether you choose the monthly or one-time usage lenses. It is available in Singles, Duo & Tri-color tones, and preferences depend on your choice, and are available with over 1000 design and great comfort.

9. Oxymaxx

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

Contact lenses offered by the sister concern of S. Conlens India, incorporated in 2005. Oxymaxx has secured the ninth position in our list of top 10 best contact lenses brands available in India. Oxymaxx sources its procurements from the best in the world strictly adhering to the norms specified by GMP & F. D. A (USA) Standards. Oxymaxx lenses are generally worn for aesthetic or for correction of vision. Oxymaxx lenses are available at economical prices in the markets.

8. Silklens

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

Kolkata based organisation having a firm market in New Delhi also. It provides a wide variety of products but is famous for offering moistened lenses for dry eyes. These lenses are internationally famous for making lenses from CNC controlled lathe cutting machines. These super soft lenses are best suited for persons having dry eyes and need to drive quite often. Apart from having such a wide variety of lenses with unique feature, it is also one of the most economical brands in the Indian market.

7. Biomedics 55

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

This brand is from Cooper Vision, one of the global brands available worldwide. Its lenses are very soft, relaxed, exclusive, & breathable, which contains high moisture content. Operating since 1980, its products are now available in over 100 countries & have 3-research & development facilities with state of art infrastructure location around the globe. Proclear, Clariti, Bio-infinity, are some of its renowned range of contact lenses found globally.

6. Dailies

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

Most of the lenses from this organisation has an enhanced water content facilitating a smooth gliding surface. These features are available in both Toric & Multi-focal ranges. Dailies were the maiden brand, to be marketed as the one & only one water gradient contact lens available across the globe. Dailies are renowned for its every day refreshing lens, and stands sixth in our list of top 10 best contact lenses brand in India.

5. Alcon

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

Known as a world leader in eye care innovation, Alcon has over 30,000 associates in 75 countries, collectively with a mission in preserving, restoring, and enhancing the global vision. Alcon is rated fifth in our list of top 10 contact lenses in India, offering a full range of eye care products with its A-Z list of varied contact lenses. Every single product passes through its extensive clinical trials for ensuring efficacy & safety. Constant research & development are undertaken to ensure the brand offers the best & most innovative contact lenses for its users.

4. Freshlook

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

Brand offered from Alcon group, A Novartis group, Freshlook contact lenses is considered to be one of the safest lenses to human eyes. It markets a wide range of colored lens palette. Produced through the state of art three-color technology “Color Blends” using 3-in-one color technology for obtaining natural look, which depends on whether the user prefers an extensive transformation or soft enhancement. This brand provides an extremely professional eye treatment, which not only ensures the best look but also promises a safest vision.

3. Coopervision

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

One of the most trusted brand globally and is known for its are soft, lenses with high content of moisture. It is one of the few organisations having its own state of art R & D facilities. It also won the famous Rebrand & Manufacturers leaders awards. Through its R & D facilities, it has taken Silicone Hydrogel to the futuristic levels.

2. Bausch & Lomb

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

World’s largest supplier of eye care products based in America that established its operation in 1853. Bausch & Lomb is also globally known for maintaining its dedication towards innovation & quality along with artisanship in all its brands. Products offered by Bausch & Lomb are recommended by all doctors across the world and is easily available in the Indian markets.

1. Acuvue

Best Contact Lenses Brand in India

Best known as trailblazer product, which is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, one of the most prescribed brands amongst all contact lens across the globe. It is also known for producing disposable lenses of the best quality. Acuvue is rated as the first position in our top 10 list of best contact lenses available in India. This brand from Bausch & Lomb also offers a wide variety of contact lenses, with ultraviolet (UV) filters, ensuring protection to our eyesight from UV rays considered harmful.

Wrapping on this article, we wanted to share with you that contact lenses, made of silicon are sage for children, provided they can wear & remove them properly. That depends on the level of responsibility exhibited by the child. Disposable lenses are the best for use, but the decision should be made jointly between parents, the child and eye doctor. Ophthalmologists will advise your replacement schedule, as it depends on the material of contact lens and design, as well as the lifestyle and the health of your eyes. Most of the doctors recommend use of disposable contact lenses. They are a fantastic choice, as there are fewer chances for bacteria & protein to build up. In addition, if you prefer wearing disposable contact lenses on a daily basis, you will not need to buy contact lens solutions to clean and disinfect them after each use, making it economical.