The glass and glass-ceramic manufacturing industry has witnessed a growth of gargantuan proportions since the turn of the century due to the ever-evolving nature of modern technology. Owing to the innumerable applications of glass, the veteran glass manufacturers have upgraded their production systems to enhance the quality and function exceptionally on a global level. Here is a list of the top 10 best glass manufacturing organisations in the world in 2019 which have managed to maintain an exquisite balance between high revenue earnings and high-quality production.

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10. Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies 2019

Founded in October 1944 in Kyoto, Japan, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has established its identity in the global market as one of the leading specialists in manufacturing and designing high-quality glass and glass-ceramic products. The major products offered by the company include monolithic ceramic capacitors, ceramic resonators, ceramic filters, multilayer ceramic devices, etc. With over 70 years in the industry, the Japanese-based company has diversified its field of production which has enabled a newer technology to be used for glass manufacturing. With a total employee count of over 54,000, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. recorded net revenue earnings amounting to ¥1.2 Billion.

9. NSG Company

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd. or simply known as the NSG company was founded in late 1918 in Osaka, Japan. Having taken over UK’s company, Pilkington, NSG became one of the four largest glass manufacturing organisations of the world. Specialising in glass manufacturing, the company’s major products include architectural glass, glass fiber, technical glass, and automotive glass. NSG believes in catering to the diverse applications associated with glass by manufacturing products for home use, building use, telecom/IT use, and automobile use. In 2016, NSG Company recorded net revenue earnings $5.54 Billion.

8. Asahi Glass Co.

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Asahi Glass Co., commonly known as AGC, was founded in September 1908 in Amagasaki, Japan. Being another multinational organisation hailing from Japan, AGC has strengthened its stay in the global market taking over various overseas companies to become one of the largest four glass manufacturing companies in the world. The major high-quality products offered by AGC include display glass, flat glass, ceramic products, automotive glass, etc. Spreading out globally, AGC has more than 10 subsidiaries and affiliates in different countries. In 2016, net revenue earnings of AGC totaled to an estimated amount of $12.3 Billion.

7. Corning Inc.

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

The American-based glass and ceramic manufacturing company, Corning Inc., was founded in 1851 in Corning, New York, United States. The company is considered to be one of the few veteran manufacturers prevalent in the market which specialise in manufacturing and designing glass and ceramic products. Corning Inc. offers a variety of majorly demanded glass products which include speciality glass, optical fibers, ceramics, LCD Glass, automotive glass, etc. One of the most notable ventures of Corning Inc. has been collaborating with tech giants, Apple, to create the iPhone in 2007. As of 2016, Corning Inc. stands with net revenue earnings amounting to $9.97 Billion.

6. Saint-Gobain

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Founded in 1665, this French multinational corporation is the world’s largest and oldest glass manufacturing company. Responsible for the innovation of glass manufacturing process, Saint-Gobain continues to prevail in the global market with high-quality glass products. Among the diverse products offered by the French organisation, their major glass products till date include the self-cleaning, low-emissivity, electrochromic, and sun-shielding glass. With over 350 years in the market, Saint-Gobain recorded hefty net revenue earnings amounting to €32.31 Billion.

5. Morgan Advanced Materials

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Founded in early 1856, Morgan Advanced Materials is one of the oldest global manufacturers of advanced ceramic and carbon-based materials, with its headquarters situated in Berkshire, United Kingdom. The company’s key feature is its extensive experience in the industry which has allowed it to create a brand name of reliable quality. The company is currently catering to an estimated 100 countries with more than 100 manufacturing sites and more on the way. Functioning as a parent company to several specialist subsidiaries, Morgan Advanced Materials recorded revenue earnings of £989.2 Million with an employee count of 8,850 in the year 2016.

4. CoorsTek Inc.

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

CoorsTek Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aerospace and defense-applicable technical ceramics products. Founded in 1910 in Colorado, United States, the company has developed a specialisation in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality products like alumina tubing and thermocouple sheaths, ceramic armor, laboratory wares, pump plungers, etc. The firm has laid focus on enhancing the quality of its exquisite technical ceramic products throughout its long stay in the industry. CoorsTek Inc. recorded enormous revenue earnings of $1.25 Billion (US) along with an employee count of 5,900 and 61 global locations.

3. RHI Group

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Emerging from an interesting set of events in history, the RHI Group first came into existence in the year 1987 in Vienna, Austria. The company’s core operations are centered on the production, designing, and distribution of ceramic refractory products. One of the standout features of RHI Group is its extensive research and development facility situated in Leoben, Austria, which enables it to continually enhance the quality and efficiency of the production process. The company produces more than 1.7 million tons of refractory products per year. In 2016, the net revenue earnings recorded for RHI Group totalled an estimate of €1,652.1 Million.

2. Schott AG

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, Schott AG was founded in late 1884 in Jena, Germany. Over its expansive prevalence in the industry, the German company has made its name as one of the leading international group of glass and glass-ceramic product manufacturers. Schott AG is known for its exquisite glass products for architectural, pharmaceutical, optic, art and design, and radiation shield applications. With a slight decline in sales in the year 2008, the company holds strong with an employee count of 15,100 in 35 countries, and revenue earnings totaling €1.99 billion as of 2016.

1. Kyocera Corp

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies

Founded in the year 1934 in Kyoto, Japan, Kyocera Corp is one of the leading multinational ceramics manufacturers today. Kyocera Corp has diversified its field of production which includes a developed specialisation of manufacturing industrial ceramic products. Kyocera Corp has introduced an innovative technology of manufacturing and designing applied and advanced ceramic products, which include the ceramic knife products (sold under the name Kyocera Advanced Ceramics). Functioning as one of the biggest multinational conglomerates, the company recorded net revenue earnings of ¥1.423 Trillion with over 70,000 employees.

Glass and glass-ceramic products have numerous applications and are in great demand today as well. The above list enables you to choose a company which assures high-end quality products. Over the past two decades, the net demand for glass has risen in proportions exceeding the rate of increase in GDP. With this ever-evolving industry, several glass manufacturers have adopted methods that use innovative technologies which facilitate an energy efficient process of glass production.

The above list has included all companies which have established a well-reputed brand name in the global glass market by offering high-quality and exquisitely designed glass products.


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