Top 10 Best Selling Infant Car Seats – Safest Car Seats for Your Baby

Child car seats were designed to offer protection to your baby when you are travelling with them. One notable feature of most car seats is the use of foam cushioning that gives comfort to your child.

Many brands that make these products put measures that enable them to make the best comfortable car seat. Car seats at times can be the ideal companion for single parents when they are travelling with their babies as they are assured of their child’s safety. Here are among the best-selling Infant Car Seats.

Here are the 10 Best Selling Infant Car Seats for 2017-2018

10. Chicco KeyFit 30

Chicco KeyFit 30 Top Most Selling Infant Car Seats 2017

Chicco KeyFit is the ideal care seat for premature infants. It is mostly preferred by many neonatal intensive care unit nurses. When you buy a compact car, you need a small car seat that will comfortably fit into the back of your vehicle. If your baby is born while it is premature, you need a small seat for it. However, it’s hard to find the perfect small car seat. The Chicco KeyFit is a small and convenient car seat for your baby. It has soft and tender foams that will cushion your baby against impacts arising due to vehicle movements.

9. Britax BOB B-Safe

Britax BOB B-Safe Top 10 Best Selling Infant Car Seats 2017

It has been known to be safe and compatible with most strollers on the market. It is amongst the safest car seats you can buy for your baby. It has energy absorbent foam that is designed to keep your child safe during collisions. The car seat is too large for smaller cars, but it can support infants of up to 30 pounds of weight. Its compatibility with most stroller makes it possible to move your baby from the car directly to a stroller without taking it out of the carrier.

8. Combi Shuttle

Combi Shuttle Top Most Popular Infant Car Seats 2018

It is one sturdy seat that has great safety features. The covers are machine washable hence you can clean them when they get dirt. It has higher weight limit than other rear facing seats. It can support children of up to 35 pounds and 33 inches. There is an anti-rebound bar that makes this an excellent choice if you use multiple cars and you probably don’t want to lose any of the safety features. These and other outstanding features make this baby seat among the best ones that you can find.

7. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

The seat has an attractive and beautiful exterior. You can never doubt the functionality as the manufacturer is among the best in the field. The rear cat seat increases the weight limit and adds an anti-rebound bar to the base to offer better protection in case of front and rear collisions. It is compatible with Peg Perego strollers thanks to the G-Matic System. When it is on the stroller, it can be adjusted to multiple angles to offer the most comfort and safety for your child.

6. Evenflo Triumph LX Platinum

Evenflo Triumph LX Platinum

This is a safe and convertible car seat that will secure your baby in both its rear and front facing positions. It can offer side impact protection and has an energy absorbent foam. When you use it in its rear position, it can accommodate children of up to 40 pounds. When your child grows and is ready to use the front facing position it can support up to 65 pounds of his or her total weight. As you can see this is a two-faced product that can serve your baby well.

5. Graco Contender 65

Graco Contender 65 Top 10 Best Selling Infant Car Seats

It is a seat that will support your car from birth up to grade school. It is durable as compared to the other seats that serve you for a limited period. It is also a two faced product that can be used as a rear facing seat and a front facing seat. The rear can support your child until he or she is 40 pounds then you can change to the front facing position when he has 65 pounds and above. The seat has a cup holder and a no-thread strap harness adjustment.

4. Chicco NextFit Zip

Chicco NextFit Zip Top Popular Selling Infant Car Seats 2018

The Chicco NextFit is a durable baby car seat that can change into a rear facing and front facing car seat as your child grows up. It is has a steel frame that will protect your child as he/she grows. The cushioning foam keeps your child comfortable as you are driving. This type of NextFit comes with a machine washable fabric that you can quickly unzip and throw in your machine washer. The product has been designed to stay in your car at all times, so if you want a stroller, you will have to buy separate a travel system.

3. Orbit Baby G3

Orbit Baby G3

Orbit Baby G3 is a fantastic baby car seat that has some good safety features and a sturdy base. It can support a maximum of 30 pounds making it suitable for your child until it is one year old. A circular base allows you to secure the carrier at any angle making it easy for you to get your baby into the car again. As much as the seat is ideal for your child, it has its disadvantages. It weighs a massive twelve pounds that make it strictly compatible with G3 strollers only.

2. Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air

Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air

Safety 1st is a well-known brand in child safety both and home and on the go. Although this model is an older version, it is still a decent car seat. The seat has been designed with lots of features. There is a side-impact protection that protects your child from shocks while the car is in motion. Some few features might be a bother to you. For example, the cushions of the seat are not machine washable. The seat, however, meets the federal crash testing requirements making it amongst the safest vehicle seats for you.

1. Evenflo Embrace LX

Evenflo Embrace LX Top Famous Selling Infant Car Seats 2019

It is a stylish car seat that offers all safety convenience features for you. It has a reclining base that will match your baby’s height. It is compatible with Evenflo strollers so that you can use the carriers as part of your stroller. Just like most baby seats, it meets the federal crash-test requirements and offers both energy absorption and side impact protection. Although its adjustable harness is hard to use, the Embrace LX still proves to be of substance to you.

A good car seat keeps your baby comfortable as you travel. Two sided seats can be ideal for you as compared to ones that are used with one side. You should know how fast your child is growing so that you have the best seat for him/her. Don’t use a large seat for a small baby or use a small seat for a big baby.

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