Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc, selenium, Calcium, Thiamin, Omega 3, Apha lipoic acid, lutein and zeaxanthin all are vision supplements. For years, people have been seeking for the best solutions to cater for eyesight problems and among them using supplements just to strengthen their eyesight.

Use of contact lenses is one among the recent major development in the industry that allows individuals to attain the best sight and as well enjoy life with ease. With the increasing need for contact lenses and numerous manufacturers hitting the market today, it is important to choose products from reliable and accredited manufacturers. Here is a list of the leading top 10 best contact lenses brands in the world with proven track records in enhancing individual’s sight.

Now check the Top 10 Best Contact Lenses Brand In The World in 2019

1. Acuvue

Acuvue Top Most Famous Contact Lenses Brand in World 2019

Acuvue is the leading contact lenses brand in the world. The brand from Johnson & Johnson Company gained credit for being the first company on the globe to produce daily wear and dispose contact lenses. The brands form the company are easy to clean and maintain making them popular among the global community. Produced using the modern technology, the contact lenses from this brand are known for utmost protection against harmful UV rays from the sun and at the same time allowing free flow of oxygen to the eyes at all times. They are also known to keep the eyes moisturized and therefore maintaining the best health for the eyes.

2. Bausch and Lomb

Bausch and Lomb

Bausch and Lomb is an American company that began its operations in 1983. It has over the years gained credit for providing with high quality contact lenses. The brand is one of the few brands recommended by eye specialists for their outstanding performance and ease of availability. It provides different designs and also comes in a variety of colors. The two main products from the brand are Lacelle and Optima. Included in the brands contact lenses is a range of solutions for those with short sightedness and disposable daily lenses. All the products from the company are credited with keeping the eyes moisturized and offering the best eye care above most brands.

3. Coopervision


Coopervision brand hit the markets in 1980 and has over the years been providing the comfortable and convenient eye solutions. The brands provides with soft and moisture in high levels that helps keep the eyes comfortable at all times. The brand has established 3 research and development centers across the globe where in-depth evaluation of the eye problems in different societies across the world. Owing to its popularity, the company has received two coveted awards namely the Manufacturing Leadership Award and Rebrand Award. It has recognition across the globe for its uniqueness in its own way.

4. Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision is a brand company that is known to work closely with Novartis and Alcon Group Companies to provide contact lenses to the masses across the globe. This is despite being an independent company with own operations including manufacturing and distribution of its products. Products branded by Ciba Vision are credited for high provision of oxygen on the surface of the lenses a factor enhanced by the use of silicon hydrogen in production of the lenses. The lenses are available in a variety of colors and known to offer great correction of vision defects in patients. Products from this company are available from retail stores across the globe hence easily available.

5. Freshlook


Credited for offering both cosmetic and medical solutions to a wide range of its users. Freshlook lenses are worn with prescription of a qualified practitioner after an extensive survey on the prevailing eye health condition on the patient. The lenses are available in a variety of colors and this offers the patient with an opportunity to improve on the eyesight while at the same time improving the appearance. They provide lenses for both those who are far and sort sighted and safe for daily wear. The manufacturer provides with detailed instruction on care and precision in wearing the lenses to enhance comfort of the patient.

6. Alcon


Alcon is known to produce a wide range of optical care products. These include contact lenses, surgical products and other eye care products. It is credited for establishment of an extensive research center estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. Products from this brand are known to be used in more than 180 countries across the globe and available in over 25,000 stores in these countries. The research division of the brand delves on establishment of satisfactory solution to different eye problems experienced across the globe. Common products that come under this brand include the Air Optix Aqua and Dailies Aqua among others.

7. Biomedic 55

Biomedic 55

Biomedic 55 is a brand produced by Copper Vision Company. The products from this brand are credited for durability and fair pricing that makes it accessible to majority of persons across the globe. Oculfilcon is used in production of the lenses and this makes them last longer while providing the desired solution to eye patients. He lenses are credited with providing a clear vision and offer absolute protection from UV rays. They also correct both short and far sightedness and this makes it a poplar lenses prescribed by medics across the globe.

8. Sparkle


Sparkle brand of lenses is produced by a Korean company. The lenses come in a wide variety of colors with certain brands available in color combination that offer two or three colors in a single lens. The products under this brand are better known for adding glamour to the eyes a factor that makes them popular for cosmetic purposes. A number of products of this brand are also known to have special effects that include among others shimmering and sparkling. The lenses available from this company are available for use in designs for single day use while others can be worn for up to a month.

9. Silk lens

Silk lens

As the name suggests, silk lens provide with smooth, moisturized, silky and soft lenses that are comfortable for all round use. They are ideal for persons with dry eyes as they are moisturized hence offer the best comfort for the eyes. Owing to its high quality, the lenses offer best comfort for those working for long hours as well as those who drive for hours. These lenses are known to be available at reasonable costs and easily found within the local stores.

10. Oxy Max

Oxy Max Top Most Popular Contact Lenses Brand in World 2019

Oxymax was launched in 2005 and offers solutions for cosmetic purposes as well as correcting vision. The lenses from this company are known to adhere to FDA standards hence an assurance of safety. One of the key attributes of this lens is the ability to offer protection to the eye pupil. The products are better known for availability in a range of colors that offer a wide choice to the customers. The lenses are available at a cost-effective cost a factor that makes it popular across the globe.

Contact lenses are available to offer varying solutions to persons with varying eyesight needs. It is for this reason that a wide variety of products is required to offer with solutions that fit to the needs of an individual patient. The top 10 best contact lens brands in the world offer this choice to those in need. Used for both cosmetic and correcting vision purposes, contact lenses continue to gain popularity across the globe and hence quality and performance are a consideration that will continue forever.


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