Safety comes at home with the right usage of electrical wire and electrical switches of the right brand. We have become technology based both indoor and outdoor but using of various technological equipment comes with safety measures for you and your family.

The electrical sockets are needed to be keeping out of the reach of children for safety concern. It is necessary to keep your home from unwanted wire issues, short circuits, power cut, and other major electrical issues which can be a major life threat for your entire family. Thus, the use of supreme quality of electrical equipment is needed to be set up at every home and offices for the low risk of an electrical power fault.

Today, the requirement of high design and supreme quality of electrical device has become essential element at every home and offices. There are many brands of electrical product which ensure yours family safety and also offers high design electrical devices such as switch boards, ceiling and table fans, electric wires, sockets, and other electrical devices which are needed for our daily use both at our home and at our offices. Let’s look at the top 10 best electrical switch brand in India in 2019.

10. Orpat Electricals

Best Electrical Switch Brands in India 2019

Orpat Electrical is Gujarat based electrical brand which sells high define modular switch board with high define design for the modern customers. They offer safe, high quality, modern, and exclusive design switch boards that not only will keep you safe from fire but also it will give a unique touch of the modern look at your home and offices. The brand is noteworthy and popular for its premium quality of product and end to end services to the customers. Presently, the company has come up with two exclusive series of high design switch boards such as the copper one and the other is the silver modular switch boards.

9. Polycab Wires Pvt.Ltd

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Polycab is a leading electrical wire company which provides exclusive art work of electrical switch boards with an artistic finish. The switch boards are designed to add beauty to your home and offices including the safety measures for you and your family. They have three series of modern switchboards with high finishing design which include Levana, Selena, and Cleta models of switch boards. The brand provides energy savings switch board models for a wide range of customers. It has a longer shelf-life with a remarkable service.

8. Siemens

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Siemens switch boards are exclusively made keeping in mind the safety measures of your family need. Every switch and socket bought through Siemens are technologically so advanced that it will add a significant look at your home interiors. The brand represents themselves as the technological pioneer of electrical switch boards. They have achieved the trust and faith of their valuable customers by selling a quality product with high safety. They are also the pioneer of energy-saving electrical devices.

7. Finolex

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Finolex comes with efficient energy saving mode switch boards with exclusive shape and design to add a touch elegance and classiness to your home and office interiors. They offer premium quality of high products for their trusted and valuable customers. The switch boards are specialised in fire safety modules that will keep you and your family safe at home in tranquil. The brand provides flame proof switches with high class modern modular switch boards.

6. Larsen and Toubro

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Larsen and Turbo is a major electrical brand in India providing high-quality flame proof switch boards for the customers. The switch boards are eco-friendly as it saves the consumption of energy at your home and offices. The installation process of the switch boards are too easy to handle and offer a vast range of modern switch boards that help to give uniqueness to your home interiors with a modern touch and artistic look. They offer two series of switch boards Entice and ORIS that safeguard your home and offices from unwanted electrical fault. The brand is the pioneer of reliability and authenticity for the valuable customers.

5. Schneider Electric

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Schneider Electric switches come with engaging colors, shapes, and beautiful design which will make your home and office look more elegant and a tinge of classiness. The switch boards are finished with high-quality artistic pattern that will allure your mind and soul. They offer a varied range of switch boards to the customers this includes Opale, ZenCelo, ULTI, LIVIA, and NEO. All the products have an outstanding and extraordinary look with high intensity but flame proof which will keep your home and office safe.

4. Anchor

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

The Anchor brand is one of the well-known and popular electrical brand in India which is easily available at every home and offices. Anchor is an age old brand maintaining their supreme and premium quality till now without any customer complaint. It is the most trustable and reliable brand which needs no description much as the brand name says it all. Its products and services are distributed nationwide by over 4,50,000 retailers. The brand was earlier famous for their piano switch but with time they change their switches to modern design and pattern. The varied series of switches include Roma, Penta, Rider, Vision, Viola, and much more.

3. Wipro

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Wipro is a leading brand in India which provides safe, durable, long lasting, and reliable switches for all purposes like commercial, residential, and industrial as well. The switches have unique finishing with an absolute stylish pattern that enhances the beauty of your home and offices. Recently, they have introduced the flat series of their switch boards with impeccable style and perfect design that will absolutely boost your home décor. Nonetheless, Wipro is always a smart buy for any customers.

2. Havells

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Havells is the most popular and trusted electrical brand of India with 100% satisfying customers. They look after the needs of their customers by selling them a genuine quality of switches that uplift their home décor and give them a peaceful sleep at night with the assurance of high safety and flame free switch boards. They offer switches are for both commercial and residential use with high define design and pattern. They have a series of switch boards which include Oro, Pearlz, and Coral. The three series are at the top notch of electrical switches. They have a sleek module design with a bold plate setting

1. Legrand

Best Electrical Switch Brand in India

Legrand is one of the top most leading electrical brands with a wide range of exclusive switches and socket keeping in mind the safety utility of the customers. Legrand comes a little expensive compared to the other company’s switch boards but it assured you with a high-quality of genuine products. It pledges to give your home and offices a unique and classic look with modern artistic finishing. They have series of other brands such as Mylinic, Arteor, and Mysius. Legrand is ranked number one in the electrical series of switch boards.

These top 10 electric brands of switch boards are the pioneer of durability, tenability, and reliability. These companies provide services with integrity for their valuable customers. They offer a range of futuristic switches to entice your senses and enhance the beauty of your outdoor and indoor interior.