In olden times people use to cook food on the kerosene stoves then came gas stoves. Even though gas stoves are very much a part of every Indian kitchen there is a newer product which is grabbing people’s attention and that is the induction stove.

The food that is to be cooked is placed in the cookware that suits the induction stove and the coil in the induction gets heated, transfers it to the surface and the food gets cooked and is ready to serve. Food cooked on induction is safe and edible and it is also less dangerous to use as it doesn’t involve gas or fire. In many of the household, both gas stove and induction stove are part of the kitchen appliances. They are easier to use since all that is required is an electricity connection. Here’s the list of the top 10 induction stoves in India in 2018 according to the preference of the consumers in the Indian market:

10. Morphy Richards

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Morphy Richards is one of the foremost worldwide kitchen purposes brand with enormous buyer base in countries such as China, Australia, UK. It offers the up-to-date and well-resourced models in induction cooktops with features such as automatic shut off, finger touch for controls, keeping the food warm and automatic cook. The price range for this induction starts from Rs.2,000/-. It is available in any kitchen appliance store and it is also available for buying on online sites. The prices may vary based on where the customer prefers to buy it from.

9. Havells

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Havells is a brand which is very famous for its different valued invention in the area of electric and home appliances. They are said to be one of the top brands which are dependable producers since the time of its inception. Induction stove is one of the various appliances that are in production from this brand. The Insta Cook feature has become very famous and attracted a lot of consumers in India. There are various features such as temperature control, LED feature which is a digital display, finger touch for controls, automatic switch off. The prices for the Havells induction start at the price range of 3,000/- and the price increases based on the model. The higher the model and the more advanced the feature the more the price.

8. Sunflame

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Sunflame is one of the well-known brands in the Indian markets. It is famous for the proof induction stoves. Some of the advanced features which this brand makes available to its customers are a timer, digital automatic switch off, pre-set feature for cooking. The brands manufacture and sell the products at very low prices which make it a tad bit better than the other brands. The price of the most basic induction from Sunflame brand is 2,000/-, the lowest price of the induction has the most basic features. The most basic Sunflame model would be the SF-IC03 which would be available at lower prices in the shop whereas the top model with advanced features would cost more to the customer.

7. Kenstar

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Kenstar is one of the famous Indian brands which manufactures various home and electrical utilisation which includes products like fridge, cooktops, washing machine, air conditioners, air coolers. The company which owns Kenstar is called Kitchen Appliances India Ltd. And it was established in the year 1996. Kenstar is secondary of a group of Videocon. They are most known for making the products efficient and improving the quality with every new product. Each product has a new feature and every product they produce varies distinctly. The price range for Kenstar induction ranges from 2,000/- to 10,000/-

6. Butterfly

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Butterfly is the brand which has proficiency in the area of cookers and stove making. their inductions are well known all around the world and have a higher demand in other countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom etc. Ace, premium, standards, elite are some of the products which Butterfly produces. The most basic induction price provided by the Butterfly brand is that of Rs. 1,279/-

The price range for the induction of this brand varies from Rs. 1,200/- to 5,000/- depending on the controls, features, power consumption and the supplier.

5. Philips

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Philips is one brand which is preferred in the Indian market. The products manufactured by this company are vastly advantageous for household use and they also manufacture various electrical equipment. They are known to bring the modern technology to any country and their manufacturing of products is always state-of-the-art. Philips has many products which include television, speakers, products for mother and child care, household products like a grinder, inductions, microwave, grills, lighting such as tube lights, lamps, fans, television and accessories for tablets and phones and other accessories for other use. The starting range of the Philips induction is 2,000/- and it goes up to 6,000/-

4. Bajaj

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Bajaj is kept by Bajaj Groups and manufacturers varied series of electronic appliances and varied series of home based appliances. It is a very famous brand and has been in the Indian markets for a very long time. Some of the features that they provide in the induction are automatic shut off, delayed timer, a cook book of Indian dishes. Bajaj has been in the Indian market for a very long time and is known to be favourite in the Indian market. There are many consumers who prefer Bajaj products for their efficiency and excellent consumer service.

The price range for Bajaj induction is from 2,000/- to 6,000/-

3. Pigeon

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Pigeon has expertise in household appliances and kitchen equipment like mixer grinder, stoves, cookers etc. It has varied types of appliances which give any kitchen a modern look and it gives the kitchen accurately special touch and looks. Stovekraft Private Limited is the company that owns Pigeon. Rapido is the name given to the induction of this company. Some of the best features provided in this induction are automatic shut off, light touch etc. The brand attempts to make each of the appliances to stand to the astute wants of the customer.

The starting price for Pigeon induction is 1,500/- and goes up to 5,000/-

2. Preethi

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Preethi is one of the best and efficient brands in the Indian market which produces induction stove. Preethi started their brand with a mixer grinder in the year 1978 and then grew tremendously and started ruling the markets not only in India but also in other countries. The brand claims that their products are very functional, efficient and easy to understand and use for all. Preethi induction is a fragment of Preethi Kitchen Appliances Ltd. They are the leading producers of kitchen appliances since the year 1978. Excel+, Regal, Curve, Eclipse, and Dial are some of the induction series provided by this brand. A customer can expect to buy the induction of this brand for the price range of 3,000/- to 6,000/-

1. Prestige

Best Induction Stove Brand in India

Prestige is amongst the top dependable brands since its inception and is said to be one of the experienced brands. It is very ancient in the area of kitchen items. Prestige is a fragment of a group called TTK. Their induction has enormous features such as automatic stuff off, protective children lock, sensitive touch etc. Because of its massive admiration, fame, and trustworthiness amongst the people, it serves at the top of the list. The minimum price at which one can expect to buy a Prestige induction is 3,000/- and it can go up to 15,000/-

There are many other brands apart from the ones mentioned in the list. Even within this list, they have varied models which have additional features. Many households nowadays prefer both a gas stove as well as an induction stove. With many children moving out of their parent’s house and staying alone, induction stove is one kitchen appliance they prefer as it is easy to use and is less hazardous. With newer technologies developing there can be many more features that can be added to the existing features for its better use and convenience for its user.


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