Style and fashion have become one of the leading needs of a lot of people in India. It is quite true that people have started paying a lot of attention to their looks and styles. Of course, clothing matters a lot when it comes to them both. Presently, the craze of wearing jeans in India is touching the sky.

Almost everyone wears jeans in India and it is because of no other reason than this India is a country to some of the well-established and several emerging jeans brands that have even gained popularity all over the world. A few brands have climbed the ladder of their success by providing quality and reliability to the customers.

The thing is jeans are always stylish and often help youngsters enhancing their looks and style. Apparels stores are available all over the country and there are a few trusted brands that have attracted youngsters and middle age people. If you love wearing jeans, we will introduce you to top 10 jeans brand in India for 2019 to boost your knowledge about the same. Also, we will put some spotlight on their speciality to let you choose the best for you.

10. Flying Machine

Best Jeans Brands in India 2019

They have secured a lot of reputation by providing quality which in fact has added customers to them. In the present scenario, this brand is widely recognised as best. In India, almost all age people wear their jeans and apparels. The company claims to sell around 11 million jeans in the year 2016 and is planning to enhance their sales by 20% by the end of this financial year.

9. Lee Cooper

Best Jeans Brand in India

Lee Cooper was introduced in the year 1908. Although they provide a large number of apparels, shoes and other fashion products, they have gained a lot of popularity in India after introducing their jeans. The tag line of the brand is “Made to be different” which is actually very true. Their denim is superb and is extremely comfortable. Since last few years, they have designed jeans that you can wear for all the occasions.

8. Numero UNO

Best Jeans Brand in India

It is one of the jeans brands in India which provide durable, flexible and quality jeans that reflects style. You need not to worry about the overall number of models and styles to choose from. Actually, this is one of the manufacturers which have provided jeans in India understanding the true needs of people.

7. Mufti

Best Jeans Brand in India

Mufti is another popular brand in India known to manufacture simply the best jeans for youngsters and middle age people. The brand was launched in the year 1998 and since then, they have provided stylish and high-quality denim. Many Indians trust this brand and buy their jeans. Mufti has opened their outlets all over the India through franchises.

6. John Players

Best Jeans Brand in India

There is hardly any fashion lover in India who is not familiar with this brand and their denim. John player has always provided quality denim at a very affordable price for one and all. Their basic models start from Rs 800. As the brand is owned by ITC which has a solid reputation for quality in India, you can simply trust John Player when it comes to buying jeans. You can buy their jeans from all major fashion shops across the country.

5. Spykar Jeans

Best Jeans Brand in India

Spykar jeans is a very popular brand. They not only manufacture jeans but other apparels as well. However, they have specialisation in manufacturing jeans and it is one of the widely trusted brands in India when it comes to buying jeans. Also, it was the first Indian jeans brand that opens an outlet in London. Spykar jeans are available in almost every price range starting from the basic lowest price to some of the dynamic models.

4. Jack & Jones

Best Jeans Brand in India

Just after its introduction in the year 1990, Jack & Jones worked very hard in bringing some of the denim with the finest quality. Since last 8 years, they have enhanced their brand recognition up to an excellent extent. Even some of the famous cricketers wear their brands. They bear a solid reputation when it comes to manufacturing jeans and other apparels. Also, they outlets are available in all major Indian cities.

3. Pepe Jeans

Best Jeans Brand in India

With absolutely amazing fabric and comfort, Pepe Jeans is one of the pioneer brands that have taught India the true meaning of denim. All their products are amazing and best in every aspect. They designed jeans based on markets surveys they often conduct in India to know what youngsters are looking to wear. There is no limit on the variety and you can choose from hundreds of styles. Pepe outlets are available.

2. Wrangler

Best Jeans Brand in India

Wrangler is probably no doubt one of the best brands for jeans in India. They have always paid special attention to changing fashion and have come up with styles that cannot be compared with any other brand. One of the best thing about the denim is they are designed for extra comfort and long life. It really doesn’t matter what type of fitting you wish to buy, the company outlets have exactly what you want. You can find their branches all over the India.

1. Levis

Best Jeans Brand in India

Levis Jeans are possibly no doubt the number one preference of a very large number of people in India. Their jeans are best in every aspect and are designed by the world class fashion designers. Almost all their outlets are highly successful in India and Levis is one among those brands that have a very strong market reputation among the people. They have an excellent range of products for men and women when it comes to buying jeans. Also, their 150 years experience of manufacturing denim has made them the most trusted brands in India.

All these brands believe largely in quality which in fact is the true reason for their success. Some brands are even recognised by people in several other countries. Factors such as following latest trends, understanding the needs of people and hiring world class fashion designers have enabled these brands to be the top choices of Indians. The good thing is they design their jeans that you can wear with any other apparel without worrying about the combination and all that. Also, you can find their jeans on all major shopping websites and apps in India with best offers and discounts.


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