Soap is defined as an object that comprises of several chemical elements like fatty acids and salt. Soaps are the objects used for bathing, washing and much more.

Soaps are also used for housekeeping purposes where it is used as surfactants and emulsifying oils which allows them to flow down with water. Soaps are made by treating animal fats and vegetable oils with strong bases in a semi watery solution. Soap is not a modern day invention but has been used since ages. The manufacturing of soap dates back to 2800 BC in the ancient city of Babylon. Archaeologists have discovered bundles of papers containing the formulas of manufacturing of soap through water, alkali and Cassia oil.

In the modern civilisation, some companies are trying to keep this age-old tradition alive and in order to do so, they manufacture soaps through handmade process. No job is done with the help of machines. Here are the top 10 handmade soap brands in India:

Following are the Top 10 Best Handmade Soap Brands In India in 2019

10. Divine Sandalwood Soap

Divine Sandalwood Soap Top Famous Handmade Soap Brands In India 2019

Sandalwood is a type of woods derived from a tree called genus Santalum. These woods can easily distinguish from others because of their aroma. They are heavy, yellow in color, fine-grained and unlike any other wood, it can retain its fragrance for decades. Sandalwood is one of the prime ingredients in the manufacture of soaps to give them that beautiful aroma. Divine Sandalwood soap is one of those soap brands that use Sandalwoods for their products. The other ingredients of the soap are rosewood and cedarwood which also acts as antiseptic and cleanses the skin. It also helps to remove scars and maintain the body well.

9. Neev Almond Rose Soap

Neev Almond Rose Soap

Not the best yet satisfying Neev Almond Rose soap can help to maintain your skin good. Neev Almond Rose soap also helps some of the underprivileged and contributes a proportion of their income at the end of the day. Neev Almond Soap is a product of the Neev, a small scale unit registered under Khadi Village Industries Commission located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Being a non-profit company and organisation, it employs the backward as well as the underprivileged class in the state in order to develop education, development, livelihood, and agriculture. It has some of the essential ingredients like Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rose Oil, Lye, grounded almonds, and Palmarosa oil.

8. Khadi Cinnamon Patchouli Soap

Khadi Cinnamon Patchouli Soap

It is a renowned producer, exporter, and supplier of natural and handmade soaps in India. The brand’s khadi produces handmade soaps and body care products for your soft skin and helps to maintain it. The company covers 18 states and has more than 30 distributors throughout also provides many foreign countries with its products. Khadi contains essential oils and cinnamon, with shea butter making skin soft and supple. Khadi products follow the principles of GMP, ISO, and WHO, and all the products are quality tested for everyday purpose.

7. Soulflower Baby Your Skin

Soulflower Baby Your Skin

Soulflower products are one of the famous homegrown brands on natural products. The soaps that are manufactured by the organisation are, especially for the common masses. Besides, they are also known to produce various other body care products. Soulflower has established a decade ago and today it is one of the top manufacturers of soaps. It has almost 150 outlets across India. Soulflower is created by hand through experts and they use carrier oils, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flower extracts as their ingredients. The aroma drives your skin young and gives a feel of freshness.

6. Aloe Veda Luxury Butter Bathing Bar

Aloe Veda Luxury Butter Bathing Bar

Aloe Veda brand is a subsidiary of the Aloe Veda Personal Care which is a unit of the Fortune Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. The company is controlled by Reginald Pathrose who is the Managing Director of the firm. Aloe Veda works with a dedicated team of cosmetic chemists, aromatherapists, brand strategists, cosmetics, professionals for wellness, packaging as well as distribution. The company has nearly 400 outlets in more than 32 major cities across India. The company caters the needs for 25 million users. Aloe Veda Luxury bathing bar’s speciality is that it uses cocoa as one of the ingredients which help to make the skin radiant.

5. Organic Mill

Organic Mill

Shreni Kashyap was established in 2015 by, Organic Mill has been one of the newest and fastest growing beauty care products in India. Organic Mill was created to promote the idea of organic o be used in our day to day products and ban the chemical toxic products. Organic Mill products are made with 100 percent food grade natural ingredients and are free from the Parabens, sulfates, synthetic fats and fragrances. Organic Mill does not perform any testing on animals and is vegan. With only 3-4 ingredients in each soap, we understand and perfection can be achieved through simplicity.

4. Cape Of Good Soap

Cape Of Good Soap

The next item on our list is a soap brand that comes from the City of Dreams, and a brand that will cherish you up- cape of Good Soap. Manisha is at the helm whose ideas for crafting fragrance soaps will surely elate you. Their contribution and hard work help to maintain a harmony and pristine balance. Cape of Good Soap is 100% pure and organic and are totally safe to be applied on the skin. Their ingredients range from various herbs handpicked across the world.

3. Aadvik foods

Aadvik foods

Do not go by their as Adavik Foods manufactures camel’s milk soap. You can totally toss those cakes of sulfates out of your selves as Adavik food’s products are going to fetch you all you need in one soap. Adavik Foods is one of the newest companies, formed only 14 months back and started making soaps, camel milk chocolates, and camel milk products. Adavik Foods are also trying to enter the international market very soon. Adavik foods products give commendable miniaturisation, mild aroma, tangible softness and are handmade. If one has a dry parched skin them Adavik foods’ product will be the ultimate solution as it helps make your skin more soft and supple. The products are presently available in 4 variants- rose, rosemary-peppermint, lemongrass, and lavender.

2. Ida Naturals

Ida Naturals

Ida naturals were started by Priya Iyer in the city of Bangalore. It was created to revive the history and create an outstanding, organic and enviormently line of bath and body creations. The company creates gentle, effective and nourishing products and is produced through skin-care methods and herbal remedies using finest natural ingredients. Ida’s products are organic and 100% natural and bio-degradable ensuring unsurpassed quality with no waste. Every product they create is human tested but not on animals.

1. Vaadi Lavish

Vaadi Lavish Top Popular Handmade Soap Brands In India 2019

Topping our list of top 10 handmade soap brands in India is Vaadi Lavish which presents to the world the goodness of dry fruits that can be used in soap. The soap contains the extracts and benefits of almonds, aloe vera, and honey that keeps the skin and hair nourished and healthy. We know Almonds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that keep the skin hydrated and soft and smooth. It also removes the dark spots and wrinkles making the skin flawless.

These are the top 10 handmade soap brands in India. All of these products are organic in nature and are made with love and compassion. The fragrance emitted from these soaps cherishes your mind and gives you a feeling of freshness all day round.


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