There is a saying that goes “work work without play makes jack a dull boy” apart from food games are the other essential components in a child’s development. Games normally have several benefits to any child such as they help in improving problem solving skills and aiding in creativity, they help in social networking among children, they also assist in critical thinking, relieves stress on children, and assist in evaluating children’s cognitive development and facilitate individualised learning among other benefits. To aid this, parents seek for toys that are used by the kids.

Toy manufacturing companies have taken the challenge to provide parents with all the best form of toys for the kids. These come in different forms and are available at varying costs. The company employs varying set standards in production of the toys to ensure total safety of the kids while at the same time offering an opportunity to keep the young minds occupied. Here is a list of top 10 best kid’s toys companies in the world in 2019 whose contribution in the industry has a mark in every corner of the globe.

1. Lego

Best Kid Toys Companies 2019

Lego leads the list of the biggest and best toy manufacturers on the globe. The company operates from Billund, Denmark. Presence of the company is felt in the numerous theme parks that operate under its name. It also runs over 1225 stores across the globe. The company embarks on production of plastic toys branded in its name. The company was started in 1947 and has grown over the years providing high quality toys of different makings. Biggest in its brand is the construction toys that offer kid an opportunity to arrange blocks literally into anything of choice. It is credited with this great toy attributed with improving creativity in kids.

2. Nintendo

Best Kid Toys Companies

Nintendo is a Japanese company with a rich history that dates back to 1889. The company has over the years been producing great toys alongside video games for the kids. Nintendo came into the international limelight in 1970s with production of great toys that stirred the globe. It is rated as the 3rd high worth Toy Company in the world with an estimated value of $85 billion. The company is known for some of its biggest video games that include The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. Nintedo is also known to be the owner of another great video game company known as the Pokemon.

3. Mattel

Best Kid Toys Companies

Mattel is an American company headquartered in California. The company was founded in 1945 and has been producing toys for kids through the years. The company came into the international limelight in 1947 with the production of the kid’s toy “Uke-A-Doodle”. Another of their greatest hits was in 1959 with production of the “Barbie Doll”. Over the years, the company has been credited with producing tons of toys in different models that have hit the international markets. This comes alongside acquiring some of the famous toy industries in the world including Fisher Price, Hot Wheels and Monster High.

4. Hasbro

Best Kid Toys Companies

Hasbro is an international company with its roots in America. It is otherwise referred to as the Hassenfeld Brothers or Hasbro Bradley. The company is headquartered in Rhode Island but runs a production plant in East Asia. Hasbro was founded in 1964 by three Hassenfeld brothers Hillel, Henry and Herman. One of the biggest products from the company is the great toy “G.I. Joe” an iconic toy mostly used by male kids who are considered to be uncomfortable with playing using Barbie dolls.

5. Disney

Best Kid Toys Companies

Disney is a common name across the globe. The company was founded in 1929 and has since been producing a varying range of toys for kids. Common features by the company include cartoon toys, car toys, mickie and Minnie toys and fighting toys. The brands manufactured by Disney have won recognition from different ages who have come across the brands through the years. Mickey and Minnie mouse branded toys from Disney were produced after an agreement made with a New York Company George Borgfeld & Company. The company extended its dominance to England with production of Mickey Mouse candy in England, Mickey Mouse jots and hard crank based toy projectors.

6. Nerf

Best Kid Toys Companies

Nerf is a giant toy production company created by Parker brothers. Currently the company is under leadership of Hasbro. It is famous for production of foam type weapon toys famous with boy kids all over the world. The products from the company also feature different global games including football, basketball and baseball. Owing to the high popularity of the company’s products with male kids, in 2013 the company designed a new line of products specially designed for the girl child. It is one of the companies known to generate high revenues from the sale of toys currently estimated at $400 Million.

7. Mega Brands

Best Kid Toys Companies

This is a Canadian company currently under the management of Mattel Inc. its range of toy products include the famous Mega Puzzles , Rose Art and Board Dudes all which are the company’s brand of construction. The company is known for its wide range of toys that are credited for being brain teasers and have a high rating in improving the child’s creativity development. Mega brand was initially established under the brand name Ritvik Holdings owned by Victor Bertrand and Rita his wife. Since inception, the company’s products have won international recognition winning the markets in Canada and America instantly. The company also boasts of a range of supplementary toy brands under its name.

8. Barbie

Best Kid Toys Companies

Barbie was essentially an American company established in 1959. The company’s main feature was the fashion doll a rare and most sought-after toy by parents globally. The company owned by Mattel Inc. owes its formation to Ruth Handler a prominent business woman whose claim asserts that the idea was nurtured under influence of Bild Lilli a German company credited with producing he most beautiful dolls. The products from the company are mainly targeted at the girl child and have won recognition for producing toys that easily wins the hearts of the girls. The dolls are highly emphasized by girls who are believed to adore them to the extent of seeking to lose weight in an aim to depict the dolls.

9. Playmobil

Best Kid Toys Companies

Playmobil is a German company with its headquarters in Zirndorf. Inception of the company came after a three-year period of its creation by a German financier. The dream behind the products from this company was to produce toys that ideally fit in the hands of children. This is alongside offering the children a key aspect to fancy the creation while using the opportunity to navigate through childhood.

The initial toy from the company featured a toy that was 7.5 cm in height, with a large head and a big smile but lacking the nose. Apart from this creation, the company is credited with numerous models that feature automobiles, buildings and animals. The toys are also created featuring different themes and play sets and in such way easy to relate with the modern lifestyles and environments. The toys from the company also enjoy acting as a platform for various toy designs.

10. Playskool

Best Kid Toys Companies

Playskool is an American toy manufacturing company with its headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The company was founded in 1928 and is an affiliate of Hasbro Inc. the company features production of educational toys that seek to improve the kid’s intellectual capacity alongside offering undisputed entertainment. The company produces toys ideal for new born kids to the preschool age. Toys by the company are credited with offering kids an opportunity to develop motor and logical skills.

Toys can be very helpful to a child normal development. These companies are the best in manufacturing toys for children all over the world and to date their revenues can completely reflect the love people have on their products. If you are a parent looking for a toy have a look from these top 10 toys manufacturing companies in the world.


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