Every single company in the world claims that their edible oil is the best. They make impressive advertisements and give enticing offers that a consumer cannot resist. Leaving all this aside though, what is the authenticity of their claims? For that, you need to know more about edible oils.

Edible oils are basically plant-based oils that are manufactured for human consumption. They consist of carboxylic acids with long hydro-carboxylic chains. While choosing your edible oil, one must keep in mind that the oil must have low saturated fats and trans fats and contain good fats like Omega-3 and MUFA (omega-9). The list of ingredients mentioned at the back of the package reveals all such information. To make it a little more easy for you, here is a list of the top 10 best edible oil companies in the world in 2019.

10. Sundrop

Best Edible Oil Companies 2019

Sundrop is one of the largest brands of refined oil. It started manufacturing sunflower oil but it is now established as groundnut and mustard oil manufacturer. It also offers a wide range of healthy oils to its consumers. Its compelling position in the market is because of the four pillars it is positioning. These four pillars are health, taste, lightness, and vitality. Sundrop offers 100% purity and the goodness of vitamins and other minerals. Sundrop brings out the real taste and consistent quality. It is because of all these qualities that it is one of the best edible oil brands and is the ideal choice for people looking for healthy lifestyle.

9. Wilmar International

Best Edible Oil Companies

Wilmar International is a Singapore based agribusiness and food processing group. It ranks amongst the largest listed companies by market capitalisation. The company is a top producer of palm oil. Its business activities also include edible oil refining, processing and merchandising. It also deals with palm oil cultivation and mining. Its operations are not restricted to Singapore but are a worldwide interest with an extensive network covering India, China, Indonesia and 50 other countries.

8. Cargill Inc.

Best Edible Oil Companies

Cargill Inc. is an American conglomerate with its operations in the sector of agriculture, crop, and livestock, health and pharmaceuticals. It is a leading manufacturer and seller of palm oil, glucose syrup, and vegetable oils. Its annual income is $ 109.6 billion with over 150,000 employees working for it. Its major businesses are trading, purchasing, and distributing palm oil, and other agriculture services.

7. Mazola Oils

Best Edible Oil Companies

Mazola oils is a leading American edible oil brand. Their specialty is Canola oil and olive oil. Their cooking oils are made of 100% pure oil with no additives. They offer great flavor and are cholesterol free that’s what makes them one of the leading American edible oil brands.

6. Bunge Ltd.

Best Edible Oil Companies

Bunge Ltd. is a global agribusiness and food processing company, incorporated in Bermuda, USA. It has a well maintained global reputation for Soybean oil. Its operations also include grain and fertilizer trading. It competes with Cargill Inc in terms of production. The company is operated in over 40 countries.

5. Marico

Best Edible Oil Companies

Marico is one of the most famous and oldest Indian company producing edible oils. It holds a dominant position in the market. Their edible oil consists various proportions of sunflower oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and soybean oil. The company sells its edible oil under the brand name Saffola. Parachute is another flagship brand of Marico for coconut oil. The company uses Losorb Technology – a Nutrilock Technology – to reduce oil absorption in food. It has an international presence in over 20 countries including South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. It has an annual turnover of $ 59 billion.

4. California Rice Bran Oil Company

Best Edible Oil Companies

California Rice Bran Oil is a leading rice bran oil manufacturer in the world which was formed with a goal of providing highest quality oils. They provide the healthiest and edible rice bran oil as a healthy cooking medium, containing vitamins, antioxidants and is trans fat-free. Rice bran oil is not just cholesterol free but also fights with diseases and enhance the immune system. They are the leading rice bran oil supplier in the USA. The quality of their oil can be assured as they continually check for quality and consistency of their products.

3. COFCO Group

Best Edible Oil Companies

COFCO originally stands for China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuff Corporation. It is a leading state-owned food processing company of China with its headquarters in Beijing. It is one of the largest edible oil manufacturers in China and has worldwide operations in countries like US, UK. Japan, Australia, and Canada. Besides food processing and cultivation, COFCO has developed itself as a large conglomerate. Its operations also include planting, finance, warehousing and real estate. It is one of the top enterprises chosen by US’s Fortune Magazine.

2. Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd.

Best Edible Oil Companies

The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd is a leading food processing company in Japan. It has its operations in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe and North America. The company produces edible oils for commercial as well as household purposes. They believe that the food they create is swallowed and affects the environment directly or indirectly, so the company cultivates its own oils and fats businesses in a variety of fields. Apart from cooking oil, the company also sells salad dressing, soy foods, soy proteins, foods for elderly and nursing patients, and margarine for commercial use.

1. Adani Group

Best Edible Oil Companies

Adani Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company. This group has introduced and pioneered soybean oil in India and promoted health awareness. Adani Group is also the largest manufacturer of palm oil in India with a market share of about 20%. They generate a revenue of $ 12 billion per year.

These companies are now well established as dynamic firms. They offer quality that suits your lifestyle, which is how they were able to get loyal consumers for themselves. They are transforming food industry globally, providing healthy solutions to chose from. They consistently conduct a quality test and try to use the latest technologies to provide leaving their customers satisfied.