Top 10 Best Event Management Companies in India

Managing different events especially on a large scale is a huge task. These events might include anything from concerts to award functions to business conferences to ceremonies and parties.

There are several aspects that need to be considered when planning an event like the transportation, entertainment for the guests, the budget required and other preparation. The worth of this industry in India is five hundred million dollars. Many are getting attracted to this profession and this sector employs people who can manage the various aspects of an event.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Event Management Companies in India in 2018

10. Cineyug Entertainment

Cineyug Entertainment Top Popular Event Management Companies in India 2017

At the 10th position of, the top event management companies in India is Cineyug Entertainments. This company focuses on organising award functions, shows, concerts for different corporates and agencies promoting brands. This company is associated with the production of movies. They have produced famous movies like Damini and Aamir Khan starter Raja Hindustani. Famous award shows like Zee Cine Awards and Stardust was produced by them in the year of 2013. The team involved in this company is very efficient, resourceful and are people who have worked in this sector for a long time making them well experienced. They make use of the most advanced technologies for undertaking any projects. They provide solutions for the ways to manage any events in any corporate setting. That is why this company is usually where corporates approach for their events.

9. Wow Events

Wow Events

At the 9th position of the top event management companies in India is Wow Events. This company was founded in the year of 2004. It was founded by Umesh Sawant. Initially, for 16 years, he worked with the Times of India. This company has a lot in its bag. They have excellently handled and executed launches of different products which includes companies like Orient Fans, G Five, Jaypee Cement. Ultratech Premium Cement etc. They are given an out of credit for brilliantly organising the project by Anoushka Shankar and the Champions League. Another famous event of HT City Campus Fashionista was handled by this company.

8. Fountainhead Entertainment

Fountainhead Entertainment

At the 8th position of the top event management companies in India is Fountainhead Entertainment. It was founded in the year of 1995. At the start of their inception, they have known to work with acclaimed brands like Pepsi, Max Telecom, Philips etc. Later they are also known to work with groups like Bennett Coleman Company, Tata group. There was a division of this company which was established. It was called Orange music and it promoted and recognised a lot of stage productions and singers from around the world. They are also known to have worked and organised Mahindra Blues and the one tree music events. There are many more acclaimed brands like Samsung, Disney, VISA which the company has worked with.

7. Tafcon Projects

Tafcon Projects

At the 7th position of the top event management companies in India is Tafcon Projects. It is one of the forerunner company amongst the others in India. The main office of this company is located in New Delhi. They are known to organise promotional activities, report preparation, trade fairs, exhibitions, publicising a brand etc. The fairs that the company organised fairs like Metal Expo, Paperex Trade Fair, Education Fair. They are also associated with and plan various events for companies which involve food processing, tourism, construction, printing, minerals, building etc.

6. Sercon Indian Private Ltd

Sercon Indian Private Ltd

At the 6th position of the top event management companies in India is Sercon Indian Private Ltd. The main office of this company is located in Bengaluru i.e. the southern state of India. It was founded in the year of 1966. They organise different events like response management, corporate films, launching of products, fabrication of stalls, audio shows etc. They are also known for organising various events related to any business such as sales conferences, seminar exhibition etc. They have worked in different sectors extensively such as media, telecom and manufacturing different products for the sector.

5. SITA Conferences

SITA Conferences

At the 5th position of the top event management companies in India is SITA Conferences. The main office of this company is in New Delhi. It also has offices in many other countries including Nepal and Sri Lanka. The company is known to organise various events are business conferences in India as well as many countries abroad. While organising conferences they provide to their customer other products like pre post tours, venue requirements, documentation, kits for a conference, spouse programs, gifts, other souvenirs etc. They also make airline and train reservations for their customers. For transporting the guests from one place to the other they make use of their own cars, vans, and buses. Different cities in India where this company provides services is Banglore, Mumbai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

4. E Factor Entertainment

E Factor Entertainment

At the 4th position of the top event management companies in India is E Factor Entertainment. This company is located in Pune. It was founded in the year of 2008. This company looks after the events like conferences, meetings, corporate tours, dealers meeting etc. They provide their own equipment for the audio and the visuals. They are linked with as many as 35 hotels and resorts throughout the state of Maharashtra. They are also well known for organising events like the launching of products, parties, theme parties, fashion shows, sports related events etc.

3. DNA Entertainment Networks

DNA Entertainment Networks

At the 3rd position of the top event management companies in India is the DNA networks. It is situated in the state of Bangalore. They are famous for organising live concerts and music shows and is known for organising famous international shows and performances by artists like Ricky Martin, Enrique etc. It is also known to conduct various gala dinners, launches of products, award show, marathon etc.

2. Percept


At the 2nd position of the top event management companies in India is the Percept. It is known as amongst the top event organiser in the Indian cities. It is known for organising and promoting Britannica Filmfare Awards South in the year of 2015. Under its list of events, one event which is popularly known in India amongst the young crowd is the Sunburn music festival which happens every year and is celebrated for the artists that perform in this EDM concert. It is a company which has won awards for effectively and uniquely organising and managing different events and music concerts.

1. Wizcraft

Wizcraft Top Famous Event Management Companies in India 2018

At the 1st position of the top event management companies in India is Wizcraft. More than 600 corporate offices have been tied up with this company. There are many international companies that are associated with this event organiser company. These companies include top names like Wipro, Audi, Red Bull, IBM, Adidas etc. They looked after the 19th Commonwealth Games and handled their opening ceremony. The branches of this company are situated in different cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. The main office of this company is situated in Mumbai. At the international level, the company has located the offices in the country of England and UAE.

These 10 companies are known to provide one of the best services when it comes to managing any event. They provide their customers hassle free and successful events and that helps them with keeping up with their customers and even the customers are loyal to the event organising companies.

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