In our daily lives, we come across pollution a lot. Dust, smoke, heat and other pollute particles make our skin look unhealthy. It becomes necessary to protect our skin from getting dull. When it comes to skin, using quality products are always recommended. Skin is the most delicate part of our body and needs proper care.

In this way, face washes play an important role in keeping our skin clean. Not only clean face washes plays multiple roles including fighting pimples, acne, excess oil, dirt, etc. since the skin is sensitive part hence face washes are of different types based on skin types like for dry skin, normal skin and oily skin. While choosing any product, its ingredients must be checked. Use any product should not have a negative impact on us. Choose your face wash by analysing the product correctly so that our skin should not pay. Give your skin the best and make it look fresh and glowing. So let us check out top 10 best face wash brands In India in 2019.

10. Avon fairness face wash

Best Face Wash Brands In India 2019

It is known for its efficient clearing of dirt, excess oil and lipids without actually making the skin dry. It is also known to have allergy and dermatologist tested. It appears as a thick transparent liquid with a sweet fruity fragrance. It costs Rs.65/ 50grams. Its plus point includes reasonable price tag and needs very little when applied to the skin. The main advantage of using this is that it does not make skin dry, but it contains parabens. It helps skin to be clean, soft, smooth, refreshed with a perfect glow.

9. Jovees clarifying fairness face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is known for containing vitamin E and herbal extracts. The herbal extract includes grapes seed extract, olive, Aloe Vera and orange peel extract. Vitamin E plays an important role in deep cleansing of skin making skin look glowing naturally and fairer. Without disturbing the natural oil balance of face, it removes excess oil from it. It is also helpful for fading skin marks making skin smooth and glowing. It costs Rs.80/ 50ml. The face wash looks green in color with some white beads within it for exfoliation. The major advantage is that it is suited for all skin types.

8. Kaya skin clinic fairness face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is mainly suitable for normal, oily and combination skin types and the use in dry skin types dermatologist recommendation is required. It costs Rs.350/ 100ml. It makes skin look bright by removing skin tan, improving the tone of the skin by removing the dead cells present on the surface of the skin. It also gently cleanses the dead pores on the skin surface. They are also known to contain vitamin B3 and vitamin E and milk AHA moisturiser.

7. Ponds white beauty face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is mainly suitable for normal and combination skin types. For its foaming nature, it is so not much suitable for dry and oily skin types. It helps in removing dead skins and dirt. It helps the skin to look brighter. It costs Rs.59/50 grams. Its easy availability goes for its plus point. It is also known to contain pro-vitamin B3.

6. Everyuth face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin types but not suitable for oily and combination skin types. It is the only face wash known to contain kojic acid. Though it lightens the skin tone but it doesn’t help in removing makeup and oil. This face wash mainly benefits the dry skin holder as it is one of the milder face wash. It costs Rs.60/60 grams. It is also easily available and pocket friendly too. It is known to have advanced breakthrough technology containing mili capsules which helps to keep skin hydrated.

5. Nivea sparkling glow fairness face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is suitable for all skin types. Its ingredients include soya extract with licorice which is best known to have skin lightening property. It helps skin in lightening, deeply cleansing providing a fair complexion and radiant glow. It costs Rs.65/50 grams. It is clinically tested. It gives a mild fragrance. Moreover it doesn’t clog pore. It is known for making skin fair and removing the dark spots by purifying the skin. It also does not make skin dry.

4. Lakme cleanup face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is known to contain vita beads and wax white beads for providing a radiant glow. It is useful in removing dead skins, dirt and oils giving skin a radiant, oil and dirt free clean look. The face wash is gel-like in texture packed in a pink tube-like container. It clears all visible direct and oil accumulated in the face throughout the day. It leaves a refreshing effect with a nice smell. It costs Rs.40/25 grams.

3. Himalaya herbal fairness face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

They are popular for their herbal ingredients which includes neem, cucumber and saffron. The best thing about them is that they are soap free. It both brightens and lightens the skin giving a radiant look to face. It is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal face wash for daily use. It costs Rs110/ 100ml. Though it does not have soothing natural fragrance but it moisturises the skin with a visible glow.

2. Clean and clear face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

This is the most suited face wash for teenagers as it is quite appealing to pimples. They have special breakthrough formula which cleanses skin thoroughly helping in removing dirt and oil from skin. It is best known for preventing pimples. It is also gentle enough for day to day use. It is mainly suitable for oily and combination skin types. It costs Rs.60/ 50ml.

1. Garnier light fairness face wash

Best Face Wash Brand In India

It is the most popular brand for face wash. They claim to give bright and luminous skin from a dull skin. They accelerate the dark skin exfoliation providing a clearer, lighter, radiant and glowing skin tone. It helps by reducing the visibility of dark spots. It is a daily usable face wash for all skin types with a lemon essence.

These are the few well known face wash brands in India on which you can rely for your major facial problems. Pollution, pimples, excess oil, acne, dark spots etc are the major problems you face in daily lives. So be smart and choose the one which suits your skin type.


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