The demand of an advanced kitchen chimney is growing with passing days in the world market. People want to have better kitchen appliances with greater benefits and utility of money. Not only does a chimney respond to health issues in the kitchen but also makes the place look tidy.

The chimneys help in removing any bad odor or smell, makes the kitchen walls look spotless and also has an aesthetic appeal. Some of the top kitchen chimney brands to look up to are:

Below are the Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in The World in 2019

10. TTK Prestige Limited

TTK Prestige Limited Top Famous Kitchen Chimney Brands in World 2019

TTK Prestige limited is one of the oldest companies ever established in India. It was founded by T.T. Krishnamachari in 1928. It started its operations much later in 1949 (after independence) by setting up a unit in Bangalore. It received a number awards over the years including Superbrand Award, Most Preferred Kitchenware Brand Award and Power Brand Award among others. Prestige chimneys have high suction capacity which will meet all your needs. They also have a high quality powder coated body.

9. Kutchina


Kutchina offers a range of high-suction chimneys with dry auto-clean technology. It ensures you a clean and healthy kitchen with hassle-free functioning and easy controls. The Kutchina chimneys create a centripetal force to ensure strong suction and catch the fumes from your kitchen and a centrifugal force to throw it out. Maintenance is easy. It has a metal housing and strong body with low noise level and other features like digital display, touch surface, timer, power-saving LED lamps and lifetime warranty.

8. IFB


IFB Home Appliances is a subdivision of the IFB Industries Ltd. It specializes in almost all types of home appliances including kitchen hoods and chimneys. IFB hoods have highly powered motors fitted inside them and very effectively sucks all the harmful gases and fumes in your kitchen while you cook. IFB hoods also have a variety of features such as noise-level controls, glass and stainless steel finish and user-friendly controls and functions. Most of the IFB hoods are wall mounted type and give you extra space in the kitchen.

7. Faber


Faber was introduced by Abramo Galassi and owned by Franke Holding AG in 1955, based in Aarburg, Switzerland. Faber was the brand which first innovated produced an extraction hood or chimney. The brand is very popular in North America and Europe. Faber offers the best suitable decorative kitchen chimneys with a good suction capacity and a variety of other features, for your kitchen styling. The chimneys have a stainless steel finish and will give a fantastic look to your modular kitchen.

6. Hindware


Hindware is a leading brand of home appliances with a series of kitchen hoods and chimneys to meet all your requirements. The series includes Island Hoods, Designer Hoods, Decorative Hoods, Straight Line Hoods and Auto Clean Hoods. Hindware hoods and chimneys have a variety of features like push buttons, stainless steel finish, halogen lamps, filter- cassette, low noise level and high air flow. Be it the highly efficient island hoods or the robust & aesthetic decorative hoods, Hindware offers it all.



AKDY is known for its European style Bathroom and Kitchen appliances. The range hoods and chimneys it offers a modern design element with stainless steel finish. AKDY chimneys come with a three year warranty. The ranges include wall mounted and under the cabinet hoods with high technology illuminated LED touch panel design for ease of use and power at your fingertips. The range hoods also have efficient air circulation and noise reduction feature for a quiet functioning.

4. Fagor


Fagor is a brand known for its product innovation and its high quality domestic and commercial appliances. The brand is based in Spain and is popular worldwide. The kitchen hoods and chimneys range offered by Fagor include wall mounted and island mounted with further categorisation of crystal acro and pyramid designs. The high technology used by Fagor hoods and chimneys provide you a cleaner and quieter kitchen efficiently. The products include a blower system with different speed settings which you can choose from different styles of cooking. The other features are halogen illumination, easy to control push buttons, stainless steel finish and recirculation kit (optional).

3. Carysil


Carysil was founded in the late 80s in collaboration with the German company Acrysil. Carysil offers premium, designer and standard lines of wall mounted and island chimneys including Arial, Blade Plus, Ovalado, Jive, Calapso, Enigma, Jazz, etc. The features include different speed settings, touch controls, display screen, stainless steel finish, cleaning indicator, timer function, etc.



BROAN hoods offer a wide range of kitchen hoods and chimneys which all have two things in common, high pressure design to deliver more airflow under all conditions and certified HVI performance, to meet all your kitchen ventilation requirements. The chimneys are designed to be the quietest in their class, the noise levels are so low. They can be easily installed within two hours when your approach is do-it-yourselfer. Additionally, multi-speed control allows the user to adjust the level of operation. The designs are sleek, stylish and elite with a stainless steel finish, speed control options and fluorescent lights.

1. Elica

Elica Top Popular Kitchen Chimney Brands in World 2019

Elica offers a wide variety of designer and classic kitchen chimneys and hoods. Elica kitchen hoods are specifically fabricated to bring silence in the kitchen space and create a pleasant and peaceful environment for cooking. The range includes wall mounted, island and EDS (Elica Deep Silence) kitchen hoods. The look of these hoods are ultra modern and uber stylish to make your kitchen look like they are straight out of the magazines. The features also include high power suction, LED lighting, touch control, magic wand control, back aspiration, different filters, distinct designs and models among numerous others.

Before buying any appliance, make sure you know how it functions and what are its qualities. You can refer to these top brands and compare which one suits your needs the best before you actually buy a kitchen chimney. A kitchen chimney or hood is a boon for those who love to cook without watery eyes, bad odor, fumes and a messy kitchen. A modular kitchen is the trend of this era and an electrical chimney is one of its very important components.


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