Top 10 Best Infrastructure Companies in India

India loves the mega projects and the country’s 90 billion dollar Delhi and Mumbai are the industrial sector. It is one of the most ambitious, expensive, and diverse in the human industry. India, as a diverse country has completed over 1500 kilometres of new railway and more than 20 brand new cities, has set the stage for India to become a manufacturing superpower in the next 2 decades. This industrial sector may be viral to India’s future economy but it’s not the project that will deliver the largest day to day improvement in the quality of life.

The project India needs most is more basic than all that. It’s hundred and thousands kilometres of paved roads like the rest of the world the Indian people have fallen in love with driving but there aren’t reliable highway is to hold all the car in a country of 1.3 billion people and growing. The Indian government has learned as one of the key economic lessons of modern history just like the dominance of America over the infrastructure with the highest development. Roads allow moving ourselves and all our goods fluidly from city to city from fields to towns to air and sea ports and beyond. Thus, today we have enlisted the top 10 infrastructure Companies in India that has shown immense hard work in building our nation vast with innovation and modern ideas.

Let’s look at the top 10 best infrastructure companies in India in 2018

10. Punj Lloyd Infrastructure Limited

Punj Lloyd Infrastructure Limited Top Popular Infrastructure Companies in India 2017

Designing and building world-class structure is a blend of innovativeness, safety, and attention detail the infrastructure company Punj Lloyd stands uniquely in the 10th position with the vision of building a world-class reputation with high-efficient working employees who have shown remarkable presence in this field of engineering and construction sector. Hence, this company has successfully achieved all this with great passion and dedication over two decades. It is a global player providing various services in energy and infrastructure. This group of the organisation has a powerful presence in the Middle-East with 20 regional offices 37 nationalities.

9. Lanco Infratech Limited

Lanco Infratech Limited

The 9th largest infrastructure companies in India is said to be Lanco Infratech which work with the vision to provide integrated infrastructure development services with high net profit market value with an estimated working employees about 4,000. It is an organisation which is into power measures and they have estimated revenue about 38,000 corers and besides, they are working in 21 states in India and having around 14 offices worldwide. The company was came into establishment in the year 1986 with its headquarters based in New Delhi, India.

8. GVK Power and Infrastructure Limited

GVK Power and Infrastructure Limited

The 8th largest infrastructure company in India is said to be the GVK Power and Infrastructure Limited which operates as a holding company with interest in energy, airports, transportation, oil & gas, industrial park, and urban infrastructures. It is estimated that it has 0.17 billion dollar market value and it has a total estimated employees of about 1,786.

7. Hindustan Construction Company

Hindustan Construction Company

The 7th largest Infrastructure Company in India is said to be Hindustan Construction Company which came into establishment in the year 1926 with its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Hindustan Construction Company has a distinction of building river bridges over the Brahmaputra River which among the largest among the other constructed bridges in India. It also efficiently deals in other sectors of works like nuclear power, building, construction, water solution, and also expressways with a dynamic structure.

6. Nagarjuna Construction Company

Nagarjuna Construction Company

The Nagarjuna Construction Company has the passion to do the new, to make an ever-lasting contribution to writing up a better history, a great story that never ends. The company is serving for four decades now and they worked unreasoningly to expand their capabilities to scale their operations and the reach to the global market. The company was incorporated back in the year 2011 and became a multi-faceted infrastructure group with several focused divisions whose activity has expanded to large extent with high enthusiasm and high activity. The NCC has thus unfolded not just across the length and breadth of India but also on the international shores of UAE, Oman, and Qatar. The company deals in various sectors like buildings & housing, water & environment, electrical, power, roads, irrigation, mining, metals, and railways.

5. Jaiprakash Associates Limited

Jaiprakash Associates Limited

The 10th largest infrastructure company in India is said to be JP Associates which was incorporated back in the year 1970 with its headquarters based in Noida, India. It is basically involved in diverse work field of engineering, construction, expressways, power, hospitality, information technology, and much other with efficient working performance nationwide. The giant arms the industry needs for growth with heavy engineering manufacturing company with a high-profit margin in the Indian market.

4. IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited

IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited

The 4th largest infrastructure company in India is said to be the IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited which came into establishment back in the year 1988 with its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company majorly deals in engineering and construction projects which are highly recommendable for the better growth of our country’s economy to a large extent. IRB is the first company to bag a toll-road project in the country which comprises the Bombay-Pune expressway or the entire length of the highway between Mumbai-Bharuch in Gujarat and now spanning across 6 states.

3. GMR Group

GMR Group

The 4th largest Infrastructure Company is said to be the GMR Group which was incorporated in the year 1978 with its headquarters based in New Delhi, India. The company works with the vision of values and beliefs, humility, entrepreneurship, teamwork & relationships, deliver the promise, learning, social responsibility, and most importantly respect for the individual. The company started 28 different businesses in jute, sugar, and also entered banking through a significant stake in a reputed bank.

2. Reliance Infrastructure Limited

Reliance Infrastructure Limited

Reliance Infrastructure stands uniquely in the second position in the top 10 list of the largest infrastructure in India which engages in the business of engineering, procurement, construction, energy, and infrastructure. It is estimated that it has 2.34 billion dollar market value and it has a total estimated employees of about 6,306. The Reliance Infrastructure Limited has taken major initiatives to give a boost to the infrastructure sector.

1. Larsen and Toubro

Larsen and Toubro Top Famous Infrastructure Companies in India 2018

When engineering answers the core of imagination the Larsen and Toubro Company has worked efficiently in fulfilling the various segments of working process in construction or EPC sector. For over 70 years Larsen and Toubro have put innovation to work and technology manufacturing engineering and construction. It enhances the quality of life by building major infrastructure project. Innovative technology makes the impossible possible to a large extent with high-class finishing and in good structure. They are also actively involved in building ports and airports which bring people to together connecting to each other in every possible way globally.

Therefore, this sums up our entire list of the top 10 largest Infrastructure Companies in India which has given sustainability and stability for the betterment of making in India with high-quality infrastructure and world-class engineers who have put forth new ideas and modern innovation to enhance the beauty of our country in a majestic way.

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