Elevators are a vital part of daily life, especially when one resides in the urban areas where the high rises are growing each day with their popularity and speed. All the places in the cities and even towns like the multiplexes, the malls, the shopping complex, the fine dinners, restaurants, hotels, residential buildings, offices, you name them and everywhere you see the one common equipment used heavily that is an elevator.

It is said that the invention of this fast pacing machine taking people up and don was done way back in in the time of Archimedes, whose junior architect Vitruvius had made the design. It would be best to know more about the ten best trending elevator companies in the India in 2019 where each day a new company is strolling down the street.

10. Kone

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India 2019

Kone is an international brand from Finland, and one the oldest elevator manufacturing company in the whole world, starting its manufacturing way back in 1910. In India their head office is in Chennai and now for the last 25 years they are manufacturing finest niche quality elevators for the Indian market. Their usage of the new age technology in the elevators and even escalators has proved them as the best in the nation according to the recent surveys. It also has the special feature of a 24/7 service for maintenance and security of the elevators they provide to the clients.

9. Fujitec

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

Working in the Indian market for the last thirteen years this Japanese elevator manufacturing company is now becoming quite famous among the people. They not only manufacturer but also have the installation and maintenance services which are provided by the company. Another famous product of the Fujitec is the travelators which now fixed in many of the nation’s international or domestic airport lounges.

8. Mitsubishi Electric

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

This company has already set their strong foot in the electrical market of the country, and now they are also manufacturing fine quality elevators which are being used by many residential and office complexes around the nation. It started its function in the country from 1950 and although being a Japanese company has a strong hold in the hearts and trust of the people who use their various electrical products.

7. Schindler

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

This Swiss based elevator company is the oldest starting it’s manufacturing from the year 1874 and now they are the leading global manufacturing company for many products like the elevators. In India their best quality elevators, escalators and the famous moving walks are being used regularly. Their services and maintenance is of high quality giving them the name and position in the top trending list.

6. Otis

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

The name Otis comes to mind whenever it is spoken about elevators, and in India it is one of the most common and best used elevators around the nation. It is basically an American company which started its function in India for quite few many years. They manufacture elevators, walk away and escalators. Whenever the name is pronounced it depicts elegance and style in one frame together and a company which is trusted by all Indians for their quality elevator installations and manufacturing.

5. Hitachi Lifts

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

This Japanese elevator manufacturing company is another name in the Indian market which now rising with each passing phase. They started manufacturing elevators from the year 1937 and are now a brand in itself. In India many residential and office complex are now preferring to install Hitachi Lifts for their fine and stylish designs and quality with maintenance.

4. Kinetic Hyundai

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

This Indian company was formed in 1996 with the collaboration of two companies the Kinetic Engineering and the Firoda Group of companies. They are now one of the leading elevators manufacturing company in the whole nation with their products like the elevators, escalators, airport baggage system machines and the warehouse automated system. Their quality is guaranteed by the leading clients and they growing quite fast in their manufacturing units with heavy demands even from international markets.

3. Escon Elevators

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

It is another Indian company which is best known for their fine quality elevators which being supplied all through the nation. They started their services in 1990, and now with the new enhanced technology and systems they are manufacturing the best elevators, escalators and car parking security systems. With their experienced and techno savvy team they are growing in their manufacturing division as the demands for their products are also increasing each day. Very soon they would be reaching the number one position in the list.

2. Express Lifts Ltd

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

The stalwarts who started the company Express Ltd were Bhupat D Kunt and Vasant B Detroja, and are only into various elevator manufacturing starting from the general residential lifts, hydraulic elevators, outdoor lifts, the traction lifts, the famous MRL enhanced elevators, the hi tech auto door lifts. They distribute to the most famous clients in the nation with all the MNC companies having their brand of elevator installed in their office premises. Even in the real estate market now the new builders prefer to install the Express elevators for their best quality and enhanced design lifts.

1. Thyssenkrupp Elevator India

Best Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

The name itself depicts style and quality and is now the brand which is mostly used for their fine manufactured elevators in the country. They are now reining the number one position in the elevator manufacturing list of the nation. It is originally a German company yet the Indian people and clients are very happy with their various products and services. They are expertise in the manufacturing of the finest elevators and also the 24/7 maintenance services of their other manufactured products like the escalators and walk aways.

So now with the above list of the most trending elevator manufacturing companies in the nation it would be much hassle free work for you to choose the brand and explore more about these names which are now a common name in the daily life of the country. with the growing popularity each day these brands are surely to make more progress in the elevator market and soon would be giving much better and enhanced elevators with the fast evolving technology each day.


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