Diamonds are always said to be every women’s favourite attire that enhanced her look and personality with sheer elegance. Who doesn’t like to wear diamonds that glides your quintessential attributes and at the same time gives a lasting impression to the people around you? Yes!!!

It is rightfully said diamonds are really every girl’s best friend and the bond between them is forever and forever which gives a lasting happiness. The various diamond merchants who give the artistic finishing to this precious stone are really doing a marvellous job for every woman.

Diamonds are articulated in beautiful artistic and contemporary designs that shine like glittering stars in the sky and perhaps women go drool over this precious stone because of these reasons. There are lots of diamond companies in India who are believed to be the trusted ones with authentic carat certification. But sometimes you need to evaluate the pitfalls and the cautionary issues you have to be concerned about before you buy a diamond just on the basis of a certificate. Thus, today we have enlisted the top 10 best diamond companies in India in 2019 where you can get yourself a good buy with 100% certified valuation of diamonds without a doubt.

10. Tara Jewellers Ltd

Best Diamond Companies in India 2019

One of the leading companies in making and crafting beautiful diamonds are Tara Jewellers Ltd and they are solely responsible for their diamond jewellery with 100% customer assurance. The diamond company operates in the global market with innumerable artistic design and exclusive collection in the diamond range which includes in rings, bangles, bracelets & cuffs, pendants, earrings, diamond necklaces, nose pins, and much other. The company also offers exchange and buy pack policies for the convenience of their valued customers. The companies have spreads its store outlets in various metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and other major locations within the reach of the people. The company came into operation in the year 2011 and also reached rapidly in the overseas market as well with glorious recognition and appreciation globally.

9. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd

Best Diamond Companies in India

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd is one of the renowned and popular diamond companies which came into function since the year 1984 and has shown enormous success over the past golden years with 100% customer satisfaction all across the country. They have beautifully crafted diamond designs and collections which will mesmerise your heart and soul to the utmost. They provide genuine diamonds with a certified stamp at very various ranges according to the preferences and choices of various customers. They have their store outlets in the major and leading cities with increasing demand in their sales every year. They have got an exclusive wedding or bridal collection in gold and diamond jewellery for your perfect wedding outfit. This diamond company is one of the successful diamond companies in the Indian market with highest net profit.

8. Rajesh Exports Limited

Best Diamond Companies in India

The company has put forth its global presence in the gold and diamond Jewellery with fully authorised and hallmark certified collection. The company came into function back in the year 1989 with its headquarters based in Bengaluru. The company is expertise in providing services like manufacturing, exporting, refining, wholesale marketing, alloying, retailing, and R&D. It is one of the largest design portfolios of 29000 active jewellery designs.

7. PC Jewelers

Best Diamond Companies in India

PC Jewellers is one of the acclaimed and highly recognised diamond company in the list of the top 10 diamond companies in India which beliefs in providing diamond jewellery in high-quality and high-dimension stone with a certified stamp. The company was incorporated in the year 1981 with its headquarters based in the capital of India New Delhi. They are expertise in manufacturing and crafting beautiful artistic diamond of exclusive wedding and festive collections all around the seasons. The brand name itself is a symbol of rich diamond and gold jewellery across the country.

6. Rosy Blue

Best Diamond Companies in India

Rosy Blue always stands for their symbol of perfect diamonds in articulate design and craftsmanship. The company serves its diamond business in the global market such as Middle East, Japan, Europe, US, and other parts of the world with impeccable growth rate and high-demand in the global market. People can get here customised diamond range according to their own preferences and choices in a more sophisticated way. The company was incorporated back in the year 1973 and Mr. Harshad Mehta is the chairman of the Rosy Blue Ltd.

5. Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd

Best Diamond Companies in India

Laxmi Diamond was founded in the year 1972 which impart a voyage of a mystic world of a rare rock and that solely called to be a precious diamond in every sense. It has significantly won the trust of the consumers and has set a new benchmark in innovation. They added new dimensions to the preciousness of diamonds by creating an aura of excellence and value assessing in indulging technological advancement which has inspired a new vision. The company works with the vision of trust, innovation, values, and vision.

4. Asian Star Company

Best Diamond Companies in India

Asian Star Company is the 4th leading diamond company in India which has achieved enormous success and national identity for its valued customers by manufacturing and crafting best-quality diamonds for every purpose and occasions. They are experts in luxury diamonds with artistic design and exclusive collection at a varied range of price. The company was founded in the year 1971 and established a high-standard in maintaining the high-quality diamonds in a cautious way. The company has set its benchmark in the global market as well with increasing demand in the net profit.

3. Gitanjali Group

Best Diamond Companies in India

Gitanjali is probably the world’s largest integrated company keeping in mind the spaces and preferences of consumer’s demand and needs. The company came into function back in the year 1966 with its headquarters based in Surat, Gujarat. Mr. Mehul Choski is the sole chairman of this diamond company who works with the vision of efficiency and excellence in diamond marketing. It is said to be the largest house of brands of jewellery in the world.

2. Kiran Gems

Best Diamond Companies in India

The second leading diamond company in India is the Kiran Gems which happens to be the most endorsing brand image in the global market with a remarkable international presence everywhere. Kiran Gems facilitates you with the purest birth of precious diamonds with the massive production of 1.6 M carats annually. It said to be the world’s largest diamond supplier which works as a team to produce articulate designer diamonds in the international market. The company is based in the city of Surat, Gujarat and came into a function in the year 1985.

1. Firestar Diamonds

Best Diamond Companies in India 2019

Firestar Diamonds is a Surat-based diamond company in India which is running successfully in the number one position in the Indian diamond market. The diamond company works with the vision of ‘one source. Many Advantages’. They comprise of clients like Zales, JCPenney, and Macys which serves as the world’s best retailers. They have their international presence n countries like Dubai, Moscow, New York, Cape Town, Armenia, Surat, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Thus, this sums up our entire list of top 10 diamond companies in India that sets the benchmark of multiple sources where you can get the world’s finest and rarest diamonds with esteemed valuation. Therefore, these companies majorly deal in the consistent supply of rough diamonds in an endless cut that will mesmerise your mind and soul wholeheartedly.


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