Market capitalisation for any company is said to be the company’s measure of value depending upon its current shares in the market. Chemical companies manufacture and deliver chemicals which are meant for industry level work.

These companies convert raw materials into more refined ones and classify them into tens of thousands of products. The production of chemical goods began on a large scale due to the industrial revolution. The following list is the top 10 largest chemical companies 2019 based on a survey conducted. Many of these companies have started out as chemical companies and have ventured into other industries as well.

10. Linde, Germany

Best Chemical Companies 2019

Founded in 1879, Linde is a multinational company and is said to be the world’s largest company in terms of market share and revenue. It focuses on gas and engineering businesses. It supplies all kinds of gases such as medical, industrial and other refrigerants. Headquartered in Germany, it reaches out to more than a hundred countries across the world. Other than the chemical sector, Linde is also involved in public and science sectors. Linde had a market capitalisation of thirty-six billion dollars.

9. Praxair, United States

Best Chemical Companies

Established and headquartered in the United States, Praxair is the largest chemical company in America. In North America, this company was the first to separate oxygen below the freezing point of water. The company’s market capitalisation is thirty-eight billion dollars. It has also entered the food and beverage industry recently. It various gas and supply management systems and procedure pack and deliver the gas according to the customer’s needs. A customer can choose from cylinders to bulk deliveries and pipelines and on-site productions.

8. Shin-Etsu Chemical, Japan

Best Chemical Companies

Leaning on a market capitalisation of thirty-eight billion dollars, Shin-Etsu is the largest chemical company in Japan and is based in Tokyo. It manufactures electronic, organic and inorganic products on an industry level basis. It has numerous manufacturing factories across the world and is best known for its products made using silicone and polyvinyl chloride. It also has the largest share for silicon substrates.

7. Syngenta, Switzerland

Best Chemical Companies

Established in Switzerland, Syngenta is a chemical company that produces agrochemicals. Their main focus is producing chemicals for agricultural usage. Pesticides and fertilisers are some good examples of agrochemicals. With the evergreen demand for healthy crops, agrochemicals are very useful to farmers. Their market capitalization is forty-two billion dollars as of June 2017 and given the quality of its products, the capitalisation is certainly on the rise. It is the largest producer of chemicals for the crop in the world. It was formed in 2000 and has been producing quality agrochemicals ever since.

6. BASF, Germany

Best Chemical Companies

This company tops the list because it is the largest chemical producer in the world and has ventured into more than 80 countries with over 12,000 employers. Its market capitalisation is close to ninety billion dollars. It was basically set up to produce the chemicals that are essential for dye production and has since then entered into pharmaceuticals and soda industries.

5. Dow Chemical, United States

Best Chemical Companies

Also referred to as Dow, this company is based in Michigan, America. With a revenue of seventy-nine billion dollars, it is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. The company has manufacturing plants all over the world and its products are in the plastics and chemical industry. Recently, it has also entered the agricultural sector. Most of its products are made keeping the industries as its target audiences rather than individual users. However, its qualities are great and even individual consumers can rely on it for their purposes. Established by Herbert Henry Dow, the company came into existence when Henry invented a new method to extract the bromine that was trapped below the ground. Its products are reliable and of high quality.

4. Air Products and Chemicals, United States

Best Chemical Companies

An international company based in America, Air Products and Chemicals focuses on manufacturing and delivering gases and chemicals to other industries across the world. It is headquartered in a small state called Pennsylvania and operates and manages all manufacturing plants from there. It produces atmospheric and process gases for the use of various industries. Its other subsidiaries are located in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

3. LyondellBasell, Germany

Best Chemical Companies

A multinational company with origins in both Germany and Europe, LyondellBasell is a public corporation that focuses on chemicals and refining processes. It is one of the largest plastics and chemicals companies in the world. They try to enhance food safety through flexible packaging and at the same time strive to make it lightweight for better efficiency. One of the major reasons why this company is unique is because they put in efforts to improve their products and also focus on retaining the purity of water during water supplies. Their products are sold in more than a hundred countries across the world and this company employs 13,000 employers every year.

2. Tata Chemicals, India

Best Chemical Companies

Tata Chemicals is an Indian company which specialises in chemicals and crop nutrition. Based in Mumbai, it focuses on consumer products rather than industry based ones. Its main branches are in India and Africa. Its market capitalisation is nineteen crores as of 24 October 2017. It also manufactures and delivers soda ash and is the second largest producer in the world. The company’s revenue is around 150 billion dollars and is managed by its CFO John Mulhall. With a profit of roughly 150 million dollars, it has subsidiaries in Europe.

1. Pidilite Industries, India

Best Chemical Companies

Based in India and headquartered in Andheri, Pidilite is a adhesives company that manufactures and delivers construction and other industry based chemicals. It has a revenue of 780 billion dollars and is the largest chemical company in India. One of its world famous markets is Fevicol. Established in 1959, the company now has subsidiaries in Sri Lanka and manufacturing plants all over India.

Chemical companies are ranked by their market capitalisation through various surveys conducted. These surveys span roughly a year and take into account all the technical as well as service details of the company. The above list is made according to a survey that was conducted in 2019.


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