Human beings especially women love beauty and jewelries. However, the love of jewellery and precious stones is most common to women who adorn themselves with it as a sign of beauty and class.

The most common jewels loved by women is diamonds. Diamonds are precious stones and hardest substances found in Mother Nature. Diamonds are valuable gemstones and are commonly referred to as girls’ closest friends. Diamonds are worth the investment because they are expensive because they are rare and require special skills in the cutting and polishing process. Nonetheless, diamonds are a perfect gift for women on numerous occasions such as birthday parties, engagement proposals, anniversaries and Valentine gifts. Therefore, I will provide a list of top ten diamond brands that provide a lasting impression to their customers regarding exquisite diamond pieces of jewellery.

Here are the Top 10 Best and biggest Diamond Companies in The World in 2019

1. De Beers

De Beers Top Famous Diamond Companies in World 2019

De Beers is the world-renowned and a household name for the best diamond-manufacturing brand. De Beers is a standard company that has reaped many profits in selling quality and standard diamonds worldwide. The brand has been in existence for a quarter century whereby it prides itself on selling quality and expensive diamond jewelry’. Its exceptional artisanship has expanded the company operations worldwide causing it to establish over 200 retail stores overseas. De beers are commonly referred as the cartels of the diamond business because they had solely controlled the diamond supply in the world. Nonetheless, De Beers produces classic diamond that comes in different shapes and sizes to meet the user’s requirements.

2. Cartier


Cartier is the second most admired jeweler brand in the globe because of its artistic and quality diamond stones. The brand is huge and has more than two hundred retails stores in 130 countries. Cartier brand headquarters is in Paris, and it prides itself in making diamond necklaces for Bhupinder Singh and Maharaja Patiala. As such, it is commonly referred as the jewelry brand of the royalties while King Edward refers Cartier as the king of diamond jewelers. Its unique artistry meets the excellent designing properties whereby it is crafted to an outstanding design that meets elegance and royalty.

3. Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto

Rio- Tinto is considered a top brand company because it has sold over $4 billion dollars diamond products in the world. Unlike other diamond brands, Rio Tinto is a corporation that mines its diamond and markets its products until it reaches the end user. Thus, this signifies that Rio- Tinto achieves diamond resources from the ground, manufactures and crafts it then places it on the jeweler display shop. As such, the mining and selling process of the diamond is accomplished by the company management system. Therefore, this provides ease of flow of information and explains why the company is consistent in producing quality diamond products.

In addition, the company has a strong leadership that effectively planted the brand stores in seven continents and established three mines across the world including Australia. Moreover, the brand is chiefly known for producing pink diamonds, and we all know pink is girls’ most favorite color.

4. Debswana


This is a diamond brand situated in the heart of Africa in a country known as Botswana. The company operates four biggest mines found in Botswana namely Orapa, Jwaneng and Damtshaa mines. Diamonds obtained from this brand are white colored and colorless diamond. Nonetheless, the brand is particularly desirable because it also produces warm colored diamonds and yellow gold diamonds. The diamonds are very stunning because the brand can design and mold them to brighter shades of green, yellow and pink. As such, the brand is known to produce colored fancies diamond that is rare and extremely treasured by individuals.

5. Dominion diamond

Dominion diamond

Dominion Diamond Company is a Canadian biggest diamond brand producer. The brand owns two diamond-mining sites that are situated in the Northwest of Canadian territories. For instance, the company operates the Diavik Diamond mind and Ekati diamond mine, and this attributes to the maximum $700 million revenue it reaps in diamond profits. The company is widely known for supplying rough diamonds in the global market especially in India, Belgium, and United States. The brand has obtained a market niche of supplying rough diamonds to diamond cutters and polishers in the world.

6. Lucara


Lucara Diamond is a new diamond mining and exploration company operating in southern Africa. It is the world second largest company that produces the best diamond and gem quality in Africa notably Botswana. Lucara is famously known to provide Lesedi La Rona, which is a second largest gem diamond quality. Lesedi La Rona measurements are 65 by 55 by 40 mm, and it weighs 1,111 carats. The company prides itself in selling over $64 million Lesedi La Rona high-quality diamonds by 2017.

7. Petra Diamonds

Petra Diamonds

Petra diamond is a diamond brand with its headquarters in New Jersey. Petra Company has diversified diamond-mining sites established in South Africa, Botswana, and Tanzania. As such, the company is the largest diamond producers and explorers in Africa because it owns the world most productive sites. Petra diamonds have excellent qualities because they originate from strong covalent bonds. Thus, these diamonds have the highest hardness with a flawless internal structure.

Besides, Petra diamonds accrue the highest price when sold because they possess a high carat. Petra diamonds are best adorned with women who support feminism because they actively display strong women qualities and class.

8. Gem diamonds

Gem diamonds

Gem diamond is an English based company, but its diamond brand is sold widely. Gem diamond is a brand that has made it possible in the market because it has attained sufficient holdings across the globe. It has a prominent global position because it prides itself in providing major diamonds with a quality of 600 carats. As such, this is why the brand is widely recognised because of its excellent service provision.

Nonetheless, the brand has mining preserves in various countries in the world including Australia, Indonesia, Lesotho, and Botswana. Gem diamonds come in different colors that range from yellow, green to colorless. The gem diamond has unprecedented clarity because they are free from inclusion or fractures. This means that the diamonds do not have any foreign or worthless materials in the gem. Additionally, the gemstone is cut with quality artistry to produce quality designs that meet the customer’s requirements.

9. Anglo American

Anglo American

Anglo American Company is a stable company that prides itself in selling quality diamond across the globe. The company headquarter is stationed in both Johannesburg and London. The two headquarters are instrumental in helping the business manufacture and trade quality diamonds around the world. The company prides itself in selling rough and polished diamonds through its trademark known as Forevermark. Besides, the company design produces and develops diamond materials that are used to create beautiful jewelry. The brand provides fantastic diamond products that target the wealthy and extravagant consumers.

10. Rockwell Diamonds

Rockwell Diamonds Top Popular Diamond Companies in World 2019

Rockwell diamond is a diamond mining company that prides itself on producing alluvial diamonds. The company operates in South Africa and Canada whereby it can sell its products in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The alluvial diamonds are recognized for their transparency, luminous and atomic density. Nonetheless, the crystals are resistant to any form of pressure and indentation. Thus, this makes them the best diamonds because their thickness prevents any heat and pressure from destroying the diamonds.

In conclusion, it is evident that diamonds are precious stones that add luxury and beauty to a woman’s life. For many years, diamonds symbolizes romance, promise, and luxury. As such, this explains why the brands discussed have dedicated their time to excavate and manufacture the best diamond stones to suit the needs of consumers. Therefore, this article makes it easy for all people across the globe to choose a brand that suits their need and attain a stature of class.


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