The DTH services or the Direct to Home Services have grown very fast over all the years in this country. Each and every home has been looking for the DTH services of high quality and proper price. Right now, there are many Direct to Home services one can choose from. People can surely find the service that will perfectly fit the needs that they have.

A number of the service providers are known to have won prizes and awards for not only the products that they provide but also the great quality service provided by them. With time, people have started to look for services that provide convenience and a lot more options. The service providers are also improvising on both the services and the products so that they become affordable and convenient. With the increase in demand, they have started to provide customer service which is convenient. Given below is a list of the top ten best direct to home services in India in 2019.

10. DD Free Dish

Best DTH Services In India 2019

Doordarshan is one of the most important public service broadcasters of India which has partnered with the very famous Prasar Bharati. According to records, this group is said to have the highest number of transmitters and studios. Eight channels are allowed for a single transmitter which is absolutely free. The main focus is on all the matters and issues that arouse the interest of the people of India. The channels are mostly informative, educational, has documentaries, current affairs, and much more. This service provider started in the year 1959 with a single studio and transmitter. They are known to offer free DTH for India.

9. DEN Digital

Best DTH Services In India

DEN Digital is considered to be the most renowned Direct to Home services in India. They provide service to almost 13 million households all over India. Their services are available in all the cities and states of India. They are the leading service providers for the market that is Hindi speaking. If there is any problem faced by a customer, they can be contacted online or over the phone. DEN Digital provides personal care to the customers. The three packages that customers can choose include the Best Package, the Supreme Package, and the Superb Package. Customers are provided easy installation, interactive services, a signal that is weatherproof, customer care, etc.

8. Hathway Digital

Best DTH Services In India

Hathway Digital is also a very popular DTH service provider in India. They are very famous for the great service that they provide. Hathway Digital also offers the people the ability to combine the internet and the DTH service together. Hathway has known to receive many awards from the leading Telly Awards of India. In the year 2013, Hathway Digital was voted to be one of the best media companies in the entire Asia. Also, they are the very first DTH service in the country that provides Internet as well. HD video material can also be recorded on the video recorder provided by the company.

7. DD Direct Plus

Best DTH Services In India

DD Direct Plus is one of the best DTH service providers in India. This service is related to the service provided by the DD Free Dish, but the only difference is that if you subscribe to the services, you are provided with more number of channels. The channels include Sports, News, Bharati, Kisan, Chandana, Bangla, and a lot more.

6. Videocon

Best DTH Services In India

There is no doubt to the fact that Videocon is one of the most important DTH service providers in India. Almost 400 channels are offered to the customers. They are known to provide more channels than the typical cable companies. High definition channels are provided by them so that they experience the best possible viewing experience. The more the number of rooms connected to Direct to Home, the more the customers will be benefited from the services. Videocon offers recording options which are unlimited. This feature allows you to watch your favorite shows at any time of the day. The remote provided has radio frequency which allows the remote to work even if there is something in front of the STB.

5. Dish TV

Best DTH Services In India

Dish TV is popular not just in India but in many other places all over the world. The service providers offer the Dish+ for those customers who have a standard television. If the customers have an HD television, they provide DishHD+ along with a recorder. The company provides service 24/7 to the customers. If you have any problem, you can contact them easily.

4. Reliance Digital TV

Best DTH Services In India

The Reliance Direct to Home service provides a number of options for viewing the television. Customers can start with an entry offer. The entry offers have packages like Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Sports. The best thing about the Reliance Digital TV is that the customers can create their own packages as per their needs. They can have family channels, sports channels, or adult channels, according to their needs.

3. Sun Direct

Best DTH Services In India

Sun Direct is a very popular Direct to Home service in India. The customers are capable of controlling the packages. There is no need of selecting the channels. The customers can have the cinema channels, the sports channels, the family channels, etc. Sun Direct also offers the option of recording so that the viewers do not miss any show.

2. AirTel

Best DTH Services In India

AirTel ranks the second when it comes to the leading Direct to Home service providers in the world. AirTel provides DTH services for not only the homes but also for the businesses. Customers can install this anywhere they like. There are around ten packages that they offer. The only thing that the customers have to do is to select their region, their connection type, enter all the details, and lastly, select the payment option. It is that easy.

1. Tata Sky

Best DTH Services In India

Tata Sky is the best Direct to Home service provider of the country. Customers can choose from Tata Sky SD, Tata Sky HD, Tata Sky + Transfer, or Tata Sky 4K. The main aim of this DTH provider is to provide the best and immersive viewing experience to all the people. Interactive services along with a number of channels are provided to the customers. No wonder it is the leading DTH service providing services in India.

Most of the people have started to opt for the Direct to Home services instead of paying a huge sum of money to the local cable operators. Direct to Home services have managed to take over the local cable services over a long time.


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