A good piece of crockery gives your kitchen and dining a high standard look with stylish features that people get amazed by the beautiful sets of crockery in which you serve your food delicacy to them. Moreover, a beautifully articulate design of crockery always leaves a lasting impression on your guest on the dinner table.

The top brands in India have believed to maintain the high-standard and high-quality of beautiful crockery showcasing the richness of royalty with the good selection of crockery from the Indian market. It gives an added decorative look at your dining table fetching more and more compliments from the people around you or people visiting at your place for a cozy lunch or dinner.

There are ample of luxury products with impeccable design in the market that will amaze you with its beauty and designed curves. They look absolutely gracious that you can’t take your eyes off from them. In the market, you can get numerous types of crockery sets made of different material like ceramic, glass, bone china, melamine, and much other in varied options. You can easily avail these kinds of crockery sets at your nearest market or you can also avail them from various online websites at a good discounted price.

Let’s look at the top 10 best crockery brands in India for 2019

10. Fabindia

Fabindia Top Most Famous Crockery Brands in India 2019

Fab India comes up with the superb collection of a marvellous design of different types of crockery that will give a lasting impression to your eyes and soul. It will give your dining table a heavenly look with its beautiful features and design. The company came into existence back in 1960 and since then it has shown excellence quality with high-standard design in the making of different types of crockery in the Indian market. Their headquarters is formerly based in New Delhi with thousands of dealers in different parts of India with demanding sales. They offer crockery sets at an affordable price and budget-friendly. They have huge customers of trusted value and complete satisfaction. They provide a range of products like ceramic mugs, brass jar, ceramic glass, wooden trays, ceramic bowl, copper glass, and much more in options available in the market.

9. Lazzaro


Lazzaro is a symbol of iconic crockery of different exquisite design that creates a lasting impression on your guests and other people around you. They offer complete unique features and design that attract your heart and soul with a satisfying look. Lazzaro is always a smart choice for your kitchen decor as it adds a stylish and classy effect on your kitchen and dining table. They offer a wide range of different categories in tableware like formal tableware, casual tableware, white tableware, and other home accessories needed to uplift the beauty of your home.

8. Clay Craft

Clay Craft

Another leading brand in the success of crockery sets is Clay Craft which offers products of ISO certified with high-quality and high-durability of standard product to the varied range of customers. They offer the best ceramic quality than any other brand available in the market. You can avail their products on both offline and online store with varied options in colors, design, pattern, size, and styles and each one are different from the other. They come in a germ-free and microwave safe mode for the convenience of the customers and dishwasher supportable as well. They give a wide array of tableware for different purposes like home, office, hotels, and restaurants.

7. Jaypore


Jaypore is one of the leading brands in a varied collection of crockery sets with a traditional design that uplift the royalty at your home. They have e excellent craftsman who makes vintage types of crockery to give that heritage look on your table. The real artisans behind the look of their marvelous collection are hired from the district of Kutch in Gujarat. They offer the best and high-quality design with supreme durability for their valued customers. They are best in the work of pottery and contemporary style and design with excellent craftsmanship.

6. Larah


They offer a wide array of selectable tableware products at an affordable price that is absolutely cost effective to your pocket. All these products are professionally articulated with impeccable design and pattern with a unique touch of international appeal and structure embedded with a floral and abstract design. It offers variety keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of varied customers that will fetch them good compliments from the people around them. Larah products are easily available from the online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Indiamart, Zopnow, and much more in options.

5. Yera


Yera has been able to build trust and faith among their valued customers since 1907 with a variety of design, pattern, size, and style of different crockery. They offer unique features like the dishwasher safe, microwave safe, scratch resistant, easily washable, and heat-resistant. They offer brand new designs for various purposes at home, office, and hotels. They give an ecstatic feeling when you eat on Yera tableware. They offer a range of products like drinkware, kitchenware, tableware, jars, tumbler, dinner sets, glassware, bowls, and much more. They come in different shape and size of glass form with classy finishing.

4. Treo


Another leading brand in the establishment of good crockery is the ‘Treo’ brands with gives a remarkable piece of elegance on its every product. They have professional craftsman and artisans that helped the company to earn recognition from a class of people from different parts of India. They offer beautiful dinnerware in articulated floral design with white background leaving a trace of classiness and elegance that will satisfy to the eyes and soul of the customers. They offer a range of products like non-stick cookware, glassware, glassware containers, jugs & canister, bottles, and much more varied options where you can serve food in an articulate manner.

3. Borosil


Borosil has successfully held its strong place in the third position in the top 10 list of crockery brands in India with its unique design and features that has touched the soul of millions of people with its fine craftsmanship. It came into existence back in 1962 and with its headquarters based in Gujarat. They have been the pioneer of crockery and kitchenware since 1962. They offer varied products like borosil glassware, baking plate, storage container, cup sets, dinnerware, microwavables, and much more to match the trends of the modern cookware in India. In addition to this, they also offer fine recipes on their official websites cooked and served in their borosil cookware.

2. La Opala

La Opala

La Opala believes in the core value of customer satisfaction that engages in providing high-quality and high-standard products in the Indian market. They offer a range of varied products like Classique Collection, Ivory Collection, La Opala, and the Signature Crystal. Their products are easily available on the online websites like Flipkart, Fab Furnish, Home Shop18, and Jabong. They offer long-lasting, durable, and the high-quality product that meets the need of the various customers. You will get quality tableware from their array of collection without a doubt. It gives a feeling of elegance and royalty while having food in it.

1. Corelle

Corelle Top Most Popular Crockery Brands in India 2019

The brand came into establishment back in 1970 and a pioneer in the field of kitchenware and cookware. They offer a wide range of products with durability, long-lasting, microwave safe, heat resistant, dishwasher safe as well. Their products come in a beautiful articulate floral design that captivates the eyes and souls of the on lookers. They offer huge selective products like dinnerware, glassware, drinkware, serveware, and much more.

Thus, we get a complete overview of the top 10 crockery brands in India that has brought fine dining at every home with its impeccable design and structure.


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