With the elevation of time, the life of human beings has changed a lot. The life our ancestors was quite different from our lives. Our ancestors had not seen electricity, they had witnessed light from lanterns and candles.

Our grandfathers in their childhood days had not seen a mobile phone but today they use them. With the preferment of time science has developed many devices to make human life more comfortable.

Electronics is defined as the science of managing electrical energy according to our needs. Electronic deals with electrical circuits that also include electrical components. The study of electronics is considered to be a part of physics and electrical engineering. Here are the top 10 best electrical companies in India in 2019.

10. Dixon

Best Electronic Companies in India 2019

Dixon Retail or simply Dixon is one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in Europe. The company was established in October 1937 in Hemel Hempstead. Dixon was established a photographic studio by Charles Kalms who is also the lifetime president of the company. By the beginning of second world War Dixons had seven studios but after the World War, they had only one. In the year 2014, the company went into a partnership with Carphone Warehouses. The annual income of the company is 8 billion euros. It also has a significant employee base of more than 33,000.

9. OEN India Limited

Best Electronic Companies in India

OEN India Limited was established in the year 1968 as market leaders in the electronics market of India. The company produces a wide range of relay switches that are related to electromechanical assemblies. The company has played a vital role in the market of electronics in India. The company mostly supply its products to railways, load equipment, Air-Communication systems, Industrial controls and much more. The research and development laboratory of the company is correctly examined by the Government of India.

8. Moserbaer

Best Electronic Companies in India

The next in our list is Moser beer that produces digital data storage. The company has its presence in more than 100 countries with its 15 offices and is in a tie-up with three other digital storage device manufacturing companies. The company was established in 1983 with its headquarters in New Delhi. It has three manufacturing plants in New Delhi that give employment to nearly 8,000 people. The company also has its branches that produce photovoltaic cells and thin film technologies. The company was founded by Deepak Puri who is the current Chief executive Officer of the company.

7. Rangsons Electronics

Best Electronic Companies in India

Rangsons electronics was founded in 1993 with its primary aim to manufacture prototype machines. In the year 2011, Rangoon launched it’s another subsidiary called Rangoon defense Solutions (RDS). It is a fast expanding product design faculty concentrating on Aerospace and Defence sectors. Rangsons electronics aims at electronic/ electromechanical systems to the customers by providing solutions in order to make aerospace and defense primes fulfill their target.

6. Jabil

Best Electronic Companies in India

Jabil is an American company manufacturing electronics and supplying all over the world. The company was established in 1966 with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The company has its operation center in more than 23 countries and has its products exported all over the world. The founders were James Golden and William E. Morean. Today the company is headed by Mark Mondello who is the Chief executive Officer of the company. The annual revenue of the company is nearly 18 billion USD. It also has a significant employee base of over 177,321.

5. Sterlite Technologies

Best Electronic Companies in India

Sterlite Technologies is an Indian based telecom company, under the supervision of Telecommunications Department of India and designed under the Digital India program. The company was incorporated in 2000 by Anil Agarwal.

Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, Sterlite technologies products include optical fibers and fiber optic cables. It is also the largest supplier of fiber optics in this region of the world and in China as well. The annual revenue of the company is nearly 30,545 million Indian rupees.

4. Samuel

Best Electronic Companies in India

Samuel is the producer of a wide range of television components, professional applications and avionics. founded in the year 1973 by Satish Kumar Kaura, the company aim at engineering projects and builds automated special purpose machines. The company has its nerve center in New Delhi and employs about 6000 people through its long chain of services. Its products include cathode ray tubes for LCDs and televisions and are done so in all the nine manufacturing houses. The company also enjoys an annual turnover of more than 12 million Indian rupees per year. It has also designed the display panels for HAL and manufactured multi-functional avionics display for SU-30MKI.

3. Centum

Best Electronic Companies in India

Centum Electronics is the next company on our list which was founded in the year 1994 and within the lifespan of only two decades, has been one of the leading producers of electronics in the country. Centum electronics manufactures and renders services like Design Services, Electronics Manufacturing Solutions, and Mechanical solutions. The company apart from these also produces medical equipment, telecom, and space. The company has a worldwide approach and has its offices in countries like USA, Canda, UK, France, Morocco, and India. The company also offers the job to around 2,300 employees all around the world. ‘

2. Electronics Corporation of India limited

Best Electronic Companies in India

The second best electronics company in India according to our list is the electronics corporation of India. The company was established in 1967 by A.S.Rao. The company has its main building in Hyderabad. The primary aim of the company is to create indigenous electronic equipment. ECIL also focuses on Nuclear Energy Space and Defence sectors. ECIl is equipped with first digital computers made in the country along with TDC-312 and TDC-316. It is also the first earth station antenna in India. ECIL bagged the prize in Environment Protection Award in the category “R&D and Other Unit Groups”.

1. Bharat Electronics Limited

Best Electronic Companies in India

Topping our list of top 10 electronic companies in India is Bharat Electronics limited. The company is a state-owned enterprise that is aided by the government of India. It was founded in the year 1954 with its headquarters in Bengaluru. The company today is controlled by M.V. Gowtama. Its products include electronic equipment for the Indian Armed Forces. BEL is one of the 9 public sector undertakings under the Ministry of Defence. Its production line increases avionics, radars, weapons and C4I systems. Today the company has an annual revenue of about 70.54 billion Indian rupees. It also has 9985 employees.

These are the top 10 electronic companies in India. The products of these companies serve the needs of the common people which has helped them to gain this popularity. Some of them are also developing equipment for the Indian Armed Forces.


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