Direct Selling Companies, as the name suggests, are the ones that do not involve any middlemen and sell their products directly to the consumer. Every sector has middlemen who are corrupt and are not true to their business. Presence of such men will lead to a drop in sales because the industry will be producing products but the consumer will not receive them. Direct Selling Companies thus try to avoid the middlemen which ultimately benefits both themselves and the buyers.

One of the most severely hit ones is the agriculture sector Corrupt officials eat away the farmer’s incomes and although the farmer is producing a good quality crop and harvesting it, his efforts go waste because, at the end of the day, he does not get the money. Direct selling companies strive to ensure that customers buy their products and help them earn profit with their quality products. Checkout the top 10 best direct selling companies in the world in 2019.

10. Belcrop, Peru

Best Direct Selling Companies 2019

Based in Peru, Belcrop is a direct selling company that specialises in cosmetics. Their revenue is around two billion dollars and the company is one of the best in their field. In addition to manufacturing personal care equipment, Belcrop also produces skin care products. Their products span across sixteen different markets and reach out to their customers through their 100,000 salespeople.

9. Nu Skin Enterprises, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

Established in America, Nu Skin Enterprises is best known for cosmetics and skin products. It manufactures and sells more than 200 products in its field with Canada being the major destination for their exports. Specialising in anti-ageing products, this company is multilevel in nature and their selling happens person to person. With an employee number of 3500, their company is worth two billion dollars as of 2012.

8. Amway, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

Amway is an American company with its origins in Michigan, USA. It focuses on selling health-care and beauty products. It was founded by childhood friends Jay Andel and Richard Devos, its reach now spreads to almost every country in the world including Ukraine, Thailand, and Vietnam. Amway’s biggest venture is into the health sector with its brand Nutrilite, a dietary supplement that skyrocketed Amway’s revenue to four billion dollars.

7. Herbalife, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

With a mission to urge people to pursue a safe and healthy lifestyle, Herbalife manufactures nutrition products since 1980. Their products are sold in more than 90 countries across the world and they are known to sponsor athletes in various sports.

6. Forever Living Products, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

Based in Arizona, Forever Living Products is a private company with nine million distributors and more than 4,000 employees. It was founded in 1978 and since then, it has been the largest manufacturer and producer of Aloe Vera products. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the oldest species in the Aloe Vera family. It is the only one that has soothing properties and this company uses this particular species for their world-class products. It heals minor burns and helps the skin regenerate. They grow this species under extreme care in their plantations in Texas and the Dominican Republic. This plant forms their foundation to manufacture cosmetics, nutrition and personal care products.

5. Vestige, India

Best Direct Selling Companies

Vestige is the leading direct selling company in the health and personal care sectors. Their vision is to become the benchmark by the time next year arrives. Their high-quality products include grooming tools, Ayurveda, oral and personal care products. They also offer discounts on their products. The information regarding the discounts and terms can be accessed on their website. They are headquartered in India with branches in Nepal and U.A.E. This company is regarded as a platform where every company, person, and employee is considered successful.

4. Tupperware, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

No list is complete without the mention of Tupperware. Founded by Earl Tupper, Tupperware is an international company of home products. It manufactures and sells plastic containers to store food and it takes extreme care to make sure the food is not spoilt and stays fresh for a longer period of time. Its world-class products bring in a revenue of about two billion dollars.

3. Mary Kay, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

A privately owned cosmetic company, Mary Kay follows the multilevel marketing strategy and its revenue is close to four billion dollars. Located just outside Dallas, the company manufactures and produces a wide range of cosmetics and also offers beauty consultancy services. A customer registered for the service will be appointed a personal beauty consultant. These consultants are experienced people with more than five years of experience in the field and give valuable advice on skin types. Depending on this, the customer can choose the products without worrying about side effects.

2. Vorwerk, Germany

Best Direct Selling Companies

Headquartered in Germany, Vorwerk too is a cosmetics company but has also entered into appliances and fitted kitchen sectors. It is a family enterprise and currently employs more than 13,000 full-time employees. With a revenue of two billion euros, it is internationally respected for its quality products and service assurance. Their values being continuity, change, and personal contact, reflects their direct selling process. It is one of the best direct selling companies in the world and even though it has grown internationally since its humble beginnings in Germany, it remains a family business till date.

1. Avon Products, United States

Best Direct Selling Companies

Leading in the beauty, personal and healthcare sectors, Avon Products is an American company founded by David McConnell. The idea of starting this company took birth when David decided to sell perfumes instead of books that he had been selling door-to-door. The company slowly began to grow and now it is famous all over the world for its products and its revenue is roughly 11 billion dollars. Employing 40,000 people, this company has both multilevel and single level marketing approaches.

Other than cosmetics, it is also well known for its beauty and apparel products. Avon is the ambassador of non-animal testing methods, they take good measures to ensure that their research and manufacturing does in no way include animals. Avon is also spreading awareness about non-animal testing and strives to use safer methods for its products. After all these years, this billion dollar company still uses door-to-door sales for the majority of its products.

Direct selling companies are growing by leaps and bounds ever since it came to light that corrupt middlemen are eating away most of the profits. These companies strive to remove middlemen from the equation and deliver their products to customers directly.