Cosmetics play an essential part in everyday’s life as it serves a style statement and also helps to nourish the skin with the renowned cosmetics brands available in the Indian market. Though it is said cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that harm your skin drastically but the reputed cosmetics brands in India has come up with some good ayurvedic and herbal product as well to fight against the harmful chemical that is damaging our skin intensely.

Cosmetics have always served as a style statement in every woman’s life as it enhances their beauty even more by giving a lustrous look that people around you can’t take their eyes off from you. These popular cosmetics brands not only give beautiful features to your outlook but also instil a sense of confidence and glamour to your personality.

In India, various brands are available at various ranges according to the preferences and choices of the customers. They have a varied range of products for lips, face, eyes, nails, hair, body, and much more which tends to give an everlasting impression to your outlook without compromising the quality and quantity of the cosmetic products.

The varied range of cosmetics available in the Indian market uses some chemical based as well as natural based ingredients depending upon your own independent choice and preferences. Thus, let’s get an overview of some popular and best cosmetics brands available in the Indian market in 2019:

10. Elle 18

Best Cosmetics Brands in India 2019

Elle 18 has an array of cosmetics collection for everyday use as they offer cosmetics for face, lips, eyes, and nails. They come in the most affordable range than any other brands in the market for the college goers and teens as well for everyday use. Their ‘Color Pop Matt Lipsticks’ has launched 20 unique shades for the Indian skin tone and has also given remarkable look on your face with their beautiful collection. The Elle 18 kajal also give a dark and smudge free look to your beautiful eyes. Their range of nail paints comes in cute little round bottles and also very cost-effective to manage your pocket money. Its price range starts from only 40 INR that leaves a long-lasting glossy finishing on your nails. They also offer other cosmetics like blackout eyeliner, lip gloss, and eye sparklers.

9. Lotus

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Lotus is also a leading herbal cosmetic brand which comes in a moisturising base with the long lasting application. They also have a varied range of products for face, lips, eyes, and nails. Lotus herbal lipsticks are very smooth while swatching and give a matt texture on your lips without drying up your lips leaving soft velvet matt finish. Their pigmentation of various nail paints is absolutely amazing and long lasting as well. They also offer face compact and foundation with matching skin tone. They have other varied products like face wash, face scrubber, toner, face serum, cleanser, sunscreen, skin whitening range, night cream, much more in options. The brand name itself suggests herbal which is very good for face, skin, lips, eyes, and nails giving you a subtle glow.

8. Biotique

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Biotique said to have distinctive ingredients in their cosmetics range as they use natural based ingredients unlike chemical based ingredients like other major cosmetics brands available in the Indian market. They tend to use a natural extract secreted from various herbal plants, roots, leaves, and herbs keeping in mind the health benefit from these natural ingredients that will prevent from damaging the skin from harmful chemicals. They have a range of products like cleanser, face wash, makeup remover, foundation, and much more range of options.

7. Chambor

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Another leading brand in the making of cosmetics is ‘Chambor’ that offer their products at different price range. The brand offers a varied range of lipsticks that are super lustrous in color but the color shades come in a bit expensive range which becomes very difficult to use by everybody. The brand is not for everybody’s use. They offer in varied range with various styling effects like eyeliner, foundation, compact, lipstick, nail paint, kajal, and much more. They give high-pigmented colors on your eyes, lips, and nails with super staying power all day long. Chambor offers a minimum starting range from 695 INR which is quite expensive for various customers.

6. Colorbar

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Colorbar is a great choice of cosmetics products like foundation, nail paint, kajal, lipsticks, compact, and other range available in the Indian market. They have a good metallic packaging with nice toned colors which are of great value. They are very easy to use and blend for every skin tone leaving you a bold creamy matt look on your face. They have limited edition lipstick range like the ‘Feel the Rain’ collection. They come in high-pigmented colors with super long lasting power. They offer high-quality cosmetic products for their valued customers. They have smoky kajal with distinctive solid colors.

5. Loreal

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Loreal cosmetics are highly pricey comparing to the other cosmetics brands available in the market. They offer a range of lipstick, nail paint, foundation, compact, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, eye shadow, and blusher with mesmerising shades and colors considering the Indian skin tone. Loreal market value is very high because it goes with the brand name for many customers. The super glorious actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the brand ambassador of the Loreal brand.

4. Mac

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Mac is another leading cosmetic brand that serves as an expensive choice for all cosmetics lovers that come in super cool color shades in varied range with lustrous finishing. Their minimum starting range is from 990 INR which is not for everybody’s use. They have a high-end collection with high fashion texture for your glowing skin, face, eyes, lips, and nails. Their range of cosmetic products is easily bendable with high-pigmented colors. They eventually give a bold look to your personality by enhancing your features that people will be amazed by your beauty.

3. Maybelline

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Maybelline New York is an international cosmetic brand made in the USA which has an increasing sale demand in the Indian market as well. Indian customers are highest buyers of Maybelline products. They come in a varied range of products like lipstick, mascara, compact, lip balm, eyeliner, lip gloss, blusher, eye shadow, foundation, highlighter, makeup remover, and much more. They have an affordable starting range of 300 INR in the Indian market. It also comes in huge availability with numerous available colors and shades.

2. Revlon

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Another leading brand in the cosmetic brand is ‘Revlon’ which lies on the pricey slab of the Indian market. It again limits the buyers of this product brand as it is quite difficult to afford by many. Revlon is an American brand which has also increased its popularity and demand in the Indian market as well. But their product range is so super gracious that it overshadows the price range with its exquisite collection. They offer varied products like lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, compact, concealer, primer, nail paint, and much more varied options.

1. Lakme

Best Cosmetics Brand in India

Lakme is the top selling cosmetic brand of lipstick, nail paint, face mousse, concealer, foundation, eyeliner, lip gloss, kajal, highlighter, compact, and much other in options in the Indian market which comes in super gorgeous colors and shades for every skin tone at a very affordable and pocket-friendly price range. They offer a high-texture and high-pigmented colors for every lip, nails, and eyes as well that imparts a natural glow on your face and lips that people around you can’t take their eyes off from you.

Hence, we get a complete list of the top 10 cosmetics brands in India in 2019 that imparts a natural glow with their highly-pigmented range of products that enhance your personality even more.