As it is commonly held, true “beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes.” Thus, there is light, and dark complexion women that are both beautiful and men find them attractive.

Depending on the taste of the men, some men like fairer women while others like women with darker complexions. Nonetheless, the society has placed much emphasis on lighter women and portrays them as the epitome of immense beauty. Such emphasis is represented in Holywood actors, models, celebrities’ magazines that only use characters of the lighter complexion.

Thus, the sidelining of darker complexions as not true beauty has caused many dark women to opt for fairness creams that will lighten their skin. Therefore, beauty companies sensed a business opportunity and started creating fairness creams that will help make women’s skin lighter. Thus, this article provides a list of the best fairness creams that women can use to work magic on their skins.

Here are the Top 10 Best Fairness Creams Brands in The World for 2019

1. Nature Essence

Nature Essence Top Most Famous Fairness Creams Brands in World 2019

Nature Essence is the best bleach cream on the market that contains fruit extracts. It works as a whitening cream and a bleaching agent with less irritation to the skin. The fruit extracts enable it to have a replenishing and revitalizing factor to the skin. Hence, the skin remains succulent, and it does not dry under the direct exposure to the sun. In fact, Nature Essence makes the skin smooth and gives it a glowing effect.

Nonetheless, the product allows an even fairness complexion and rids the skin of major breakouts and acnes. With this product, you are sure to get a fairer skin within a short period with no side effects because it is made up of natural ingredients. Thus, endeavor to use nature essence if you want even and fair complexion on your skin.

2. Ponds White Beauty

Ponds White Beauty

This is the best beauty lightening cream that will leave your skin spotless and fair. If you are interested in making your skin lighter within the shortest period such as seven days, it is the best product for you. Ponds White Beauty can change a dark complexion to light skin with seven days. Beauty Ponds is composed of a GenWhite technology, which helps, protects the skin from the components of the sun.

As such, the product protects the skin from direct sun radiation because the rays darken the skin. Thus, it acts as a sunscreen while at the same time it rejuvenates and repairs the skin. The product is useful in giving the skin a radiant glow by affecting melanin production from the skin. As such, it is a product that will leave the user with a spotless and a fairer skin within the shortest time possible.

3. Olay natural white

Olay natural white

Olay natural white is a distinguished cream that comprises different components that nourish the skin and improves its fairness. For instance, the cream is incorporated with an ingredient that removes spots and moisturises the skin. Nonetheless, the cream can protect the skin from direct sunrays and radiation. Besides, the cream acts as a skin smoother while also a skin whitening substance.

Therefore, the cream can reduce melanin production on the skin surface. Moreover, the cream increases the level the skin produces new cells, and this helps the skin to glow at all times and maintain its radiance. As such, the multi function property of the cream ensures that the skin is smooth and light at all times.

4. L’oreal Paris

L’oreal Paris

L’oreal Paris is transparent and rosy whitening cream that works wonders on women’s skin. The cream best applies to dry skins as it leaves the skin oily and provides an additional protective layer to the skin. The cream comprises of major ingredients that are transparent and do not show on the skin. As such, the extra layer acts as a protective mechanism that protects the skin from direct sun damage and solar radiation. Nonetheless, it is useful in lightening the skin and removing its blemishes and dark spots. Thus, this causes the skin to become radiant and youthful.

5. Lakme


Lakme is an intense whitening cream that provides the user with a perfect radiance. Lakme is an epic whitening cream that makes the skin look light and radiant. It is made up of extracts from Lotus and Lily that help remove skin dullness and make it jubilant. Nonetheless, the cream removes dark spots and skin blemishes. The best part is that this product works for all different skin types because it has natural ingredients. Nonetheless, the product contains an intense moisturiser and whitening serum that protects the skin and ensures it remains smooth at all times.

6. Garnier Light

Garnier Light

Garnier light is a skin lightening cream that contains technology that helps clears spots. As such, the cream clears dark spots on the skin and any blemishes. Nonetheless, Garnier light cream protects the skin from harmful radiations such as UVB and UVA rays. For one to attain a light skin, it is advisable to use this product from time to time to achieve the desired results. Nonetheless, the cream helps rejuvenate the skin and maintain its radiance on numerous occasions.

7. Fair and lovely

Fair and lovely

Fair and lovely is a natural fairness cream that is affordable and can provide the user with the desired results. The cream will not damage your skin because it is a herbal cream. The cream extracts originate from natural substances that revitalize the skin and ensure it looks youthful. Fair and lovely contains Auer Devic herbs extracts that maintain a smooth skin and prevent skin darkening. In fact, the cream prevents one’s skin from direct sunrays and this ensures the skin keeps glowing at all times.

8. Global herbal Hills

Global herbal Hills

This renowned fairness cream has all the qualities women desire. First, it has anti-acne properties with no side effect that helps clear acne from the skin. Additionally, it has herbal extracts that rejuvenate and maintains the skin moisture. Nonetheless, the product ensures the user keeps a beautiful and smooth skin with no wrinkles and damages. More importantly, the product supports a smooth skin texture upon application, and this helps a woman maintain her beauty.

9. Revlon touch& Glow fairness cream

Revlon touch& Glow fairness cream

The best thing about this cream is that one notices the changes as soon as they start its application process. As the name suggests, it is a touch and glow substance. The cream comprises vitamin products, sun protections productions and honey extracts that prevent the skin from darkening. Thus, it is a product that helps a woman maintains their light complexion by nourishing their skin and improving its fairness.

10. Neutrogena

Neutrogena Top Most Popular Fairness Creams Brands in World 2019

Neutrogena is the finest fairness cream with a remarkable review of making women attractive and beautiful. Neutrogena is a product specially made to protect the skin against any form of pigmentation and direct rays of the sun. It also protects the skin from producing melanin that causes the skin to darken. Nonetheless, the cream has SPFPA++ component that clear dark spots and skin blemishes. As such, the products work best to nourish the face because it contains a white compound that boosts the skin whitening process and removes darkness. Thus, it is a winning product for women with a darker skin shade and wants to acquire a light skin complexion.

In conclusion, it is evident that the present society has pressurized women into thinking that a fairer skin is more beautiful as compared to the darker skin. Thus, this explains why numerous companies have come up with fairness creams that help in skin lightening. As such, the products mentioned above help women to achieve their heart desires by giving them a fairer complexion that removes dark spots and blemishes. Nonetheless, it is imperative that women understand that they are beautiful in their unique shades. The society does not define our beauty because beauty comes from within.


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