Am amazed with how the world is changing every day. Look at what technology has given us, new android talking phones, water dust breakage resistant devices, goal line technology on football matches, electric cars, drones, self-propelled places, computers, internet, and among other numerous wonders.

Behind all this technological evolution, there are great men who have established top information technology companies that have been developing and manufacturing these advanced systems, devices and many other equipment’s that have made work easier for man. The below are the top 12 best IT companies in the world in 2019.

1. Apple Inc

Best IT Companies 2019

Apple Inc has taken our number one spot as the best and most valuable IT company in the world in 2017.just the other day Apple shares recorded an all-time high value of $147 per share irrespective of low sales in the iPhone 2016 the company had made sales worth $217 billion and its total assets amounts to $331 billion not forgetting the company has a market cap of $752 billion. The company apart from holding the first position as the number one tech company it also holds the 9th position globally as the 9th largest company in the world.

2. Samsung Electronics

Best IT Companies

The southern Korean multinational electronics company hold the second position as the largest IT company in the world by revenue just a few inches apart from its close competitor Apple. On 2016 the company reported sales worth sales $174 B, registered a profit of $19.3 B, has assets worth $217.1 B, and its market value today is $254.3 B.

3. Microsoft

Best IT Companies

Founded by the billionaire and the most richest man on earth Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen the multinational technology company Microsoft is the third largest by revenue information and technology company on earth. In 2017 the company made it in the list of the world’s most valuable companies and also took the top spot as the world’s largest software maker by revenue. In 2016 the company made sales worth $85.3 Billion, registered a profit $16.8 Billion, had Assets $224.6 Billion, and its market value today $507.5 B.

4. Alphabet Inc

Best IT Companies

The company was created in 2015 as a result of corporate restructure. Today the company which its president is Sergey Brin and its CEO Larry page whom are among the top richest billionaires on earth today is among the top richest and largest company by revenue. In case you are wondering Alphabet Inc what’s its role it’s the parent company of Google and other Google subsidiaries. The company in 2016 made sales amounting to $89.9 B, got a profit of $19.5B, its total assets amounting to $167.5 B and has a market value today amounting to $579.5 B.

5. IBM

Best IT Companies

The International Business Machines corporation stands at position five in our list of top largest information technology companies by revenue in the world. Today the company has operations in more than 170 countries dealing with hosting business, hardware business, software business, consulting and middleware. The company has more than 400,000 employees and on 2016 the registered sales worth a$79.9 B, a profit $11.9 B, and has assets worth $117.5 B, and in addition the company market value is $162.4 B.

6. Intel

Best IT Companies

Intel corporation which was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore is today the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers in terms of revenue and among the top 10 largest information technology companies in the world. They are the inventors of x86 series of microprocessors and Intel usually deals with supplying processors to computer system manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple. They are also involved in manufacturing flash memory, motherboard chipsets, integrated circuits and other computing and telecommunication materials. In 2016 the company made sales worth $59.4B, registered a profit $10.3 B, have a cumulative assets worth$113.3 B and its market value today is $170.3 B.

7. Cisco systems

Best IT Companies

The multinational company is among the top IT companies in the world today. They specialise in manufacturing and developing telecommunication equipment’s and networking hardware among other products in the world. In 2016 the company made sales worth $48.6 B, registered a profit of $9.8 B, its assets were valued at $126.2 B, and its market value was at $165.1 B.

8. Oracle

Best IT Companies

Oracle has been on the market developing enterprise software products database software and technology and cloud engineered systems. Today the company is holds the second position in terms of software development after Microsoft. 2016 sales amounted to $37.4 B, they had a profit $8.9 B, their total assets were valued at $125.4 B and its market value was $182.2 B.

9. Hon Hai Precision

Best IT Companies

This is the world’s third largest information technology company by revenue and its based in Taiwan China. The company deals with manufacturing of electronics mostly iPad, Kindle, Play Station 34, Xbox One iPhone and iPod among others. In the end of year report the company sales were $135.2 B, they registered a profit $4.6 B, their total assets $80.4 B and had market value of $54.4 B.

10. Facebook

Best IT Companies

I know you’re wondering where is the worlds no 1 social site company well here it is. Facebook is among the largest information and technology companies in the world by revenue obviously with billions of subscribers and users how can they miss in our list of top largest IT 2016 Facebook sales were $27.6 B, they had a profit $9.5B, their total assets were valued at $65B and the company market value stands at $407.3 B.

11. Taiwan Semiconductor TSMC

Best IT Companies

The world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry based in Taiwan is holds the eleventh position among world’s largest IT companies globally. Apart from semiconductors the company has been involved in lighting and solar energy business too. In 2016 their sales revenue stood at $29.4 B, they made a profit of $10.4 B, their assets were valued at $58.5 B and the market value of the company today stands at $161.7 B.

12. TenCent

Best IT Companies

Tencent today is the largest internet company in Asia by value, the largest gaming company in the world and today among the largest top internet companies in the world. The company has been credited as one of the world’s most innovative companies. Tencent offers WeChat, Tencent QQ, mobile games, web portals, ecommerce among other services. In 2016 the company registered sales worth $22.8 B, published a profit of $6.2 B, its assets valued at $57 B, and its market value today stands at $277.1 B.

Here are the great 12 information and technology companies in the world in terms of sales, assets, profit and their market value today. They are entirely responsible for the technological evolution we are seeing today in the world and thanks to them we can be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.