A helmet is a must-have accessory for every motorcycle rider. In fact, it is very important that even those who sit at the back and relish the motorcycle ride also wear a helmet. Helmets do the pivotal job of securing people’s lives from accidents.

In order to do so, helmets must also be comfortable to wear and convenient to use. While doing all of this, the helmets should provide a style statement. Only the top helmet makers will make sure to incorporate all these aspects into their products. These are the best and most trusted helmet brands across the world. Here, you may have a look at their exciting features.

Here are the Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in The World for 2019

10. Scorpion

Scorpion Top Most Popular Helmet Brands in World 2019

The helmets from Scorpion brand are highly popular and the brand has earned a massive customer trust. Scorpion is committed to delivering maximum performance helmets at a very affordable price than many other brands in the market. The helmets are made with fiberglass and kevlar shell which provide a great amount of durability and strength. These components also keep the helmets light in weight. Most of the models of Scorpion are approved by DOT. The company provides full face helmets, open face helmets, half helmets, and also dirt helmets in stylish designs. The helmets from Scorpion also have a customizable fit.

9. Shark


Shark is headquartered in France and has a rich experience of making helmets for over 25 years. The brand has more than 5000 outlets across the world and manages to market at least 350,000 helmets every year. As Shark was established by professional racers, the brand clearly understands the safety and performance needs of the riders and manufactures helmets accordingly. All the helmets by Shark are designed according to the latest technological advancements after having conducted thorough research and tests. The brand also uses customer feedback to make further improvements in the products and provide customer satisfaction. Each Shark helmet comes with a 5-year warranty.

8. Bell


Bell is one of the leading helmet making companies in the world. It was set up in the year 1954. The brand boasts of providing its products to very popular world and national champion competitors. Bell has been making full face helmets, half face helmets, 3/4 helmets, and snowmobile helmets and many other types of helmets for various needs. Bell always emphasizes on making fully functional helmets that are extraordinarily designed and provide excellent comfort. These helmets are also light in weight and provide proper ventilation to ensure convenience. The quick release shield feature of Bell helmets is a specialty of the brand.

7. Shoei


Shoei is a popular helmet brand name heard across the world. It’s the first ever brand to use carbon fiber and then kevlar to make helmets weigh less. The company is specialised in making lightweight helmets with unique features comprising modern ideas. It is also the brand that introduced dual liner ventilation helmets to the world. Shoei began manufacturing in 1959, in Tokyo, Japan. It offers a versatile range of helmets at different price levels. It is known for providing high-quality products with great longevity. Shoei helmets come with a 5-year warranty and provide utmost safety along with convenience.

6. Arai


Arai can be regarded as one of the oldest helmet makers in the business ever since the year 1926. It is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing the best helmets for decades and has managed to stay on the top. Each and every helmet from Arai is handbuilt and regularly checked at every stage of production. These helmets are the choice of many renowned MotoGP racers due to their comfort and remarkable ventilation system. The helmets of Arai meet not only the DOT standards but also the SNELL safety standards, considered as the highest form of safety certification.

5. Fuel


The Fuel helmet brand was founded in 1999. The helmets from the company are popular all over the USA and Canada. It offers full face helmets, half helmets, off road MX helmets for youth and adults and also open face helmets. Fuel is known for providing completely comfortable helmets which ensure to safeguard the wearer. Helmets from Fuel are not only secure but they are also ultra-stylish. The brand designs helmets according to the latest trends and technologies. Fuel helmets are made with good quality and are available at a relatively affordable price. They are also very sturdy and extremely durable.

4. LS2


The LS2 brand is based in China. It has managed to be among the best helmet manufacturers in the world just within a short span of time. The helmets from LS2 are known for their stylish and trendy appearance and are popular among the youth. They are designed with spectacular graphics and colors. LS2 makes use of carbon fiber to generate helmets that are extremely light in weight and offer great comfort. These helmets are made secure by providing an anti-UV coating and extensive paint. An LS2 helmet comprises features like retention strap, EPS liner, visor mechanism etc. for the convenience of usage. All these elements are added manually to the helmet.

3. Nolan


Nolan is an Italian company which was established in 1973. All the helmets from Nolan are covered with a 5-year warranty. These are considered among the safest helmets because they even exceed the DOT helmet standards. All the helmets are developed in-house by Nolan. Nolan helmets are available in impressive designs. They provide maximum comfort at a very reasonable price. Nolan has more than 50% share in the European helmet market and is considered as a very reliable brand. It is a recognised brand not only in Europe but also in many other major countries. Many famous motorcycle racers including double MotoGP champion Casey Stoner are fans of the brand and use these helmets.

2. HJC


HJC is a helmet manufacturing company established in 1971. It has been the most sought-after helmet brand in many countries. HJC has its factories in many countries across Asia. The brand is known to provide extremely affordable helmets to the buyers. These helmets are tested at the state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory of HJC. This enables the brand to provide helmets that have superior aerodynamics and are made of improved technology. HJC constantly releases innovative designs to ensure the safety of the riders. It provides the best-in-class center locking mechanism. It manufactures open face helmets, full face helmets, and many other helmets ranging from mid to lightweight.

1. AGV

AGV Top Most Famous Helmet Brands in World 2019

AGV is an Italian company established in 1946. The 7-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi is the honorary president of the AGV helmets. The brand is known for manufacturing helmets of superior quality and making them available at an affordable price. These helmets meet the DOT safety standard certification and also the ECE safety certifications. AGV helmets are very popular all over the world in many countries. These helmets are known for their durability and are highly suitable for daily usage. AGV stands high because it offers comfortable helmets with magnificent appearance. The brand understands the real-time requirements of the riders and fulfills them.

Helmets are life savers and therefore it is very important to pick a helmet that is manufactured by the one which is among the best helmet brands in the world. Along with safety, one must also consider multiple elements like style, comfort, convenience, built, etc. in order to own the finest helmet. Each and every brand mentioned in this list have incorporated all the vital details into their helmets and have emerged as the top helmet brands in the world.


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