Safety is one the major concerns in India in the present scenario while driving. When it comes to driving a two-wheeler, it is one of the leading factors that accidents don’t kill people, but it’s when they don’t wear helmets. It is quite true that wearing a helmet is very important and without so, there is always a great risk to life while driving two-wheelers in India.

Wearing the helmet is not optional but mandatory as per Indian Motor vehicle act. However, the sad part is most of the people don’t hesitate to compromise with their own safety and can be seen riding the two-wheelers without wearing the helmets.

This doesn’t actually mean that no helmets manufacturers are there in India. In fact, India is a home to some of the leading manufacturers with excellent products that are best in every aspect. If you are looking to buy a helmet that is the true combination of quality and price, this is the post that would be helpful for you. A list of top 10 best helmet brands in India 2019 is spotlighted in this post. You can check them out right now below.

Let’s check the list of Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India in 2019


SHOEI Top Most Popular Helmet Brands in India 2019

It is actually a Japanese manufacturer that was established in the year 1958. They have a solid presence in India and there are lots of users of their helmets all over the country. They are known to manufacture motorcycle helmets. Although they export most of the products from Japan, there is no need for you to worry about anything. They have both open and full face helmets available for the buyers. One of the very famous models of SHOEI is GT100 which is very well-known among bike riders and has already been accepted as one of the best helmets available.

9. Aerostar


Aerostar is known to provide some of the very stylish helmets in India. They have always worked very hard to keep up the pace and the good thing is there are several factors which are responsible for their success. Actually, all their products are ISO certified and have been designed keeping in view the safety of the users. The best part is you can find them in almost every color. Of course, it is a manufacturer that can help those who wear a helmet after matching it with their style. One of their manufacturing plants near the New Delhi International airport has seen tremendous growth in the production since last few years.

8. HJC


Established in the year 1971, this manufacturer is known to provide quality helmets with a very affordable price. The good thing is their products are available all over the India. You can even buy them from some popular online stores in India. High-quality, as well as comfort, are the two major factors responsible for the success of HJC helmets in India. You should try the CS-R2 injector which is their popular model and is largely demanded in the market by a lot of people.

7. Wrangler


These are low-budget yet quality helmets that have gained popularity in India since last 5 years. In addition to the helmets, they also manufacture bike accessories. When it comes to design, they always have a diverse array of options available with them. They are known to provide full face helmets and the biggest factor that attracts the attention of people towards this brand is the huge variety of colors, styles, as well as safety standards that they adopt. They also export helmets in other countries and are one of the highly trusted brands in India.

6. THH


THH sold more helmets in India than any other brands in the year 2019. They are known to be the pioneers in manufacturing helmets that are safe. As they also expert some of their products to other countries, they have got a lot of reputation and appreciation certificates from manufacturers all over the world. The unique 3-D modelling is widely adopted as one of the major factors responsible for their success.

5. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is actually one of the very popular helmet brand in India meant exclusively for Royal Enfiled or Bullet riders in India. they have years of experience in manufacturing helmets that best fits the bullet riders. The unique designs, graphics, as well as perfect color combinations are the major factors that are responsible for their success in India. It must be noted that the royal Enfiled helmets are manufactured by the manufacturers of Royal Enfiled bike in India.

4. Steel Bird

Steel Bird

Steel Bird is expensive but one of the best helmet manufacturer in India. All their products are unique and are best in every aspect. You can simply keep up the pace without worrying about anything. They declare their presence in the helmet market in the year 1964 and since then they got a lot of popularity. All the helmets designed by Steel Bird are totally free from manufacturing defects and are sweat resistant. Also, the anti-fog glass makes it a wise choice to consider for those who ride two-wheelers in winters.

3. LS2


If you love high precision products, this is the brand you must go with when it comes to buying helmets for you. The company offers a 5-year limited warranty of a number of products. The good thing is all the helmets they manufacture are durable and are largely demanded all over the India. you can own them simply from your local stores dealing with bike or two-wheelers accessories.

2. Studds Marshall

Studds Marshall

Studds Marshall is one of the very old and in fact popular names when it comes to two-wheeler helmets in India. They are available in almost every major city and the good thing is, Studds helmets are widely adopted as one of the best helmets all over the world and a lot of users have already provided five-star rating to this helmet manufacturer. Something that has contributed a lot to the success of this manufacturer is the unique designs they have always provided. It really doesn’t matter whether you need a helmet for riding a sports bike or a scooter, they always have a diverse array of options to choose from.

1. Vega

Vega Top Most Famous Helmet Brands in India 2019

Vega helmets are popular all over the world and in India. The good thing is they have highly affordable range and every single unit they manufacture pass rigorous testing. It is because of no other reason they have excellent safety application and these helmets are widely accepted in India as an iconic symbol.

These helmets brands in India are extremely popular and have gained a lot of reputation since last few years just because of quality they provide. The fact is, a few of them are famous in different parts of the world and have always paid special attention to the safety of those who ride a two-wheeler. It is possible for you to simply buy the one which you like and the good thing is all of these manufacturers have their own specialisation and pros that have contributed a lot to their success.


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