There is nothing wrong to say flooring is something that always adds beauty to a place. With respect to the increase in the number of options for flooring, we can now see very unique and in fact some of the very elegant designs around us.

Well, it is quite true that even after a lot of options, most people go for floor tiles. This is because of a flawless blend of features and benefits that they will bring. The biggest benefit is there is no strict upper limit on the options. You can always choose from thousands of options. There is no need for you to worry about the theme of your home or place where you want them.

These days they are available in almost every colour, texture, size and themes that they can be used with closed eyes without worrying about anything. Next big thing about them is their cost. Of course, the cost of floor tiles is nothing when compared to designing floors with any other options. Thanks to the manufacturers who have provided them with so many features and benefits. If you are looking for the best and in fact quality floor tiles, there are a lot of companies to help you out. The list of top 10 best floor tiles companies in India in 2019 is spotlighted below. Check them out.

10. Bajaj tiles

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India 2019

Established in the year 1990, this company has secured a lot of popularity and is a trusted brand. The company has been known to manufacture some of the best designs by following the latest trends. Their production plant is situated in Gujarat and on estimation, they manufacture around 20 million tiles every year. Bajaj has worked very hard in bringing modern tiles in the market.

9. Murudeshwar

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

It is a South Indian tile production company with a huge customer base. In addition to floor tiles, they also manufacture pave tiles. Recently they have collaborated with a German company for bringing new designs in the market. Presently, they are offering a wide range of the floor tiles. They are based in Bangalore and were established in the year 1983.

8. Oasis

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Another popular name in floor tiles business is Oasis. Actually, it is one of the fastest growing tile companies in India that has attained success in a very short time period. You might have no idea but Oasis has joined hands with some Spanish tile companies to keep up the pace in their business. Some of their popular products are wall tiles, vitrified tiles, gazed tiles and so on. One of the biggest factors responsible for their success is a separate department for Research & Development that has enhanced their popularity up to a great extent.

7. Orient Bell

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Orient Bell is another highly experienced company in tile production. They have outlets and showrooms in all the major cities of India. If you are looking to buy some of the very stylish corporate tiles, this is the company you must go with. In terms of design, as well as quality they have brought some of the amazing floor tiles in the market. It is basically a New Delhi based tile manufacturing company with ISO certification which clearly indicates all their tiles are environment-friendly.

6. Nitco tiles

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Nitco tiles are popular all over the country because of two prime factors. First is they highly believe in innovation and have provided some of the unique designs in the market. The second thing is a large network of dealers across the country. All their products are best in terms of look, design, size, reliability, as well as cost. With some of the best colour combination in floor tiles, their products are really amazing.

5. Cera Sanitary Ware

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Cera Sanitary launched their tiles in the market in the year 1999 and since then, they have customers who are highly satisfied with their products. They are known to offer a wide variety of tiles for simply the best flooring. With almost every type of tile, the company has gained a lot of publicity in a very short span of time. They have a professional team of designers that always make sure of unique designs on the floor tiles. Cera Sanitary got a lot of public attention recently for adding 30 plus new designs in their floor tiles.

4. Euro Ceramics

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Euro Ceramics has both experience and specialisation in manufacturing the quality floor tiles. Their tiles with nature-texture are already very popular. They have their tiles in some of the luxury offices and apartments and it’s all because of the sincere efforts of the production team in bringing simply the best designs in the market. Euro Ceramics is one of the organisations that have felt the exact needs of customers and have enabled them in converting their imagination into reality.

3. Somany Ceramics

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Somany is one of the best floor tiles manufacturers in India. One of the best things about their tiles is they look like marble and are designed to look highly professional. If you want to feel marble flooring in your home at the cost of tiles, probably you must go with them. The company was established in the year 1969 and presently they offer a lot of products with a tag of quality.

2. H & R Johnson

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

It is one of the companies that are popular in India for offering the best life-style solutions. Their floor tiles are engineered by some of the world class professionals in this profession. With a long experience in producing quality tiles, H & R Johnson presently has three manufacturing units in India and they supply their products all over the country. Their customers are increasing at a very fast speed since last few years.

1. Kajaria Ceramics

Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

With an experience of around 28 years in tile production businesses, Kajari is a well-known company in India today which has been trusted by millions of people. They have a tag of one of India’s most trusted brand because of their specialisation. All their manufacturing units are automated and this is the reason why their products are always error-free. They manufacture floor tiles with around 2100 plus designs to choose from.

These are the best companies that have gained a lot of reputation since last few years in India for designing some of the best floor tiles. With a huge customer base, almost all these companies are growing rapidly. When it comes to buying floor tiles of your choice, they can simply be trusted and the good thing is you can always make sure of quality with them. Thus, you can get the best from these companies without worrying about the cost factor.