Food is known to be the nutrition and the key ingredient of leading an energetic and active life, with many forms of edible and digestive processing way it is now consumed in daily lives. Another very essential thing which is truly lacking in the an individual’s life is time, which is scarce for taking out it for oneself.

To make it much easier for office going women and also bachelor men the food manufacturing companies are out with their new innovative and quite healthy way of consuming food, through the processed food manufacturing. Now the question may arise what is processed food, it is very simple conversion of raw materials to direct food items or products, which can be taken just by warming or microwaving. Let us know more about the top ten food processing companies of India in 2018.

10. REI Agro Products

Best Food Processing Companies In India

Founded way back in the year 1994 this food processing company is now known to be one of the best companies in the whole nation with their elaborate processed food products and items which are available at quite an affordable rates. Having their headquarters in the capital of the nation Delhi this company is also famous for its production of fine quality of basmati rice. So with these various food processed items the company is rising to fame each day with people loving the products.

9. MTR Food

Best Food Processing Companies In India

This processed food manufacturing company actually started way back in the year 1924 from a restaurant named MTR which made south Indian food in Bangalore. Many years later the food processing company was founded and now they are the leading food chain with a distribution of international markets in around twenty countries other than India itself. They make processed food products like frozen food, breakfast mixes which are quite delectable, soup mixes, vermicelli, meal mixes and spices.

8. Mondelez India Food Private Ltd (Cadbury India)

Best Food Processing Companies In India

It is quite a known and reputed company just with renaming itself to Mondelez in 2014, and their only food product was chocolates and chocolate milk products. With the leading chocolates of the country like the dairy milk, the gems, 5 Star, perk, Oreo and many more, this company is still giving the best experience in t chocolates to all ages and generations. It is a subsidiary part of the American Mondelez Pvt Ltd, and now holds around 70% of the chocolate market in the nation.

7. PepsiCo India

Best Food Processing Companies In India

It started its food processing company in India in the year 1989 with the production of snacks and beverages, and now it is one of the leading food processing companies of the nation. It is known to a subsidiary of the American company PepsiCo. The food products from this company is diverse and wide range of various items, starting from the fruit juicesa, snacks, potato chips, cold drinks and many more. Few names of this brand which would surely bring saliva to your mouth are the uncle chips, the lays, kurkure, Pepsi and leher namkeen.

6. ITC

Best Food Processing Companies In India

Being a multinational company it has its own niche and stylish way of food processing unit and products. It also has contribution in the diverse fields of the nation which has brought the country in the Indian map in a very strong and epic way. The name of the famous processed food products are bingo, yippy and ashirwaad, which deals in refined and course flour, with healthy options too. It is also quite famous for its delicious and fast to spread baked cookies, biscuits, pastas, noodles and even pie cakes and tarts. This name is slowly griping the tongues of the Indian public with each passing day quite incredibly.

5. Haldiram’s

Best Food Processing Companies In India

This fully Indian brand is a hot favorite of all the ages in the nation, be it the sweets or the salty savory food products this company is the ones top solution for your hunger. Started way back in 1937 it has now around hundred varieties of food products which people savor with love and care. Across the border it has its operations running in UK, USA, Australia and even South Africa, where it has received the same admiration for its quality and taste of various food products. It is said that the food market has a maximum share of the Haldiram’s in it making it dominant in this market.

4. Parle

Best Food Processing Companies In India

Parle is one of the oldest processed foods manufacturing company which started its operations in the year 1929, and now it is just one of the best in the field. With its new age products like the monacco, hide and seek biscuits and the famous Parle G biscuits it has gained immense love and admiration among the people and specially the children and the youth of the nation. It also processes sweets and other salty savories which are quite common and loved by the public in today’s tough competition of processed foods.

3. Amul

Best Food Processing Companies In India

Amul started its operations as the biggest dairy farm company who has the maximum hold on the dairy products of the whole nation. It is said that it has the major share in its dairy products which makes it the dominant dairy production house of the whole nation. It has around 2.4 crore litres of milk being produced from the cows and cattle the farm company owns for making its would not be hard to believe the success of this dairy company of having a annual turnover of around twenty thousand crore. The various products which are adored by people around the nation are the various types of cheese, ghee, pasteurized milk, butter, paneer etc.

2. Britannia

Best Food Processing Companies In India

One of the most prestigious and ancient food processing companies of the nation Britannia started its operations in the year 1892. It is said that in the last financial year of 2016 this company had an overall sale of around seven thousand crore, making it the biggest turnover of the year. It generally makes biscuits, dairy products, cakes and cookies with many other various food products. One of its most hugely selling products is the good day, it has total six types of different biscuits and cookies in its platter, starting from the pista badam, chunky, Choco chips, butter, cashew and the cunckies as the flavors and types. Other popular food brands from this company are the marie gold biscuits, the little heart biscuits, the tiger biscuits, the bourbon biscuits, the muska rusk, the fruit cakes and the recently added premium butter rusk biscuit.

1. Nestle

Best Food Processing Companies In India

It is the leader and the most successful processed food production company in the whole of India. Starting way back in the year 1961 it was introduced as an international Swiss company, with now the maximum shares in the food market. Few of its varieties from the platter are Nescafe, Kit Kat, Maggi, and the Nestea, which are now the top rated and most selling products of the company.

Overall the company has eight manufacturing plants and divisions spread all around the nation, with maximum production each year. Out of these eight divisions three are itself in Karnataka state and the other five in different states. It has a very important part which is its R&D section which deals with research and development, whose main aim is to keep a check on the quality and hygiene of its own products so that it keeps and maintains the health regime of the customers consuming these food products.

Now you know why the whole nation keeps on munching the delectable food items, as these top ten processed food companies and their experienced staff comes out with various creative food ideas according to the taste and platter of the Indian people from time beginning. Now with their own brands and market strength these companies are being spread not only inside the country but their production and export of quality food products have even captured the international food markets too giving a strong competition to the international food brands.


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