With the onset of development in the world, electrical companies play a major role in shaping our present and our future. Electrical companies produce various products right from small switches to big transformers that are required to keep our place functioning with electricity.

As it is correctly said necessity is the “mother of all inventions”, the electrical companies in India started growing and expanding as soon as the electrical power was started making in India. There are about more than one thousand electrical companies combined all together in India working for the same cause, that is to keep our appliances running with the help of switches, sockets etc.

Here are the top 10 best Electrical Companies in India 2019:

10. Kelvin Electricals

Kelvin Electricals Top 10 Electrical Companies in India 2019

Starting with our first company in this list is Kelvin Electricals, a UAE based company that was founded in the year 2005. The company has its headquarters in Al-Ain and produces several electrical types of equipment like Bus Bars, Exterior, Wiring Accessories, Screened Boxes and much more. The company exports most of its product to places like Europe, America and Turkey.

9. Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is a part of the Indian Kirloskar Group of companies. The company was established in the year 1888 with its headquarters in Pune. Founded by the Kirloskar brothers, today the company is the largest producer of pumps and valves in the country. Some of their other products are compressors, engines, chillers, pig iron, valves, and much more stuff. The company has a worldwide recognition and has an employee base of over 18000. The annual revenue of the company is Rs.3.5 billion. The company is headed by Atul C. Kirloskar, Rahul C. Kirloskar, and Sanjay Kirloskar, all of them being the chairman of the firm.

8. Emco Limited

Emco Limited

Established in the year 1964, the Emco Limited successfully bagged the eight place in our list. The company helps in power generations, distribution, transmission in our country. The company has about 14 offices and 4 most updated plant spread across the country. The company has been providing its supplies and products to nearly 50 countries in this world and that has helped to gain a huge profit out of it. A vital mix of vision, adoption, passion, and ambition, the company has re-engineered itself to provide the state of the art products and technology to our generation.

7. Alstom India Limited

Alstom India Limited

Next on our list is the French company named Alstom that has a worldwide operation in rail networks, transportation, signaling and locomotives and passenger carrying equipment. The company was founded in the year 1928 with its main nerve center in Saint-Quen. It has been serving the people since 89 years and has been manufacturing various models like TGV, AVG, Eurostar, and Pendolino. The company has a worldwide business set up and is currently being controlled by Henri Poupart Lafarge. With an employee base of 32,000, the company earns an annual income of more than 7.2 Billion Euros. Their line of products includes circuit breakers, bushings solar products, auto transformers and much more.

6. Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is an electrical company established in 1878. The company has its nerve center in Mumbai. The company is a subsidiary of the Avantha Group which excels in producing Transformer, pumps, DC motors and Railway signaling. The company is supervised by Gautam Thapar, the acting chairman of the company and has an annual revenue of over 140 billion. It has worldwide market base producing and exporting its products to different countries in this world. Crompton Greaves also supplies electrical equipment for the Indian Railway.

5. Bajaj Electrical Limited

Bajaj Electrical Limited

Bajaj Electrical Limited is an Indian electrical company and a part of the Bajaj Group. The company was established in the year 1938 by Kamalnayan Bajaj. The company has its main building in Mumbai. Bajaj Electricals produce lighting, luminaries, fans, generators etc. Shekhar Bajaj is the chairman of the company. The earlier name of the company was Radio Lamp Works Limited. In the year 1960 to Bajaj Electricals. The company has an annual revenue of more than Rs. 27 billion. The tagline of the company is inspiring trust.

4. Havells India Limited

Havells India Limited

The next on our list is another Indian electrical company that is famous for its products and the quality of service it renders. Havells India limited was established in the year 1958 with its main office in Noida. Qimat Rai Gupta is the founder of the company. Today the company is presided over by Anil Rai Gupta, the chairman of the firm. The company has 11 fabricated production units in Haridwar, Noida, Faridabad, Alwar, Bengaluru, Baddi, and Neemrana. The company has an employee base of 6000 people. It was elected as the India’s most trusted brand by Brand Trust Report. The company has an annual income of Rs.80 billion.

3. ABB India Limited

ABB India Limited

ABB is the acronym of the Swedish-Swiss multinational company ASEA Brown Boveri with its nerve center in Zurich. A part of the company also deals in electrical equipment and robotics and has been on the list of Fortune Global 500 companies on Revenue. The company has a worldwide market program, producing and exporting much of its products. The company is headed by Ulrich Speisshoffer, chief executive officer, and Peter Voser, the chairman. The company has a significant employee base of 130,000 which gives the company an annual revenue of over $33 billion.

2. Siemens


The second best electrical company in the world is Siemens AG, a German company with its headquarters in Berlin and Munich. The company was established in the year 1847 and has been working since to cater the needs of its ever expanding customer base. The company produces automation, medical technology, railway vehicles, fire alarms etc. The company was founded by Werner von Siemens and is currently being controlled by Jon Kaeser, the CEO of the company. The company has a large employee base of 351,000 and an annual revenue of 79 billion euros.


BHEL Top Popular Electrical Companies in India 2019

Topping our list of top 10 electrical industries in India is the Bharat Hindustan Electricals Limited or BHEL in short. It is a government aided organization which has its headquarters in New Delhi. The company was founded in 1964 and has a worldwide market for its products. Atul Sobti is the chairman of this large company which has a wide range of products starting from Gas and Steam Turbines, Electric motors, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Power electronics, Transmission systems etc. The company has an annual revenue of over Rs. 28 crores. It employs more than 39000 workers in its manufacturing units.

These are the top 10 electrical companies in India. They have been operating for a very long time and has made possible for us to do our daily activities because of their products. Their products include not only household appliances but also Heavy industrial equipment.