Home decoration is becoming more and more common in the present scenario. People all over the country have started investing in the things that can help them in this matter. When it comes to adding luxury and style, there is nothing inaccurate to say that there is hardly anything better than furniture that can help you in this matter.

You might have no idea but present a lot of type of furniture is available in India that is not just stylish, but comfortable too. As more and more people are showing interest in furniture, the increasing demand has attracted the attention of a very large number of brands. It is very much true that India is one of the largest furniture markets across the globe and there would hardly be any furniture brand that is not available here.

The fact is a lot of people really don’t care about money when it comes to buying furniture. This is one of the major factors responsible for the success of many furniture companies in India. However, this really doesn’t mean that only luxury or costly brands are available in India. There are many brands that can offer you the true combination of quality as well as price when all that you need is stylish furniture for your home, office or any other place.

Check out the list of top 10 best furniture brands in India for 2019

10. IKEA

IKEA Top Most Famous Furniture Brands in India 2019

It is one of the finest furniture brands in India that gained a lot of popularity. The true reason for their success is the durability of all their products. One of the best thing about them is you can always make sure of after sales support. Actually, their furniture comes with a long warranty and the company is responsible for all the minor wear and tears provided you follow all their terms and conditions for customers.

9. Style Spa

Style Spa

One of the major factors responsible for them is their rewarding system. They randomly choose a few loyal customers every year and often reward them with attractive prizes. When it comes to buying their furniture, there is no need to raise your heart-beat for the price. They have provided furniture to a very large number of Indians and are thus familiar with the demand of people in the country. Also, they provide a lot of choices even if you have a limited budget.

8. Wipro Furniture

Wipro Furniture

They have outlets in almost all the major cities of India and the company has secured a lot of reputation in the shortest possible time. Actually, they have specialisation in designing and building all type of furniture. Even if you want to basic or most luxurious furniture, the company always helps you to keep up the pace. In addition to this, they always pay special attention to the exact needs of their customers.

7. Hulsta


Hulsta is a well recognised and in fact a globally popular furniture brands. They are known to provide simply amazing furniture in India. Actually, it’s a German based furniture manufacturer who is known to provide the same since the year 1940. Most of their products are imported and thus it is one of the pioneer brands for those who want luxury furniture in their homes or offices.

6. Evok


This is considered as one of the trusted brands in India when it comes to buying furniture. There is no need for you to worry about the options. It is one of the brands in India which offers you custom furniture. Thus, you can simply convert your imagination into reality. Also, there are factors such as long warranty, durability, choice of wood, as well as their specialization that can simply add more to your furniture buying experience.

5. Nilkamal


Nilkamal’s furniture is also recognized as India’s favorite furniture. When it comes to molded furniture, Nlkamal is one of the largest manufacturers you can trust with closed eyes. With around 7 manufacturing units in the country, they provide almost every type of furniture and one of the best things about them is their products quality for which you need not worry.

4. Damro


Damro is popular to provide home and office furniture at an amazing price. They have their stores in around 120 Indian cities. It was in the year 1986v when they begin providing furniture and gained a lot of reputation in next 6 years. Presently, it is one of the well-recognized furniture brands in India. Another good thing about this furniture provider is their unique designs. It really doesn’t matter whether you need traditional furniture or latest designs; they have everything available for their customers.

3. Durian


Durian begins its journey in the furniture market as a plywood provider in the year 1981. Presently, they provide more than 30 products and have gained a lot of popularity in India. Although they have headquarters in Mumbai, their products are available all over the India. One of the best things about this manufacturer is they provide around 4 years warranty of their products and free installation. However, it must be noted that the same is not applicable on each and every product provided by Durian.

2. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio

Well, Godrej doesn’t need any introduction in India. They provide a lot of products including some of the best furniture for homes, offices, institutions, as well as for other places. In fact, Godrej is one of the oldest furniture providers in India that started its journey in the year 1897. You can find their showroom in almost every major city in India.

1. Zuari

Zuari Top Most Popular Furniture Brands in India 2019

Zuari is one among the best and in fact top furniture providers in the country with around 6 million highly satisfied customers. They have gained popularity due to best prices, quality, durability, as well as luxury furniture with amazing styles. Zuari is an ISO 9001:2008 certified furniture provider in India. With around 900 plus dealers all over the country, you need not to worry about the availability of their products around you. Also, they can be trusted easily.

All the above-listed companies have gained a lot of reputation since last few years. The truth is all of them offer best quality furniture. The good thing is there is no strict upper limit on the overall number of options. Thus you can always choose what you need from a flawless blend of options and in fact, without compromising with your budget or anything. Most of these companies are also known to export the furniture to other countries than India. Thus you can always make sure of the quality.


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