The modern kitchen looks incomplete without the modern equipment and amenities that enhance and compliment the beauty of your kitchen outlook. The top brands in India have believed to maintain the high-standard and high-quality of beautiful hand blenders showcasing the richness of royalty with the good selection of colors, design, and pattern from the Indian market. It gives an added decorative look in your kitchen closet fetching more and more compliments from the people around you or people visiting at your place for a cozy lunch or dinner.

The modern kitchen equipment and amenities help every woman to get relief from the tedious task of blending spices and other food items in the kitchen. The modern hand blenders have comes in automatic mode which is much easier to use and smoothly accessible without any difficulty. These blenders are easily washable and heat resistant as well. It helps to save time in the kitchen with super efficiency speed and techniques that reduce much of the workload in the kitchen.

The modern hand blenders that are available in the market comes in small packaging that required less space in the kitchen and also helps every woman to input less time and less effort for blending and mixing small or large items within a seconds. The hand blenders come in varied range and the pricing also affordable to your pocket. Thus, let’s look at the top 10 hand blenders available in the Indian market:

Checkout the list of Top 10 Best Hand Blender Brands in India in 2018

10. Morphy Richards HBCD SS Hand Blender

Morphy Richards HBCD SS Hand Blender Top Popular Hand Blender Brands in India 2019

One of the leading brands in making efficient hand blender is ‘Morphy Richards’ which believed to offer high-quality hand blenders to the Indian customers with modern features and outlook. Its range of hand blender is very powerful to use and easily accessible without difficulty. It is made of a supreme quality that easily chops and blends spices, herbs, dry fruits, fruits, leafy vegetables within seconds. Morphy Richards products are little pricey but the products are worth the buy as they offer super smooth chopping with two years warranty. It is one of the trusted brands that every Indian customer looks for to support their daily cooking in the kitchen. In addition to this, it comes up a high-quality balloon whisker that helps to blend food items smoothly.

9. Philips


Philips is one of the leading brands in the Indian market which serves to offer durable and a high-quality hand blender for every kitchen usage. The brand itself meant to establish the faith and belief among the Indian customers as they do not compromise the quality of their products. Philips hand blender is an essential kitchen appliance which reduces the work load of every woman in the kitchen. It is fast, smooth, and easy to operate with excellent speed that helps in chopping of food items very rapidly consuming less time and effort. Thus, Philips hand blender is a smart choice for every woman as its blending function is super light and manageable. They offer in beautiful design, pattern, and colors that add a decorative look in your kitchen.

8. Orpat


Orpat is also one of the leading brands in the making of kitchen appliances for every kitchen with multiple usages at every home. Orpat hand blender comes in a most affordable price range with high durability and high-quality with beautiful pattern and design. The brand offers hand blenders in varied colors like white, blue, red, black, and pink. It undoubtedly works smoothly with the high-efficient speed with control mode. It is easy to store and serves as a wall mount with a fixed stainless steel blade. The product easily blends ingredients according to your preferred consistency.

7. Prestige


Prestige is one of the trusted brands that deal with various kitchen amenities at a huge range of exquisite collection and design for the Indian home makers. The hand blender of Prestige has a huge selling in the Indian market as it is the most trusted brand which fulfils the basic needs of every kitchen. It comes in an advance look with the function of beating, mixing, and whipping of food ingredients smoothly with a light texture. It helps to reduce the effort in the kitchen and consumes less time and energy. The beating blade comes in a stainless steel material without the risk of getting rust.

6. Bajaj


Bajaj is the oldest and traditional brand in various kitchen appliances products. Their hand blender is equally giving high-efficiency service with the smooth functioning of mixing, beating, and whipping. It helps to chop your food ingredients into a fine texture with no added granules. Bajaj is always a smart choice for your kitchen decor as it adds a stylish and classy effect on your kitchen closet. It also offers in the most affordable range of varied options. The Bajaj hand blender Majesty comes with a dough hook, a hand mixer with three speeds along with a eject button, and a cake beater as well.

5. Big Boss

Big Boss

The brand offers hand blender with super efficiency speed and an advanced mode that helps to mix and blend food ingredients into a fine and smooth texture. It is a very portable kitchen appliance that is easy to carry and fix anywhere and at any time without creating any trouble or difficulty. It has two- speed buttons that can be easily adjustable according to your own need and preferences. It offers varied design, shape, size, color, and pattern to widely choose from.

4. Japan


Japan is again one of the leading brands that help to carry out your kitchen work effortlessly and consume less time and less energy for every home maker very systematically without comprising with the quality and durability of the product. They give an extra ordinary inimitable pattern and style to make it more elegance and trendy to look at. You will get ample of choices and options to choose from their unique collection of kitchen appliances. It offers a very affordable range of hand blenders concerning the budget of the Indian customers.

3. Boss B

Boss B

Boss B is again a trusted brand that offers kitchen appliances with belief and certainty to fulfil the regular needs of every kitchen with a high-quality product. It gives a unique change to your traditional kitchens with a touch of modern style to make it more attractive and more appealing to use for and also gives a lasting impression to others. It is easy to operate and has a rust proof stainless steel blade of three different kinds as per your choice and preferences.

2. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline is the second most leading brand that satisfies the basic needs of every kitchen for every home maker. It has a huge collection of home and kitchen appliances with high-quality and high-durability products. The brand is little pricey but it is worth to buy by spending some more money for it. They offer varied range like Turbomix Dix, Turbomix King, Jazz Dix, Jazz+, Turbomix, and Turbomix+.

1. Wonderchef Nutri Blend

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Top Famous Hand Blender Brands in India 2019

The top leading brand in kitchen appliances in the Indian market is ‘Wonder Chef Nutri Blend’ that offers to give an advanced mode control system with efficient functioning and smooth performances in every kitchen. It comes with two high-quality and two high-durability plastic jars that helps to keep the food ingredients in a safe manner without falling it out. It tends to give a complete solution and works effortlessly consuming less space and less time at every home.

Hence, here we get an overview of the entire list of the top 10 hand blender brands in India that offers multiple solutions at every kitchenware.


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