Kitchens, floors or bathrooms – tiles are used everywhere. They range from simple to complex mosaics. Companies that manufacture these tiles use a lot of ceramic which gives them the beautiful texture. The ones which are to be used for floors are then glazed under extremely hot temperatures.

The rest that is used for roofs are left unglazed. Wall tiles need thicker tiles than floor ones because they have to endure larger amounts of stresses and impacts. Different companies specialise in different types of tiles. Here are the top 10 best floor tiles companies in the world in 2019.

10. Ann Sacks, United States

Best Floor Tiles Companies 2019

With a vision to make every person entering a room comfortable, Ann Sacks is an American tiles company that ran in the United States for thirty productive years before expanding their reach to London and several other countries. The company now has seven outlets across the world and each one delivers tiles of excellent craftsmanship. They also deliver recycled glass and energy efficient concrete as a part of their “Eco-Thinking” products.

9. Susan Jablon Mosaics, United States

Best Floor Tiles Companies

A family business can go a long way if done right. Susan Jablon Mosaics is a family business consisting of extremely talented designers and artists. They specialise in mosaic tiles and their products are one of the best in the world. With this company, the customer has the choice to custom design the tiles or contact one of their designers. They deliver their samples within 48 hours and it is up to the customer whether the contract should be taken forward or not. Once the contract has been finalised, they deliver the product within three business days.

8. Arizona Tile, United States

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Headquartered in San Diego, Arizona Tile produces excellent products with unique designs. One can break out of the monotone designs with this one. Established in 1977, the company has now become a leader in the tile industry. All of their products undergo stringent tests and inspection before they are passed onto their customers. They have unparalleled customer service and a reputation for being the best company for over three decades.

7. Nitco Tiles, India

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Established in 1953, Nitco Tiles is the only premium tiles company in India. From marbles to mosaic tiles, they have it all covered. They are one of the largest companies in the world and export their products to many countries across Asia. With a revenue of around 800 crores, they are considered the best in delivering quality products. Headquartered in Mumbai, they have 22 offices around the country and are also environment-friendly certified. They make sure not to discharge any pollutants into open land and all of their manufacturing plants are non-polluting.

6. Kajaria, India

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Established with a vision to become the best in the tile industry, Kajaria is the largest tile company in India. They come up with innovative designs every once in awhile to keep up with the trends in the market. They ensure maximum customer satisfaction through innovation of excellent products. They have eight manufacturing plants in India and export to more than twenty countries in the world.

5. Hakatai, United States

Best Floor Tiles Companies

A customer never knows when tiles might be needed. For this very reason, the Hakatai company has round the clock availability of various designs and resources. Headquartered in Ashland, it takes up any and all projects regardless of the time and complexity of the manufacturing process. It specialises in glass tiles and produces some of the best designs for bathrooms, kitchens, and restaurants. They also have a complete photo gallery of all of their products and a customer can look around their website for inspiration before approaching the company.

4. Clayhaus Ceramics, United States

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Updating to the modern technology is important to earn customer satisfaction. Clayhaus company is the best when it comes to modern designs. They do not have a lot of tiles to display, but what they do have are very interesting and unique. Handmade tiles offer a deep insight into the mind of the artisan and the blend of creativity and design is something special by itself. Clayhaus’ handmade tiles are no different. The various eye-catching designs on their website speak for themselves.

3. Bedrosians Tile and Stone, United States

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Specialising in ceramic and porcelain tiles, Bedrosians Tile and Stone aim to offer trendsetting tiles. It was established in 1948 by selling tiles to local shops in California and since then has grown to export its products to more than thirty countries all over the world. Even though they now earn billions in revenue, their prime objective remains the same: to offer the best tiles with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

2. Somany Ceramics, India

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Every person has a thought in mind about the look of the house. Somany Ceramics has a wide range of tile designs with which the customer can align his thoughts. The company specialises in ceramics and delivers excellent designs that are unique in both texture and price. Apart from floor tiles, the company also manufactures bath fittings and sanitary ware.

1. HSIL, India

Best Floor Tiles Companies

Also known as Hindware, HSIL is the leading company in the tile industry. Established in 1960, the company completely changed the way tile industry operates. HSIL is known to introduce sanitary ware in India for the first time and since then, it has grown to export its products to several countries all over the world. It is focused on building innovative solutions and ensures complete customer satisfaction with its high-quality products. It broad classifies its products into three categories, each with a unique style. The luxury range, the eco range, and even a children’s range. The company manufactures ten of its products every minute and has over 20,000 retailers.

Flooring is an important aspect of building a house because without it, the place is bound to look shabby and uninviting. Choosing the right tiles are important and even more important is to choose them from a trusted company. Many of the companies in the tile industry have realised the importance of conserving the environment and thus many of them produce products that are non-polluting and eco-friendly.

These companies have earned their reputation through decades of hard work to produce the best designs and unparalleled customer satisfaction. They continuously produce unique designs with the best people in the industry to leave their mark in everyone’s houses.


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