Women’s attire constitutes several items and handbag is one of the essentials of them. For the fashion conscious, handbags must be of high quality and should be a matching one. They play the role of being fashionable and style statement of an individual showing their personality. Besides being fashionable, they also function is carrying a lot of necessary stuff like wallet, cell phones, makeup materials and lot others. The more the demand the more the competition among brands increases.

In India, many brands of handbags have established their foot and gained enough name. With the presence of multiple brands in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. The one which provides more choices in terms of quality, designs, colours, texture and other variations wins the race and gains more popularity. A statement handbag completes women’s style and their outfit in possible ways. Below is the list of top 10 best handbag brands in India in 2019.

10. Peperone Handbag

Best Handbag Brands in India 2019

This brand was founded in the year of 2010 and was Delhi based. They initiated their career by first launching their collection in International Leather Fair in Chennai. They are known for their unique set of designs for girls of every age. They sell in products in variety of platforms which includes Big Bazaar, Reliance Footprints etc. Moreover, they are affordable in range which makes them one among the bestsellers. They mainly focus on craftsmanship and on the comfort of the user.

9. Kara Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand was founded in the year 2009 and was also Delhi based. They have their own manufacturing and designing units. They have their exclusive stores in Delhi and their products are also available in Land Mark, Reliance Footprint, Odyssey, Witco, Metro Shoes etc. they are known for their top class leathers and production of various colors in their handbags. They also provide option of online buying and were renamed as another name of trust.

8. The House Of Tara Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand was founded in the year 2012 and have successfully established their foot in India. They are unique in their designs which are especially youth-oriented. They are known for their funky designs. They are suitable mainly for the college and office going ladies. They gained attention for their comprehensive collection was ideal as a gifting material. They suit both your need and fashion you are looking for. They mainly focus on encouraging Indian textiles. Funky look and a tassel at corner is their trademark look.

7. Lino Perros Handbag

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand was founded in the year 1999. They are designed by the duo Natasha and Sanjay. The main company of this brand is Sumitsu Apparel Pt. Ltd. They are famous for their authentic designs and the quality they impart. They have also received the Maitra award in the year of 2012 for being the great player in the field of accessories. They are available at affordable prices as they have their own manufacturer house.

6. Da Milano Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand is an Italian based brand established their foot quite strong in the Indian market. They also earned the title of “Most admired Retailer 2012” which made them quite famous in the field of handbags. Their name itself assures cent percent guarantee in the material they use that is mainly pure leather. They have a total of 38 showrooms across India itself. This brand is also globally renowned.

5. Ladida Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand was founded in the year of 2001 and are known to have a panel of 15 designers of their own. They are known for their unique designs, color combinations and use of faux materials. They gained attention as one ethical brand that abolishes the use of animal leathers as a material for their handbags. They produce trendy goods that go with the ongoing fashion.

4. Caprese Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand of handbag was founded in the year of 2012 by the famous VIP industries. They are known for producing affordable quality handbags that women’s look for. They are available in all VIP stores at over 100 cities across the country. Their prices start from Rs2000. They can be found in showrooms, retail outlets and in popular shops which includes Pantaloons, Shopperstop etc. The logo of Caprese has their own value in the field of fashion.

3. Baggit Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand was established in the year of 1990. These handbags were launched by Nina Lekhi offering a huge variety to choose from. They have their outlets in major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi etc. They deliver exclusive bags and phenomenal purses also which are famous enough. They also got PETA award in the year 2007 for their non leather products. They also sell their products through online.

2. Lavie Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

They first launched their products in the year 2010. This brand is owned by the Gurgaon based company Planet Retail. They mainly manufacture handbags keeping in mind the youth fashions. Their products are available at prestigious stores across the country including Samsonite stores, Bagzone stores, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Central, and Lifestyles etc. They have a wide collection of colors and designs popular among fashionable women who wore confident as their style.

1. Hidesign Handbag-

Best Handbag Brand in India

This brand was founded in the year 1978 in Pondicherry and was a result of a startup plan which turned out to be successful. They are operating in the Indian market from the year of 1999. They are now represented as a reputed brand famous for their prime designs. On monthly basis, they have an average sell of 40000 bags. They also service the international market. Their bags have a range starting at RS4000.

Handbags are an important part of style and signify a class of an individual. With so much choice it is now difficult to choose the best-suited one. It is amazingly special for every woman to get their dream handbag which they store for their special days. In this way, manufacturers are now aiming at making handbags that go with recent styles.


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