Satellite television is the future of the media industry. They provide faster means of communication and enhanced quality of pictures and sound. They come in handy when a message has to be conveyed to remote places where wires can not reach.

TV connection is must-have utility in every household. They help one stay connected to the outside world and thus enable interaction with the current affairs. Here is a list of the top 10 best DTH service providers in the world in 2019 who have reached mass audiences with their impressive packages.

10. Airtel digital TV

Best DTH Services 2019

The mobile network giant Bharti Airtel has stepped into the DTH service industry and has moved up to be one of the best in the country. Almost 10 million subscribers are using this DTH service and the base is still expanding. They also provide a variety of HD channels and other services that come as a package at a moderate price.

9. Tatasky

Best DTH Services

Tatasky is India’s largest DTH service provider and it is a subsidiary of the Tata group of companies and 21st-century has a huge subscriber base with 12 million people and they all have access to the HD channels and 250+ other channels. This is India’s best company and their name and fame have reached all over the world because of innovative advertising and compatibility with children. It was the first DTH service provider in the country to stream the FIFA world cup 2014 in 4K picture quality.

8. Sky

Best DTH Services

Sky network is an international DTH service provider with operating bases in several countries including UK, Ireland, and Italy. It is also the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster and they also provide other services like broadbands, mobile telephone services etc. They have a huge consumer base with over 11 million subscribers who are given the liberty to enjoy these affordable packages. Their competent service providing ability has fetched the worthy name and fame in the world which they deserve.

7. Claro TV

Best DTH Services

Claro TV is a Latin American channel provider and has been a successful company in the recent years. It is headquartered in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and uses a mini satellite to establish a connection with the dish antennas. This company has a huge consumer base with 2 million subscribers. Their affordable packages and ease of access have made them the most popular DTH service provider in that region. Its operation is currently centered in the Latin America. It is their innovative and improved services that have made them one of the best DTH service provider in the world.

6. Dish

Best DTH Services

Dish network has been America’s most favorite DTH service provider since 1980. The company has a huge consumer base which has almost 13 million television and 600,000 broadband subscribers. This company is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado and continued to spread their service net onto the entire country. It is now a Fortune 250 company which has a lot of affordable packages designed for people with different interests like movies, sports, and news. Ever since its establishment, Dish network has continued to show its versatility in service providing and has become the favorite of the people. It has gained a large consumer base and currently, it is the best DTH service provider in the world.

5. Verizon Fios

Best DTH Services

This is the largest fiber cable provider in America. This sole provider has a coverage extending into 13 states of the country. Their brand name itself stands for better cable, which conveys the message that this company ensures high-speed broadcast, download, and better quality. They have the coolest tech applied into their service which enables the consumers to stream and record up to 12 videos at the same time and can store a lot of data, even 200 hours of programs.

4. Dish TV

Best DTH Services

Dish TV is one of the largest DTH service provider in India covering almost all of the country. This company has a total number of subscribers of 11 million people spread throughout the country. They have incorporated many latest tech into their services like games, HD channels, interactive TV, and also their pay-per-view releases and movies are popular among the people. This is the largest television network in this country and one of the largest among the other companies of the world.

3. Euro1080

Best DTH Services

This company was the first full-time broadcaster of HD-TV channels in Europe. This company is headquartered in Belgium and it has a coverage stretching into all of Europe. As the name suggests, their broadcast provides channels of resolution 1080p and a sound quality of Dolby digital 5.1 along with the signal. This is simply the largest network operating in Europe in this industry.

2. Comcast

Best DTH Services

Comcast is the DTH service name that comes to everyone’s mind. They are one of biggest providers in America. They have a very impressive package. This is the most economical company which provides subscriptions at low rates like $45 for 150+ HD channels. They have a very adaptive policy which allows them to include new tech into their products. Their latest gadget XI DVR provides 500GB storage and remote voice control access to their consumers.

1. DirecTV

Best DTH Services

DirecTV or DTV is an American based direct broadcast satellite provider which was founded in 1990 and it is situated in El Segundo, California. It provides DTH services to all of US and Latin America and has continuously expanded their reach in the industry. They provide a wide range of packages for the consumers who subscribe to their services. These include 6 various 2-year package schemes and around 200 HD channels along with the subscriptions. Even the smallest packages come with 150+ HD channels at a very moderate cost of $50. Their reach and range of services have made them the best DTH service provider in the world.

These are the best service providers in the DTH industry and they have continued to connect people to the outside world in a very efficient manner. It is their competency and adaptability that have enabled to become the leaders of this industry in their respectable operation bases.