Electric wire and cable manufacturing is one of the most economically favorable industries right now. The increased usage of electrical equipment in everyday life has triggered the growth in the economy of this sector around the world.

The companies in this industry flourish in both sales and structure. The customer demand for the company products depends on a number of safety measures taken by the company. The products are the main thing that makes the manufacturing companies famous around the world. Checkout the top 10 best electric wire and cable manufacturing companies in the world in 2019.

10. Polycab

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies 2019

Polycab is a leading brand in the electrical industry and has been one of the best growth companies in India for the last 4 decades. The competitive edge of the company lies in the innovation of products and great longevity with the best type of wire security. The reliable and worthy price list is what customers favor the most. There is an all-time available technical support for the customers. They were previously into different sectors of the electricity market and now they are into consumer based products. Their history in the business has been one of the reasons for their massive uprising in the sector. The company is adorned with experienced people and is one of the leading brands in the world.

9. Far East Cable

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

The company is dedicated to the mindset of making the best quality wires and electrical supplies, with a high amount of focus on research and development sector. The marketing, sales and designing sector are adorned with the best professionals who work on their job with the utmost regard for customers. It has quality assurance system so that the product is perfect for people. There are also certifications available from around the world that prove their perfect quality of the product. The idea of management and problem-solving skills of the experts have made this company one of the best companies in the world.

8. Walsin

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

Walsin company has been successfully undertaking various works and innovative ideas with respect to wires and cables. They have been dealing in this industry for a very long time and have spread their business all around the world. The overseas investments and domestic characteristics of the company are totally based on their research and development sectors. They are considered as the best performers with regard to environment-friendly approach and customer-centric sectors. Therefore, the good connection with customers has made them one of the best performers in the industry.

7. Furukawa Electric

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

Based in Japan, this company has grown in the industry with a steady business. The unique opportunities for customers and the new age technology machinery for building their products have made them famous in the industry. It is a world-famous brand, with great customers like CERN and some others too that have been really influential sectors in the world. The light metal wires, superconducting magnets, and the goods are some of the chief products that are set here. The research and development to create new age technologies have made them one of the best brands commonly known all around the world.

6. Southwire

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

Southwire has set their goal perfectly in the international market and the modern trends they have set with the aim of millions of consumers in the international market and the people working there are more and more oriented to the success of the company. With especially acclaimed research division, the products put forward by the company are simply of a great quality. The company members are oriented to their customers and thus the sales sector of the company is booming reaching new heights every year. The customer acclamation is considered as one of the chief reason why they are considered one of the best.

5. General Cable

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

The company starting from Kentucky and has their sectors in different countries. The optical fibers offered by them are one of the best quality put forward by them. The company has been one of the top performers in the industry with a great score in research and development. They have been working on electric cables and wire products, with the green environment in mind which made them one of the top performers in the field. They are customer friendly and their all-time open helpline works fully for the benefit of customers around. Therefore they are genuinely one of the top scorers according to revenue generation and one of the best in the world.

4. LS Cable and System

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

The company has started their journey from industrial operations in this field and has grown into a great company. The products are related to the main telecommunication industry. The different products like magnetic wire and data cables are some of the products put forward by them. Their management is as oriented as their research and development team and because of that, all the functions of the company works perfectly. There are some great customers which are stable customers they have in the international market. Therefore this company has grown into one of the great suppliers of raw products for making machinery and are one of the top performers in the world.

3. Sumitomo Electric Industries

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

The Sumitomo industries are one of the chief makers of the wire products hailing in Japan. The factories are equipped with world class machinery and the product build-up team works on constant research to make the things in the company move smoothly and demands increase among the customers. The company has the best type of business strategy with many experts in the team. They have played a key role in optical communication facility build up and therefore the products are very famous around the world. The industries have always proved themselves to be one of the top performers both with regards to skill set and revenues.

2. Nexans

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

The European company is with a great perspective of talent and working for the betterment of wires and cable equipment. The people related to this company are mainly one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Their products are more oriented to telecommunications and other products. They are also into resource sectors which have made their management of the company perfect and with enough expert presence. The energy sector is said to be very much oriented to customers and public sectors making them get a name in the industry. They are one of the chief suppliers in the world.

1. Prysmian Group

Best Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies

The best supplier of wire and cable accessories are oriented to power transmission sectors. They have recently also started their work on telecommunication industry. The global presence has been one of the major manufacturing companies in this field. They have been working on different parts of the industry and have stakeholders all around the world. The company is partnered by some of the top members in related industries and the consumer’s list is huge. The satisfying consumer experience and the great revenue generation has made them the best company working in wire and cable manufacturing industry.

The industries that have taken part in the different works of the wires and electrical instruments. The chief perspectives of the people are the customer-oriented approach and the process of revenue generation. The management and research work in a big way with regards to the work put forward by the companies. The given companies have generated the best possible support of customers thus becoming the best in the world.


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