For the success of one organisation, human resource is a precious and indispensable component. Just a few years back, around 2010, Human Resource industry gained much limelight and got more and more important from then till now.

For the long run of an organisation and for their prosperous future, organised staffing & workforce is a cent percent requirement. With inevitable impacts of technology, in past few years, India has witnessed the growth of some of the greatest potential domestic home-grown multinational company.

The latest combination used by the Human Resource Companies is Social, Cloud and Mobile Technologies abbreviated as SOCOMO. This has led to added innovation in the HR Industry. Few companies are reaching new pinnacles and heights achievement with their integrated Human Resource, Staffing solution. These Human Resource Companies are providing a broad spectrum of services leading to the other major companies hiring the best workforce available.

The simple yet important work A Human Resource Company does is that it streamlines the best available Human resources at one point in time and gets them hired by major companies. Below are listed some of the top 10 best human resource companies operating in India in 2019.

10. Team Lease Services Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India 2019

This Company was founded in the year of 2002 and its headquarters are situated in IT City Bangalore. Team lease Services started it proceeding with the tagline “Putting India to Work”. It one of the leading and Pioneer HR and staffing solution companies in India. It has established itself in More than 800 locations spread all over India. This company has a wide array of Clients which includes major government firms, educational institutions and Multi-national Companies. They also provide a host of services like temporary staffing and payroll outsourcing.

9. Randstad India Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

The Company was founded in the year 2008 and has its headquarters in Chennai. This company was established by the merger of Ma Foi Management Consultants and Vedior NV. Its world’s second largest Dutch Hr consulting Firm. Their major services include temporary contacting, contract staffing, HR solutions, recruiting professionals and in-house services. They have around 28 branches in the country and till now have placed more than 5 Lakhs of people.

8. ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

More known for its innovative workforce solutions, ManpowerGroup commenced its operation in the year of 1997. These companies headquarter is situated in Gurgaon. They are the major choice for most people and have set up their 13 branches across 13 cities in India. They offer some of the most innovative programs like Talent based Outsourcing, Strategic Workforce consulting and Manages service providing. This Human Resource company has an area of expertise in Infrastructure, Consumer Service and Healthcare.

7. Innovsource Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

With annual revenue of more than 7,500 Cr INR, Innovsource has made it to the 7th position in this list. The company was founded in the year 2004 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. They offer manpower outsourcing in addition to customised workforce solution to client’s special requirement. With more than 600 global clients, the Innovsource team has 700 professionals and more than 140 recruiters. They have mainly focused on facilities management, sourcing training and skilling, health & insurance benefits, On-boarding and patrolling.

6. Kelly Services India Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

Kelly Services is one of the greatest companies globally in this HR field. It entered India in the year 2001 and chose Gurgaon for their Headquarters. It’s majorly known for its quality processes, supplier diversity and community involvement. The company specialises in the mid-senior level recruitment, functional recruitment’s, financial services recruitment’s and Engineering & IT recruitment’s. The Industry gained its popularity after they introduced The Kelly Girl, a term coined for their temporary employees.

5. IKYA General Staffing & Human Capital

Best Human Resource Companies in India

IKYA is a well-known integrated HR solutions company with annual revenue of more than 1000 Cr INR. It Offers its services to more than 500 organisations across different sorts of industries. IKYA Human Capital offers business services like staffing solutions, executive search, outsourcing, and managed services. It was founded in the year 2004 and the company has its headquarters situated in Bangalore.

4. AON Hewitt

Best Human Resource Companies in India

AON Hewitt or previously known as Hewitt associates comes next in the list grabbing the 4th spot. Hewitt Associates, when bought by AON Corporation, became AON Hewitt. This all happened in the year 2010. Their headquarters in India is situated at Gurgaon. AON Hewitt is a one of the most advanced HR solutions company with more than 30,000 employees in over 90 countries! They are right now in contact with over 20,000 clients all around the world. They offer solutions and services in health benefit, consulting, compensation, retirement investments and acquisition solutions.

3. CareerNet Technologies Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

CareerNet Consulting Services was established in the year 1999, and is a top consultancy firm in subcontinent. The company offers cost-effective services to their clients and has an annual revenue of around 5 to 7 Cr INR. This company has a great experience when it comes to banking, technology, insurance and knowledge services. They provide a strategic consultancy and advice in the fields of recruitment processes, acquisition strategy, talent branding etc.

2. Adecco India Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

Adecco is one of the greatest and topmost HR solutions Company all over the world. In the year 2004, Adecco marked its entry in the Indian market and grabbed huge success. They have a growth rate of over 600% since their acquisition. Their headquarters is situated in Bangalore and they have an annual revenue of more than 20,536 million EUR. They have expertise in permanent staffing and talent development services.

1. ABC Consultants Pvt Ltd

Best Human Resource Companies in India

ABC Consultants is a pioneer company offering organised recruitment services in India since, 1969. The 44-year-old experience has let them accomplish their motto ‘Building Careers, Building Organisation’. They offer mid to senior management hiring, Volume hiring or Headcount, Headhonchos, their senior management career portal. They are the best in this business in India.

So these were ten of the Best Human Resource Companies in India which everyone should look out for. They have managed to provide excellent man force to their clients allowing them to grow. Hook up with them for best placements and job opportunities.


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