The best quality chimney in your kitchen will not only free your kitchen from the smell of the burnt oil and spices but also prevent the smell from going out to the adjacent rooms. There are many brands who came up with their own chimney technology with various new features and a wide range.

There are some chimneys which are made to set well with the decor of your house, but they are a bit expensive than the traditional chimneys. The latest chimneys are coming up with features like air conditioning and cool air.

When you are out in the market to buy a kitchen chimney, the first thing to look out for in a kitchen chimney is the suction capacity. This is the most important thing to consider while buying a kitchen chimney. Depending on the suction power of the chimneys, the price range varies. Given below are the ten best kitchen chimney brands in India in 2019.

10. Hindware

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2019

Hindware is a company which makes a huge range of chimneys and hoods. The range is comprised of Island hoods, Decorative hoods, Designer hoods, Auto clean hoods and straight line hoods. Olivia 90, Celia, Coral are some of the Island hoods. Sofia 60, Lara 60, Gracia 60, Fabia 60/90 are the Designer hoods. The features Hindware hoods and chimneys provide are Halogen lamps, Stainless-steel finishes, Push Buttons, Filter cassette filter, high air flow and low noise level. The chimneys from Hindware are one of the best kitchen chimneys in India.

9. Whirlpool

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

Wall mounted hoods and island hoods are the two main types of hoods that Whirlpool makes. Island hoods are fixed to the ceiling and make no noise, this is one type of a special hood. They also have some high-quality European hoods. Wall mounted hoods comes with the six sense technology, and it is another type of hood which falls under the decorative hood category. This has a high suction capacity which provides safety and comfort as well.

8. Usha

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

Usha provides some elegant and sleek fitting options. Usha makes some really powerful chimney hoods to suck out all the bad odor from the kitchen and stops it from spreading to all your rooms. Usha hoods are known for their stylish stainless steel decorative finish. There are three touch panels which provide good speed while working. The hoods also have five layers Anodized Aluminum Cassette Filter and Thermal Overload Protector to give you the safety and comfort.

7. Pigeon

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

Pigeon is known for making some premium quality hoods and chimneys for your kitchen. They make it robust and still manage to make it stylish. Pigeon also has their own official website where you can visit, look for the product, place the order and get it delivered to your doorstep within 3-5 working days. The common features which are there in a Pigeon kitchen chimney is that the hoods are 60 cm in size, high speed and easy control switches, low noise levels, powerful motor, two motor and high air flow capacity. The products of Pigeon comes with one year warranty. The kitchen chimneys made by Pigeon is one of the most trusted chimney brand in India.

6. Bajaj

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

Bajaj kitchen chimneys are extremely stylish and they have a huge range of products to meet the needs of every customer. The Decorative style hoods of the Bajaj chimneys help you to maintain the contemporary look and decor of your house. There are many kitchen chimneys by Bajaj which are completely made up of stainless steel and glass materials. The Bajaj chimneys have a powerful suction capacity which sucks out all the bad odor from your kitchen and stops it from spread to the other rooms.

5. Prestige

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

This brand has a huge range of hoods and hobs to meet all the needs of every customer. The chimneys from Prestige are made up of a body that is coated with powder, has a high-quality and comes with a suction capacity that is high. The hoods are covering two powerful motors inside and there is also an Aluminum metal grease filter. There are some other features as well like two lamps for illuminate the area and optional carbon filter. Prestige also provides two years free warranty service on their hoods. Prestige falls in the list of the most preferred kitchen chimney brands in the country.

4. IFB

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

IFB has a vast range of hoods and chimneys. The big and powerful hood of your IFB chimney sucks out all the odor from your kitchen and also stops it from moving to the other rooms. The hood has some really interesting features like easy to use controls, low noise level and stainless steel finish. Majority of the IFB hoods are wall mounting type so it does take a lot of space. IFB products come with five year long free warranty service.


Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

KAFF make some really elegant hoods which have suction motors that are powerful. This helps to eliminate all the odor, smoke, steam, and grease from your kitchen area. The chimneys are made up of special conveyor Pressure Die-Cast Aluminum Motors. You have to use it to feel the power of the high suction capacity chimneys from KAFF. To meet the need of every customer KAFF has made their chimneys really powerful with the help of the conveyor system which is motorized and the filter made of aluminium. You can cook in free and clean air with the help of these powerful chimneys.

2. Glen

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

Glen has two types of chimneys, one is the straight line chimney and the other is the Designer hood chimneys. The chimneys are made up of stainless steel and glass materials which give your kitchen a very elegant look. Glen hoods and chimneys not only create a great aesthetic in the kitchen but also surprise us with their overly competitive technological innovations. The chimneys made by Glen are the second most wanted products in India.

1. Faber HeatKraft

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India

The founder of this company is Franke Holding AG, and he founded it in the year 1955. It is an Aarburg, Switzerland based company. Faber HeatKraft makes some really great decorative hoods and chimneys which give the people the choice to select the chimney which suits the best with their home decor. The chimney hoods are made up of premium quality stainless steel and those are also installed with powerful motors for air suction. Dec. Hoods, Coll. Hoods and Trad. Hoods are the three types of hoods, this brand offers. The Trad. Hoods and the Dec. Hoods have a noise level filter which brings down the sound output to 62 dBA. Faber HeatKraft is the top most brand of chimney producers in India.

It is true that chimneys are installed in the kitchen to get rid of smoke, odor of oil or food, but it is also true that chimneys are installed to improve the look of the kitchen. The kitchen chimneys should be of the best brand so that they work efficiently and make the kitchen look decorative.


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