The food industry is a booming industry all around the world. So one of the most important ingredients, while cooking kind of food be it savoury or sweet, is the use of essential edible oils.

And as far as the edible oil manufacturing is concerned then this company doesn’t fall behind in supporting the food industry. There are different types of oils ranging from coconut oil to the sesame oil and peanut oil. The type of oil used can be any but an essential factor to take into account is how it affects the health of the people who consume it. Hence there are steps which are taken in making the oils better and healthier. And hence this is a developing and a booming sector.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, up to 6-7% is contributed by India in its production of vegetable edible oil in the total production around the world. This is the list of the top 10 oils which are consumer favourites and has a strong base in the Indian market.

Here are the Top 10 Best edible Oil Companies in India for 2017-2018

10. Gujarat Ambuja

Gujarat Ambuja Top Famous edible Oil Companies in India 2017

At the 10th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Gujarat Ambuja. It started in the year 1983 and initially, it was only a unit for processing any textile. In the year 1986, the company formed the first of its refinery for oil that could be used for household chores i.e. the normal edible used for cooking. The main office of the company is situated in Ahmedabad.

The company later started manufacturing and distributing the oil under a different name called Ambuja. They have different types of edible oil to suit the taste buds of varied individuals in the population which includes oil made out of palm, soybean, seed oil. These forms amongst the known products of the company. This company claims to have 60% of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are known to be beneficial for health. And these types of oil also helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels.

9. Rasoya Protein Limited

Rasoya Protein Limited

At the 09th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Rasoya Protein Limited. This company was formed in 1992 in Maharashtra. It was opened as a public company. Initially, it was known as the Maharashtra Soya Industries. There were three functional refineries of edible oil which was operational from this company which was situated in Kandla in Gujarat, Kurkumbh in Maharashtra and Paradeep in Odisha. Later it was renamed as the Rasoya Protein Limited and it is known to produce and sell the soybeans and sunflower oils. It distributes its products under two other names which are Sunsafe and Rasoya.

8. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited

At the 08th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Ruchi Soya Industries Limited. It was formed in the year 1986. It has been known to produce oil for more than a decade now. The Global powers of the consumer products industry 2012 ranked this company at the 175th position in the 250 other companies for the consumer products. This brand includes other names such as Mahakosh, Ruchi Gold, Sunrich, and Mahakosh. It is known to have more than 20 production plants in India and its revenue is around 24,000 crore rupees.

7. Cargill


At the 07th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Cargill. This is an American company which started functioning in India somewhere around 1987. This brand is known for refining, processing and sells a variety of imported edible oils and indigenous oils which blends perfectly with any type of gourmet. This brand is sold in the market with various names like Sunflower Vanaspati, Leonardo, Gemini, Naturefresh, Sweekar etc. These oils are rich in vitamins such as A, D, E which are known to be important in the overall growth of the individual be it physical or cognitive. Their refineries are situated across India.

6. Bunge Ltd.

Bunge Ltd.

At the 06th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Bunge Ltd. It is one of the international brands which produce products which are agriculture based. It was formed in 1818 and it became functional in India in 1958. It is a famous brand across the globe and is operational on different continents. Some of the products which gained popularity are the Gagan Gold, Vanaspati, Ginnie plus, Bansari mustard pure oil. Out of these, there is another one which became very famous and is still used by many of the folks in India which is Dalda.

5. Vimal oil and foods Ltd.

Vimal oil and foods Ltd.

At the 05th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Vimal oil and foods Ltd. It was formed in the state of Gujarat in a place called Mehsana in 1993. This is one vegetable oil company which started as a tiny refinery and in today’s time has grown to a highly functional unit which processes oil and has a turnover of 300 crore rupees annually. The company is known to distribute oil under various other names and has varied types of oil such as mustard, groundnut, soybean, palm kernel etc. It is still ranked amongst the top companies even after so many years of its conception. It is known to be famous amongst the people.

4. Mother dairy

Mother dairy

At the 04th position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Mother dairy. It is an additional part of the NDDB i.e. the National dairy development board. It was formed to endorse the products and the production of the edible vegetable with the name of Dhara. This is the company which produces different oils such as life rice bran, refined cotton, soybean, filtered groundnut etc. After the liberalisation laws by the government of India, the company saw some lows in its functioning and production and selling of its products. But it bounced back into producing and selling the oil in the market. As of now the company is in huge demand and is known to have a turnover of more than 350 crores.

3. Agrotech foods limited

Agrotech foods limited

At the 03rd position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Agro tech foods limited. It was established in the year 1989 and it has its main office in Gurugram. This company is known to sell its vegetable oil with the name of the known brand called Sundrop. It is known to provide the masses with oil that consists of fatty acids, various types of vitamins and oryzanol.

These ingredients in the oil are very essential for the growth of the individual and promoting healthy living and decrease the risk of cholesterol amongst people who consume the higher amount of oil in their food. This ensures that the consumer has an overall well-being and health is maintained. There are other variations of the Sundrop brand which are famous in the market such as Slimlite, Heatlite, Nutrilite which fancies the masses according to the ingredients in these oils.

2. Adani Wilmar Ltd.

Adani Wilmar Ltd.

At the 02nd position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Adani Wilmar Ltd. The Adani group along with the Walmart international decided to form a venture jointly which was formed in the year of 1999 in the month of January. The brand name Fortune oil is the favorite of the food industry and it comes under the Adani Wilmar company. This company is known to have pioneered and introduced to the masses the soyabean oil.

The aim of this company to promote the awareness of healthy lifestyle. And their oil could meet the expectation of the masses and wouldn’t worsen the health of the people. Their brand name Fortune became a huge hit and was at the top of the other brand names. All this in the matter of 2 years after it hit the markets. It is still one of the top oils which are looked upon by the masses to use for cooking their food.

1. Marico

Marico Top Popular edible Oil Companies in India 2018

At the 01st position in the list of top 10 companies of edible oil in India is Marico. It was established in 1991 in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. Harsh Mariwala is the well-known chairman of this company. It is known to be the company which produces oil that is mostly sold in the country of India. It sells various oils like rice bran, sunflower, and soya which are sold under different popular names which are favored brands in the recent time. This includes Active, Total and Gold.

The reason for the company’s oil being so popular is the Antioxidant, Multiseed and the Nutri lock technology. It is liked by the most of the masses and the company’s profit is approximately around 6000 crore rupees as far the year 2016 goes.

This is the list of the top 10 edible oil companies in the country of India. These companies are a part of the list not only for their refined products and quality. They are also known to take into consideration factors such as the health of the consumer and promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst the people.



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