Camellia sinensis is the type of leaf out of which Green Tea is prepared. Green tea is consumed in India and China since centuries globally. Green tea has gained popularity in the United States of America very recently. After water, if anything is consumed, it is green tea.Only 20 percent of the total population of the world consumes Green Tea. And, out of this 20 percent, only 11 percent of the population consumes it on a daily basis.

Green tea potentially can have effects that are proven positive for the human body. Everything from liver disorder to weight loss, Alzheimers’s disease, and type 2 diabetes can be avoided if one keeps green tea in one’s diet. The rate of cancer tends to be lower, where the consumption of green tea is higher. The high level of polyphenols containing as an ingredient in green tea helps to kill cancerous cells and also stops from growing.

Cholesterol rate is usually found null in a person consuming green tea as a daily beverage. There gets the risk of stroke reduced if one is in a practice of drinking green tea. Psychopharmacology says that our brains cognitive get enhanced by green tea. Green tea has been proven beneficial for a person’s health. Hence, it’s quite important for us to know about the top ten green tea brands in India in 2018.

10. GoldenTips Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

In India, this company is established in 1933, where the finest of teas grow. It is a mellow and fine green tea consisting of a delicate and smooth flavor. This imparts an ecstatic aroma as it is the finest pick of green tea from Darjeeling. It is a reputed company manufacturing green tea. It is a single-source Darjeeling tea. It is one of the finest green tea that comes with an attractive packaging as well as a distinctive flavor.

9. Taj Mahal Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

Taj Mahal tea plantations in India were first laid out in the year 1830, the brand got established in 1980. Taj Mahal Green Tea is graded perfectly and blended at the excellence center of Brooke Bond Tea. The tea has a special flavor of lemon and honey, which is very light and can be enjoyed without sugar as well. The finest fresh tree leaves contain in the Taj Mahal green tea.

8. Himalaya Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

This company of green tea was established in around 1968. It has been 49 years since the company is serving as a green tea producer. Himalaya’s green tea helps to detoxify and our entire body. It helps in building the immunity. It has got hepatoprotective properties. This ensures the promotion of fluids of gastrointestinal production. It is beneficial for renal and cardiac problems. It has got excellent radical scavenging properties and hence is a super antioxidant. The walls of the blood vessels get strengthen by the consumption of Himalayan Green Tea.

7. Lipton Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

In the year 1839, it was officially established. It is one of the well-known brands of green tea in today’s date. It doesn’t contain any additive and is prepared with young leaves of tea. Apart from being a tea, it acts as a natural therapy and solution for different health issues and ailments. It contains zero calories. It has a good effect on human skin and helps it glow. The green tea of this popular brand is known to contain catechins in plenty fulfilling the need of antioxidants in the human body.

6. Twinings Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

Twining has a rich history. It has been more than three hundred years since its establishment. It has a large number of variants and is very easily available. It comes in both bangs and loose leaves. Both the vegetarian and nonvegetarian category can consume it without having any sort of doubts in their mind as the product is a totally herbal one. Pan firing brings a light and toasty flavor to the tea. The sencha steaming brings a soothing scent to the tea.

5. Tetley Green Tea:

Best Green Tea Brand In India

Tetley green tea is internationally sold over 40 countries. The green tea from Tetley has natural ingredients in abundance that has been extracted from the most natural and purest available sources. It contains cinnamon and honey as an ingredient. It actively works to stimulate one’s rate of body metabolism. It is one of the topmost selling green tea company.

4. Medisys Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

This company is found in 1988. This is one of the biggest green tea brands in India and is very effective for weight loss. The tea leaves are extracted in the dawn and hence is available in the purest of form.

3. Basilur Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

Basilur is imported from Sri Lanka and is the luxury brand of tea. This brand has been boasting about their beautiful packaging and exotic blends.It consists of pure Ceylon teas. It is a blend of milky oolong green tea. It has a delightful scent and traditional fragrance.

2. Typhoo Green Tea :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

Typhoo green tea is an iconic green tea brand from British. It has a rich heritage which stretches back to 1903. It is over 100 years old. The brand is well known among the masses for their best quality of tea leaves that are rich in antioxidants too. It is free from sugar and preservatives. It doesn’t contain any sort of artificial flavor.

1. Organic India :

Best Green Tea Brand In India

This brand has gained popularity a few years ago. This company is dedicated enough and provides the best quality of Green tea. It is environmentally conscious and is unique as Tulsi and basil are blended together into it. This is famous because of its easy availability and reasonable price. It helps to maintain the body heat and prevents one from the most commonly faced problem “Cold and Cough”. As the name suggests this tea is organic in nature.

Green tea has a Chinese originality and was first consumed in and around 900 AD. They were first introduced in the form of Indian and Chinese medicines for the purpose of wound healing, proper digestion, and regulation of the body temperature. Green tea consumption not only helps to lose weight but it also helps a person to maintain the body metabolism. The heart rate of an individual also stays in control. Starting from the brain to all the body parts, green tea helps to remove the germs present there. One gets benefited in various ways if one consumes green tea on a daily basis. Even can avoid cancer, if one is consuming green tea. It is used all over throughout Asia.


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