Since Benjamin Franklin discovered a way to use the stream of flowing charge for the betterment of the human society, multiple companies have popped up providing services for instalment and development work in the electrical field.

Today some of the leading companies provide electrical services and have continued to satisfy the ever-growing need of the generation for consumption of electricity. Here are some those best electrical companies 2019 who have managed to climb to the top in terms of providing some of the best services in the field.

10. Chemtech

Best Electrical Companies

Chemtech is one of the leading engineering consultancy services in the world. The company was founded in the year 1989 as a part of the Siemens group. Today they provide multiple engineering services, consultancy services, and IT services to the industries or companies. Their aim is to provide the best and innovative solutions to their clients. Most of the companies, even IT ones, have huge hardware systems whose installment and maintenance comes under the electrical engineering field and thus Chemtech hires capable electrical engineers.

9. International Business Machines Corporation

Best Electrical Companies

International Business Machines Corporation or IBM as it is popularly known as is one of the leading IT firms of our generation. They have been highly active in the development of the modern computer. But these guys are not just involved in making computers and electronic items. They have been making and still continue to manufacture hardware machinery and systems for individual use or for industrial use. For proper functioning of the system, good electrical engineers are required, and this makes them one of the best recruiters in the market.

8. General Electric

Best Electrical Companies

General Electric has been maintaining is reputation in the market of electrical engineering. Their staple interest is in the energy sectors and aviation. Now, if you don’t want a challenging job, this may not be for you. The company is constantly upgrading the service it provides trying to bring clean energy solutions on the table. They are a pro-environmental company and deals with renewable sources of energy like solar, wind etc. Not only this, if one gets a career chance here, they get to learn and enjoy the company of some of the best innovators, engineers, and scientists.

7. Continuum

Best Electrical Companies

This is one of the leading multinational companies based in the Massachusetts. Founded in the year 1983 they provide some of the best consultancy services in the fields of design, development, and innovation. They have branches in many major cities of the world like Shanghai, Seoul etc. One of their major disciplines is in the field of electrical engineering. Since one of the company’s main principles is innovation one may expect challenging developmental work.

6. Lockheed Martin Corporation

Best Electrical Companies

The number one in the list is Lockheed Martin Corporation because of some of the best development and innovative work that is provided by the company and because of its low acceptance rate. All this makes it one of the most reputed companies in the world. The company basically provides services to the U.S. Army, providing them with advanced military grade systems like aircrafts, jets, combat machinery etc. Along with this, engineers get to work with leading names in the field of engineering.

5. Enel

Best Electrical Companies

The company was founded in the year 1962 and had a different name then. It is a Roman-based company and is one of the largest producers of electricity and gas in the world. They have become really popular around the globe with the company’s presence in at least thirty counties with and an employee count of around seventy thousand. They have also largely emerged as a propagator of clean energy with most of its infrastructures upgrading to environmentally friendly technologies.

4. Dominion Resources

Best Electrical Companies

The Dominion Resources is an American company based in Virginia which provides electrical and gas services. It is one of the largest providers of electricity in the United States of America. It has three parts or subsidiaries namely DVP, Dominion Generation, and Dominion Power. It provides around twenty-seven thousand megawatts to the country. It also covers an impressive distance of about six thousand miles using its transmission lines. They are also a pro-clean energy company and is trying to constantly develop mechanisms for using renewable energy sources.

3. NextEra

Best Electrical Companies

NextEra Energy is another American company to grace this list. The company is based in Florida with its foundation being in the year 1925. It has a huge span across the United States with 27 states being under its domain. Because of such huge consumption, it is capable to provide around forty-five thousand megawatts of electricity which generates annual revenue of around seventeen billion dollars. It is one of the most popular and reputed companies and has been one of the Fortune 200 companies. It has around fourteen thousand employees.

2. Iberdrola

Best Electrical Companies

Iberdrola is a Spanish company based in Bilbao. Its staple interest is production and supply of electricity and has become one of the leading multinational companies in the business with its branches being in many major countries like United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil. It has established a massive customer base in the U.S. with its consumer being in the range of 2 million. In the United Kingdom, one of its subsidiaries provides service to more than 5 million customers. The company has been extensively involved in developing clean energy and produces around 32 GW of energy by this means.

1. E.ON

Best Electrical Companies

E.ON is one of the op electricity suppliers of the world and was founded in the year 2000 in the country of Germany. It has its branches in about 30 countries all around the world. It boasts of a massive customer base which stands at about 33 million. It is an investor-owned company, thus making it the largest of its kind. It is a popular name in the Scandinavian countries. The company generates a whopping 116 billion Euros in revenue.

Engineering is an integral part of the social development process and has always been one of the most important and respected professions. Electrical engineering is one of the major branches of the engineering discipline. Since the discovery and application of electricity, electrical engineers have always been on top of the market, with demands for a good one constantly increasing. In the modern era, there has been a boom of industrial growth which has led to the companies seeking capable electrical engineers to install, maintain, and develop (if needed) their industrial machinery. The above are some of the best recruiters of electrical engineers.


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