Top 10 Best Selling Fall Lipstick Colors

When autumn comes, different colors of lipstick spring into life. Most ladies who are fashion trendy like to wear lipstick colors that conform to the weather season.

Various colors are common. Examples are warm tangerine, dark tangerine among others. This article will give you a brief insight into the world of lipstick colors for fall.

Here are the top 10 Best Selling Fall Lipstick Colors for 2017-2018

10. Sparkly Red

Sparkly Red

This lipstick color did not go well with most ladies during the 90. However, it has made a comeback in a special way especially when it comes to your lips. It usually comprises of a deep red or Merlot that has a dose of sparkle and adds a bold glamor to any look. Most ladies have been buzzing about the Pat McGrath’s new line of lipstick especially this sparkly red one. Urban decay is also a brand that makes lipsticks in this outstanding color. Currently, the lipstick retails for less than six dollars.

9. Sheer Sandy Pink

This is a trending lipstick color this fall. The color usually adds a hint of warm, nude color to your lips. It is created with the latest technology to ensure that as soon as you apply, you will experience its sheer formula that feels just like the regular lip balm. If a truer pink regularly works better with your skin tone, then you should consider trying this cheek and lip tint. I am sure you will love how your lips will look.

8. Glossy Pink

Glossy Pink Top Famous Selling Fall Lipstick Colors 2019

The much-awaited return for lip gloss finally reached. A sheer shiny pink or peach color looks great with any outfit. This color will hydrate your lips while adding a gorgeous dose of pink. Benefit Posiebalm is among the brands that make this fantastic product. If you are a lady that is looking for the best lip gloss, then you should consider this as your ideal gloss pink lipstick.

7. Warm Tangerine

Warm Tangerine

One obvious thing about the arrival of fall is the different types of lipstick colors that you will see most ladies wearing. Different shades of yellow, orange and red are always all around. It is only fair if at least one of these color makes it to your lips. An orangey red can seem a little bit intimidating, but you should know that this color is surprisingly flattering for most skin tones. You should consider getting one during this fall.

6. Bare But Better

Bare But Better Top 10 Best Selling Fall Lipstick Colors 2017

A soft nude look of this lipstick color will look gorgeous with any eye makeup, bold or subtle. With just a hint of shine, this can be the perfect way to add polish without overwhelming your beautiful face. If a glossy look is not among your favorite, Milk Makeup Lip Pigment makes a buildable nude matte that can be perfect for adding subtle nude color to your lips without bringing a shine.

5. Soft Metallic

Soft Metallic

Over the past year, it has gained exponential popularity. Metallics are still trending for fall, as compared to the neon colors for spring, the metallics are rather more subtle and classy. Using one can add warmth and shimmer to your lip making it an elegant choice for any occasion. If you aren’t afraid of frost, the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Gubby can be perfect for you.

This pick offers an icy-cool nude color that has lots of sparkle. There is also a Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified long wear Lipstick that comes in the form of a chocolate milkshake. This formula can be ideal for those who are obsessed with metallic lip colors yet like a soft, wearable finish.

4. Deep Plum

Deep Plum Top Most Popular Selling Fall Lipstick Colors 2018

This dark purple lipstick will let out your gothic side. The color looks bold, sexy and dramatic making it perfect for a Saturday Girls night out. To avoid any bleeding or smudging, you should always remember to wear a lip liner. This favorite cult formula will stay in place all night long so that your vampy look can truly last. The color is a favorite among ladies who want dark lips and this blood red shade with blue undertones is long lasting and usually gets a lot of positive compliments.

3. Candy Apple Red

Candy Apple Red Top Most Selling Fall Lipstick Colors 2017

If you use this lipstick you will celebrate the autumn season with a bright red lip color that is reminiscent of candy apples. However, you should pick a formula that is not too matte. 2016 is all about wearable, soft looking hues such as Blake Lively’s color. For those who adore a little extra control over their lips color application, a jumbo pencil from NARS is the right route for you. Kossas Lipstick also makes a bright and poppy red color that has subtle undertones of orange making it an instant favorite among ladies inspired by pin up girls

2. Silky Mauve

Silky Mauve

This is another 90’s trend that is back with a bang. The color is beautiful, and it will give you a soft, shiny finish that will make your lips to look moisturized and modern rather than dated. Make Silk Cream Lipstick Taffy is a brand that makes this types of lipsticks. It makes silky mauve shades that are soft and wearable for all skin tones. One cool feature about buying this brand of lipstick is that a portion of the profits goes to a non-profit foundation called “We See Beauty.” Buying one can be a good sign of gesture.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate Top Popular Selling Fall Lipstick Colors 2018

Nothing much can be said about this color as it best speaks for itself. We can all agree that a warm brown hue is essential when choosing a lipstick color for fall. Milky Way is a brand that makes different colors of lipstick for fall and chocolate is one of them. Lipsticks of this color will glide over lips to give your them a creamy, soft texture. You can get different lipsticks that have this color on stores around the world.

Most of the lipsticks that have these colors are found in the main stores at affordable prices. You can make an order for one today. These colors will make you stand out from a crowd, and you will certainly get positive compliments.

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