Detergents are surfactants that have cleansing properties with dilute solutions. Detergents are very important and they are used in each and every household for cleaning the clothes. The detergents not only help to clean the clothes but they make them fresh. They even come with a soothing fragrance. The garments become beautiful and soft and their colour remains intact.

Most of the detergents keep the garments bright rather than making them dull. Detergents and soaps are considered to be the oldest discoveries made by man. The detergents that are used for cleaning the clothes are available in a number of gradients. India has a number of companies that manufacture the detergents and market them in various ways. All the detergents do not have similar functions and they are also cost-efficient. These detergents can be afforded by all kinds of people. Given below are the list of the top ten best detergents in India in 2019.

10. Henko

Best Detergent Brands in India 2019

Henko is amongst the top manufacturers of detergent in the country. This company is extremely popular and it is owned by the Jyothi Laboratories. This detergent brand is very famous. Henko manufactures detergents that are of low cost that can be used in buckets as well as washing machines. This is one of the biggest challenges for the other detergent manufacturers. The advertisements of Henko are extremely appealing and attractive and are one of the main reasons as to why so many people use Henko.

9. Sunlight

Best Detergent Brands in India

Sunlight is one of the most renowned detergent brands in the country. The company was previously owned by the very popular Hindustan Unilever Ltd. This company was known to be launched in 1988. South India is very famous for the presence of the brand. Sunlight has used various innovative techniques in order to market their products and reach out to their target customers. The different states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Orissa are mostly dependant on this powder. Sunlight is known for its sweet smell and the quality of keeping the colour of the fabric intact.

8. Fena

Best Detergent Brands in India

Fena has completed many years in the Indian market and it is undoubtedly one of the best detergent brands in this country. This detergent was launched in the year 1986. It is considered to be the flagship brand of the Fena Company. When the brand was launched, the detergent was very cost effective and could be afforded by the poor people as well. This is how Fena penetrated the Indian market and is still amongst the top ten detergent brands in India. This detergent is sold in the retail stores all over the country. It keeps the clothes soft and beautiful.

7. Rin

Best Detergent Brands in India

Rin was launched in 1994 and it has been ruling the market of detergent ever since. Rin had been introduced as a bar soap used for cleaning clothes and garments. The detergent is available in two variants. One variant is available for the washing machines and the other one is available for washing the clothes normally. Both the variants are affordable and can be purchased by all sections of people. Rin is one of the best and most popular detergent powder that is being sold all across the country. This detergent is highly effective for the people who belong to a normal class. Rin is trusted by several millions of people in India.

6. Tide

Best Detergent Brands in India

Tide is a famous international company that was introduced to the Indian market in the year 2000. Tide is owned by the well-known company P&G. The detergent is very famous for the quality that it has and the price in which it is available. Tide started to gain a lot of importance and it was used by many people in the country. Currently, Tide is in the sixth position when it comes to the top detergent brands in India. Tide is also known for producing dish washing soaps and bars along with detergents.

5. Wheel

Best Detergent Brands in India

Wheel is one of the most famous detergent brands that is owned by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. The company came into being in 1987. It started to gain a lot of popularity because of the price and the effective cleaning that it had. Wheel is currently available in three variants which include the orange and lemon variant, the jasmine variant, and the very popular wheel active. The brand ambassador of Wheel is Salman Khan, which has made the brand even more famous in the market.

4. Ghadi

Best Detergent Brands in India

Ghadi had been launched in the year 1987. The owner of this company is the very popular, Rohit Surfactants. Ghadi is also famous for the low price and it is mostly renowned in all the rural areas. Ghadi started as a small industry and later on, it started gaining more popularity. With time, the products were sold outside the state as well. Ghadi is also amongst the top ten detergent brands in the country and is used by a huge section of people.

3. Nirma

Best Detergent Brands in India

The popularity of Nirma in India is unbelievable. This company had been started in India in 1969 by a company that was based in Ahmedabad. Nirma has become the best selling detergent powder in the country during the 1980s. As of now, Nirma has still managed to hold that place and are known for the excellent service that they provide. Nirma is not only used in the towns and cities, but a lot of people in the village areas use it. Nirma is currently being sold by around lakhs of the Indian retailers.

2. Ariel

Best Detergent Brands in India

Ariel was launched in 1991 as a detergent powder that was compact and had enzyme technology. The company was owned by the very famous P&G. Ariel is famous for the various types of variants available which include Ariel Oxy Blue, Ariel 2 in 1, and Ariel Oxyblu Ultramatic. Ariel is the second most popular brand of detergent in the country.

1. Surf Excel

Best Detergent Brands in India 2019

Surf Excel is the oldest detergent brand in India and also one of the best. This detergent was launched in 1954 by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Surf Excel is a common household name now. The variants of Surf Excel are excel blue, front load, top load, easy wash, and so on. This is the top most detergent brand in the country used by a majority of the people.

These are the best detergents in India that are sold everywhere. A number of other detergents are present in the market as well but it is best to opt for the top ten detergents.


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