Life is a colorful vista of colors – bright and bold and full of confidence. Fair faces, smooth spot-free skin, the best gloss and the smoothest matte – the world ticks on cosmetics. Skin and lips and ears and hair; some major parts of your body are under the spell of cosmetics. Thus, it is more important than ever today to get the best brand for your perfect skin.

Not just women, even men use a wide variety of cosmetic products, starting from hair gels to face creams. Appearances are taking up serious spaces of influence in the world society and thus the desire for a perfect outlook grows exponentially and these cosmetic giant companies make their revenue feeding on this desire to look prettier.

Here are the Top 10 Best Cosmetic Brands in The World in 2019

10. Maybelline

Maybelline Top Most Famous Cosmetic Brands in World 2019

Famous worldwide for its vast range of products, Maybelline was founded by a young entrepreneur who was struck by his sister’s ingenious use of coal dust with Vaseline for prettier eyelashes. The company manufactures a wide array of products varying from eyeliner to hair creams; other items include facial packs, eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation and much more. The company has made radical approaches to satisfy customer needs- for those who needed sparkle, you have glossy lip shades and for those who want a long-lasting smooth texture, you have matte lip shades. The eyeliners manufactured by the company are amongst the most popularly used.

9. Urban Decay

Urban Decay

With eye shades and lipsticks as its main products, the company was founded in 1996 with headquarters in California. The products of Urban Decay are mainly sold in America, Germany, and Mexico. The most amazing feature of Urban Decay is its no-use-of-animals policy for testing purposes, unlike most other companies. Its products are characterized by their deep bold shades and long-lasting quality well worth the expenditure.

8. CoverGirl


Founded in Maryland, America CoverGirl got its name when the Noxell Company, its founder, began the policy of trying out fashion models and actresses for the front cover of the magazine. The company’s major attraction is its wide range of products available at fairly affordable rates. The prices are reasonable which makes the brand even more popular.

7. Avon


Holding the market for almost 125 years, Avon Products Inc. is an international manufacturer of cosmetics and all its associated products. It is a direct selling company with about 6 million representatives spread all across the globe. The best part about Avon Products is its door-to-door business policy that entails representatives knocking right at your door bringing all your desired products with associated catalogs and brochures for more products at your doorstep.

6. Revlon


Cosmetics like skin care products, fragrance, and personal care are manufactured by Revlon. The company is widely known for sponsoring many charity products. One such major hotshot event is Revlon Run Walk held in New York City and Los Angeles. It aims at raising consciousness for breast cancer and early diagnosis of the same. One of the major models of the event is Halle Berry. Revlon’s products are amongst the safest to use because of its gentleness and a low percentage of toxic chemicals. The company has widespread branches.

5. Etude House

Etude House

Based in South Korea, this cosmetics company was originally incorporated by the Amore Cosmetics Group. Later Etude House went on to spread its wings further into Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Brunei, and Myanmar. The company manufactures a wide range of products ranging from eye shades and lipsticks to face creams and hair deodorants.

4. MAC


Found in Canada, and headquartered in New York, MAC is one of the world’s most hotshot cosmetic queens of the industry. The company scaled the charts by doubling its sales within a decade hitting $500 million by 2007 itself. The main hub-bub about its products is due to its flexibility. All sorts are available- street-savvy and glamorous both. The company has charitable trust where it donates by organising various events and promotes awareness about HIV and AIDS.

3. L’Oreal


The ladies’ favourite, L’Oreal is a French company that has arrested the world’s attention with its charismatic vista of products. Skin care, perfumes, hair care, nail paint, lipsticks, eye shades and eyeliners- name it and L’Oreal has it for you in exotic types and varieties that you yourself were unaware of. Its mascot slogan says, “Because we’re worth it” and they surely are.

2. OriFlame


OriFlame was founded by Jonas and Rober af Jochnick. A Swedish company, it focuses on personal care, accessories, and nutritional products and other related goods. The best advantage of OriFlame cosmetics is, you don’t have to go visit a store to buy them, as they can even be purchased online. The company has direct sales departments running the sales in over 60 countries worldwide. Based on natural beauty hacks, these products do not harm skin or cause any adverse effect. Its high standard of quality has brought over 1.5 billion euros as revenues.

1. Clinique

Clinique Top Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in World 2019

Skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrances are Clinique’s primary manufacturing forte. Usually available in posh stores like Macy’s, USA, these products are the best cosmetics in the world. The company founded in 1968 is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder Companies. Clinique under Estee Lauder Companies, became the first company to produce allergy-tested products under the guidance of several dermatologists in the department store Saks Fifth Avenue. In 1976, a secondary undertaking was started for men’s products.

The world would look dull without colors. Humans have incorporated that touch of colorful chimera onto their personal appearances for quite a while now. The need for fairer skin, the desire to take out the black-head amidst stretches of fair skin, or the need to protect your skin from tanning under the sun’s harmful UV rays have all lead to the development of better and more advanced creams and treatment products. Cherry lips and devil black eyes command attention in an irrevocable manner according to the present fashion status that dictates so.

Fragrances, appearances and the general outlook get enhanced. However, such fulfilment require the certain use of chemicals and related substances in those cosmetics products. The need for the best brand arises here. All skin types aren’t the same and thus our response to a particular cream may be different. You need to be absolutely sure of the quality of cosmetics before using them and thus choosing the right brand is of utmost importance. Thus listed above are the top 10 cosmetic brands in the world; a read through which, will give you a perfect idea of the brand that suits you the best!